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The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Taranaki, Hawke's Bay & Wellington Provincial Districts]

Bell Block

Bell Block.

Bell Block is an historic settlement, and lies four miles and a-half north-east of New Plymouth. Several events of unusual interest in connection with the Maori war occurred in the locality, but the settlers now peacefully pursue the occupation of dairy farming. Bell Block has an Anglican church, a Primitive Methodist church, a local dairy factory, blacksmiths' and wheelwrights' shops, and two general stores, one of which has a post office and a telephone bureau. The settlement is in the Paritutu survey district of the Taranaki land district, and forms part of the Waitara riding of the county of Taranaki.

Pote, Henry, General Storekeeper, Corner Store, Bell Block. For some years Mr. Pote conducted the Tariki store and post office. He was born in the year 1854, and was for some time employed in his father's store in New Plymouth. He subsequently learned the baking trade, and afterwards worked as a journeyman in various parts of the province, until he entered business at Tariki, whence he removed to his present commodious store at Bell Block. Mr. Pote has taken an active interest in Masonic matters, and has held office as Worshipful Master. He is married, and has two daughters.

Mr. H. Pote.

Mr. H. Pote.

Connett. John Snell, Junior . Dairy Farmer, “Penrose Farm,” Bell Block, Mr. Connett was born in the year 1869, at New Plymouth, and was educated at the New Plymouth High School. He was brought up to farming, and subsequently leased from his father, Mr. J. B. Connett, a farm of 340 acres, on which he conducts extensive dairying operations. The property is well adapted for grazing cattle, and Mr. Connett has about eighty milch cows and thirty head of young stock. The milk is supplied each
Mr. J. S. Connett.

Mr. J. S. Connett.

morning to the Penrose Factory, owned by Mr. J. B. Connett. Mr. Connett takes considerable interest in the district generally, and is connected with the Masonic and other bodies. He married Miss Robertson, of New Plymouth.
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Hoskin, Arthur John, “Riverside Farm,” Bell Block. Mr. Hoskin's property, “Riverside,” consists of about 400 acres of freehold land, devoted to dairying and sheepbreeding. The flock numbers about 500 crossbreds, besides the stud flock from imported rams. Mr. Hoskin was born in Devonshire, England, in the year 1838, and came to New Zealand with his parents in the ship “Amelia Thompson,” which arrived at New Plymouth in 1811. He was brought up to farming, and on the outbreak of the Maori war, joined the militia. Mr. Hoskin was present at Mahoetahi, Huirangi, and other engagements, and subsequently received the New Zealand war medal. At the conclusion of the war he settled in Bell Block, and acquired his present farm, which he has brought under good cultivation. His breed of Lincoln sheep have won many awards at different shows. Mr. Hoskin was part owner of the horse “St. Patrich,” which won the Taranaki Anniversary Cup in 1866, a handsome trophy. He takes considerable interest in local matters, and in the promotion of the dairy industry.
Putt, Henry, “Newton Farm,” Henwood Road, Bell Block. Mr. Putt is an old settler with a long and varied experience of colonial life. He was born in South Devon, England, in the year 1825, and landed in New Plymouth when about fifteen years of age, from the ship “William Bryan.” His first experience of farming was at Moturoa, where, with his brother, he took up a 100-acre section, and was doing well when the native rebellion broke out, Mr. Putt joined the militia, and saw much active service. On the conclusion of hostilities he received compensation from the Government for his losses, and settled on his present farm, which contains about 300 acres, and is well watered, fenced, and grassed. A large and valuable herd of cattle, including a good strain
Mr. H. Putt.

Mr. H. Putt.

of shorthorns, is depastured on the property. Mr. Putt's eldest son has bred some well known horses, among them “Fauntleroy,” which made a name on the Auckland turf. Mr. Putt has been a member of various local bodies. He married Miss Howell, who was born on the ship “London,” at sea, and has three sons and eight daughters.