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The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Taranaki, Hawke's Bay & Wellington Provincial Districts]

Flour Millers, Grocers, Etc

Flour Millers, Grocers, Etc.

Carter, C., Grocer and Provision Merchant, Devon Street. New Plymouth. Telephone 110. Bankers, National Bank of New Zealand. Mr. Carter established his business in 1897 in a two-storey building, admirably adapted for the grocery trade. He has an extensive connection throughout
Mr. C. Carter's Christmas Card (1897).

Mr. C. Carter's Christmas Card (1897).

Taranaki, and is well known as a large importer of Maconochie Brothers' specialties. Not the least important of Mr. Carter's enterprises has been the introduction of “Sinnawattee Tea,” of which he is the sole importer, and the name “Sinnawattee” has become a household word in Taranaki. The tea is selected, and packed specially for him by experienced experts on the spot, and thus comes direct from the planter to the consumer without re-handling. Its aroma and fine qualities are consequently retained unimpaired either by lapse of time or length of voyage. Mr. Carter has added to the attractions of his emporium a large supply of vegetables and flower seeds, imported from the well known firm of Watlee, Burpee and Co., of Philadelphia. These seeds have a reputation for fertility second to none. Six assistants are employed in the business. Mr. Carter is a native of Lincolnshire, England, received his education at the Trinity School, Louth, and was brought up to the grocery trade with one of the leading firms in Ludborough. He came to New Zealand in 1884, in the ship “Hermione,” and shortly afterwards proceeded to New Plymouth, and was for many years a partner in Messrs White and Co.'s business. Mr. Carter has been a member of the Licensing Committee and school committee, and he also takes an active interest in church matters.

Monteath, Lawrence McLaurin, Grain and Produce Broker, Egmont Street, New Plymouth. This business was founded in Devon Street, and was afterwards removed to its present position in Egmont Street in 1902. Mr. Monteath acts as agent for the Victoria Insurance Company, and is secretary to the Provident and Investment Building Society. For some years previously to settling in New Plymouth, Mr. Monteath was a farmer at Tariki road. He is further referred to as a member of the New Plymouth Borough Council, and as secretary of the Provident and Investment Building Society.

Sentry Hill Roller Flour Mills (J. Little and Co., proprietors). Sentry Hill, near New Plymouth. Bankers, Bank of New South Wales. This is the only complete roller mill in the Taranaki province. The building is of wood and iron, four stories in height, and is well adapted for the trade. The main driving shaft and wheat-mixing bins are on the ground floor; and on the next floor are four sets of Simon's roller mills and other machinery. The dressing machinery and the purifier are situated on the third floor, and the shafting and other portions of the plant on the upper floor. The whole of the machinery is driven by a Victor turbine wheel, but a Tangye oil engine is also available if required. The firm puts through a lot of grain in the course of the year, and has an excellent connection throughout Taranaki.

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See page111.Sentry Hill Roller Flour Mills.

See page111.
Sentry Hill Roller Flour Mills.

Mr. Joseph Little, the Senior Partner of the firm, is a native of Teesdale, Durham, England, and was for many years in Neweastle-on-Tyne, in one of the largest commercial firms in that city. He came to New Zealand in 1880 in the ship “Western Monarch,” settled in Taranaki, and bought the Sentry Hill Roller Flour Mills, with which he has been connected for many years. Mr. Little is a Justice of the Peace, a Past Master of Ngamotu Lodge of Freemasons, and is connected with many other societies in Taranaki.

Veale and Chatterton, General Grocers and Provision Merchants, Devon Street, New Plymouth. Bankers, Bank of New South Wales. Private residence, Courtenay Street. This business was established by Mr. Thomas Veale in the year 1877, in premises situated in the main street, to which it has a frontage of about thirty feet. A large and complete stock of goods of the best quality and at reasonable prices is always kept, and the firm has deservedly a large connection throughout the province. Mr. Thomas Veale has retired from the business, which is now carried on as that of Messrs Veale and Chatterton.

Whitaker, Joseph, General Storekeeper, Devon Street, New Plymouth. Mr. Whitaker took over the business in 1892, after it had been in existence for eight years. He imports general goods to suit the public, but his specialty is the well known Gangaoya Tea, which is much sought for its fine flavour and purity. This tea is specially imported by Mr. Whitaker, from the hillside plantations in Ceylon, and he has had considerable success in introducing it to public notice. Mr. Whitaker was born at Dewsbury, in Yorkshire, and about twenty-three years ago came to New Zealand. For a period of nine years he managed drapery and general stores for Messrs Murch and Jones, and then opened business on his own account. His premises occupy a very good position, and have a splendid frontage to Devon Street and Liardet Street. For six years Mr. Whitaker has acted as secretary to the Rechabite Tent, and is much interested generally in the affairs of Friendly Societies.

Mr. J. Whitaker's Premises.

Mr. J. Whitaker's Premises.