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The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Taranaki, Hawke's Bay & Wellington Provincial Districts]

Egmont Village

Egmont Village.

The Little Settlement Known As Egmont Village is the centre of a farming district, and lies ten miles to the south-east of New Plymouth, and four miles to the west of Inglewood, on the Junction had. It is in the Moa riding of the Taranaka county, and in the Egmont survey district of the Taranaki land district, and lies a little to the east of north from Mount Egmont. It has a public school, a creamery, a Primitive Methodist church and a local hall.

Earp, Frederick, “Punga,” Egmont Road District; postal address, Egmont Village. Mr. Earp's farm consists of 222 acres of freehold land, and is devoted to the production of beef and to dairy farming. He also holds a farm of eighty acres on the Waitara river, and has a separator and butter working plant. Mr. Earp was born in Worcestershire, England, in the year 1841, and was brought up as a blacksmith. He subsequently went to British Kaffraria, South Africa, where he remained for five years. In 1886 he came to New Zealand, landed in Taranaki, and settled in Okato. Mr. Earp took up land as a military settler, and did block-house duty during the Maori war. In 1872 he took up part of his present holding, which was then in its native state; and he and Mr. Bosworth were the first settlers in the district. Later, Mr. Earp took charge of a party of immigrants for the Government, and instructed them in bush work, etc. In this way he supervised the clearing of the site of Inglewood, and hence is often spoken
Mr. F. Earp.

Mr. F. Earp.

page 158 of as the “Father of Inglewood,” For some time subsequently he was an overseer of works under the Government, while the Mountain road was being formed as a cart track; and was afterwards, for some time, an overseer for the Taranaki County Council. He then went to Waitara, where he started in business as a market gardener, and finally returned to his present holding. Mr. Earp married a daughter of Mr. William Willing, of the Egmont district, and has four daughters.