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The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Taranaki, Hawke's Bay & Wellington Provincial Districts]



Hillsborough is seven miles from New Plymouth and nine from Inglewood, and is a dairy-farming district. The local dairy factory is in the centre of the settlement, and the business of the post office is conducted at the house of the manager. Hillsborough is in the Paritutu survey district of the Taranaki land district, and forms part of the Moa riding of the county of Taranaki.

The Hillsborough Co-Operative Dairy Company, Limited, was established in the year 1897. The factory is situated on the Egmont road, seven miles from New Plymouth. Directors for 1906: Messrs C. Greenway (chairman), H. C. Sampson, N. W. Hill, C. Smellie, and W. Cheffings. Mr. R. Pepperell is secretary. The plant is driven by water power; it is up-to-date in every respect, and includes a refrigerator. The machinery and plant include a two-horse-power boiler, a half-ton Linde freezer, an Alpha de Laval separator and pasteuriser, an H. Brown and Company's churn and butter worker, and a Humble and Son's cream vat. There is also a manager's residence. The average output is over sixty tons. The company gained the silver cup and gold medal at the New Plymouth Exhibition for export butter, against all comers, and the Twenty-five Guinea Cup at the Taranaki Agricultural Show in 1905.

Mr. John Rutherford, Manager of the Hillsborough Co-operative Dairy Factory is also the local postmaster and mail contractor. He was born at Stenhouse Muir, near Falkirk, Scotland, in the year 1877, and came to New Zealand with his parents in 1879, landing at Dunedin. He was educated at Kaitangata, and brought up on his father's farm. At sixteen years of age he entered the Inch Clutha Dairy Factory, where he served for two years. He then removed to Taranaki, and was for two years first assistant at the Cardiff Dairy Factory, and for two years at the Ngaire Dairy Factory. For three years subsequently Mr. Rutherford was manager of the Hurleyville Dairy Factory, and in 1903 received his present appointment. Mr. Rutherford has taken seven first and five second prizes for butter at the shows at Hawera, New Plymouth and Wanganui, and at the New Plymouth Exhibition. He has been a member and bugler of the Kaitangata Rifles, and was a member of the Hurleyville school committee. Mr. Rutherford married a daughter of Mr. A. Ruff, of Ngaire, and has two sons.

Greenway, Christopher, Farmer, Egmont Road. Mr. Greenway's farm consists of 172 acres of freehold land, on which there is a comfortable homestead and all necsary buildings. It was taken up in the year 1875, when covered with bush; but is now highly improved, and devoted to dairy farming. Mr. Greenway was born in South Australia in the year 1842. He afterwards came to New Zealand, and settled in Taranaki in 1855. Later, Mr. Greenway took up land, and on the outbreak of the Maori war, in 1860, he joined the Land Transport Corps, and went through the first campaign. He then became a member of the Taranaki Rangers. Mr. Greenway has been a member of the Bell Licensing Committee, and the Egmont school committee, a director and chairman of the Hillsborough Dairy Company, and for several years has been a member of the Board of Management of the New Plymouth Friendly Society. He page 129
Collis photo.Mr. C. Greenway.

Collis photo.
Mr. C. Greenway.

holds the New Zealand war medal, and as a member of a volunteer company won a Government medal for shooting in the year 1869. Mr. Greenway is married, and has nine children.
Smellie, Thomas, Farmer, “Hillsbrough Farm,” Hillsborough. Mr.
Collis photo.Mr. T. Smellie.

Collis photo.
Mr. T. Smellie.

Smellie's farm is situated near the Hillsborough Dairy Factory, it consists of 120 acres of land which as for the most part level, and is devoted chiefly to dairy farming. The homestead has a good residence and farm buildings. Mr. Smellie was born in the year 1866, in Linlithgowshire, Scotland, where he was educated and brought up on a farm. In 1885 he came to New Zealand, and settled in the Manaia district, where he was engaged in farming. At the time of the Auckland mining boom Mr. Smellie went to Coromandel, where he was employed in mining survey work. Subsequently for eight years he conducted a grocery store at Manaia. Mr. Smellie finally settled at Hillsborough, and acquired his present farm in 1901. He has been a member of the Manaia Town Board and of the Manaia school committee, and is a director of the Hillsborough Dairy Factory Company. Mr. Smellie is married, and has five children.