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The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Taranaki, Hawke's Bay & Wellington Provincial Districts]

Merchants, Etc

Merchants, Etc.

George, James Cartwright, Merchant, Devon Street, New Plymouth. Telephone, 125. Bankers, Union Bank of Australia. Private residence, “Te Ruru,” Devon Street. Mr. George, who is the originator and senior partner of the Crown Dairy Factory Company of Taranaki, is one of the best known men of the district and an energetic and capable colonist. He was born in the year 1845 at Roxton, Bedfordshire, England, and his father was proprietor of a very complete coach and carriage factory. He was educated at a public school in Cambridge, and left the Old Land with his parents in 1857 to settle in New Plymouth. At the age of sixteen he served with the Taranaki Rifle Volunteers, and subsequently with the Mounted Rifles under Captain Davidson, and the Forest Rangers under Captain Atkinson, afterwards Sir Harry Atkinson. In 1869, Mr. George established himself in New Plymouth as a builder and cabinetmaker, having learned the former trade under Mr. Watson, a well known builder in Taranaki. During the eighteen years in which he was in business he accumulated a very respectable competence, and sold his business in 1887. As an outlet for his capital, and with the object of promoting the Taranaki butter industry, he built a butter factory at Tikorangi, and shortly afterwards, some of the co-operative dairy factories in the Waimate Plains being in the market, he, in conjunction with Mr. Newton King, the well known auctioneer, bought them. During the succeeding ten years the Crown Dairy Factory Company developed into considerable proportions. Until 1895 Mr. George personally managed the business, but as he was overworked, and needed a rest, he took a trip to England. Mr. George now (1906) devotes himself to his properties, his home, “Te Ruru,” being one of the prettiest places in New Plymouth. As a member of the Harbour Board, he represented the ratepayers for two years, was president of the New Plymouth Bowling Club in 1896, secretary and treasurer for many years, and more recently president of the New Plymouth Mutual Improvement Society; and for over thirty years he has been treasurer of the Loyal Excelsior Lodge, Independent Order of Oddfellows, Manchester Unity. He is a director of the Sash and Door Company, the Taranaki Building Society, and the Stratford Bacon Company, and has twice been chairman of the New Plymouth Chamber of Commerce. Mr. George is always to the front in developing any industry that is calculated to advance the town or district. He has been for many years a Freemason, and became a Past Master about twenty years ago. Mr. George has been twice married; his first wife was a daughter of the late Josias Hoskin, one of the earliest settlers in Taranaki, and six daughters and two sons were born of the marriage. In 1889 he married again, and his second wife has borne him one son and two daughters.
J. B. Macewan and Co. (James Ballantyne MacEwan), Dairy Produce Merchants and Exporters, Dairy Specialists, Dairy Machinists and Supply Importers, and Dairy Refrigerating Engineers. Head office at Wellington, and branches at Auckland, Dunedin, and New Plymouth. This well known firm was established in the year 1897, in Dunedin. In the following year it became necessary to remove the head office to Wellington, and the staff at Dunedin took charge of the South Island business. In page 108
Messrs J. B. MacEwan and Co.'s Premises.

Messrs J. B. MacEwan and Co.'s Premises.

1901, owing to the immense development of the dairying industry, a Taranaki branch was opened in New Plymouth, and two years later the Auckland branch was established. The New Plymouth branch is situated in Egmont Street, and is the principal station for the machinery branch of the business. The building, which was erected by the firm, is a two-storied one of wood and iron, and has large floorage space. The offices and the dairy supply department are situated on the ground floor, and on the next floor dairying machinery of all kinds is kept in stock. Dairy factories are fitted up with the most modern machinery. At the Palmerston North show, in July, 1904, the firm were large exhibitors of all kinds of dairy machinery, and secured the first prize for the best collection of modern dairy machinery. Large shipments of butter and cheese are sent to Great Britain, Australia, Africa, and other markets. Mr. R. W. Robertson is manager of the Taranaki branch.

Mr. James Ballantyne MacEwan, Founder of the firm of MacEwan and Co., was born in Canada, where he gained his early experience in connection with the dairy industry. He came to New Zealand in the year 1894, under engagement to the New Zealand Department of Agriculture, as Dairy Commissioner; but retired from the office in one year and eight months later, and founded his present business.

Nathan, L. D. and Company, Limited, General Merchants, Taranaki Branch, Devon Street, New Plymouth; Head Office, Auckland. This branch was established in the year 1902, and is situated in a two-storied wood and iron building. There are two cart-loading stages, and departments for groceries, wines, fancy goods, and tea. The firm's bond is at the New Zealand Express Company's building, St. Aubyn Street. In connection with the establishment, there is a store for kerosene and oilman's stores in Gill Street. Eight persons are employed, including three travellers, who visit the settlements between Urenui and Hawera, and round Mount Egmont.

Mr. Alfred Oldham, Manager of the Taranaki Branch of Messrs L. D. Nathan and Company, Limited, was born in the North of Auckland, and
Collis, photo.Mr. A. Oldham.

Collis, photo.
Mr. A. Oldham.

was educated in New Zealand. He afterwards served for ten years under the Auckland Board of Education, and was stationed, successively, at Waikato Bay of Islands, Thames, Waitekauri, Karangahake, and was headmaster of Bayfield school, Ponsonby, Auckland. He subsequently bought a seat on the Auckland Stock Exchange for page 109 £500, and afterwards became secretary, treasurer, and manager of the Stock Exchange Company. After six years he disposed of his seat on the Exchange, went to Australia for further experience, and settled in Sydney. Owing to failing health, he soon after returned to New Zealand. He spent some time in various towns of the North Island, and then began business on his own account in New Plymouth, before receiving his present appointment.

Sargood, Son, and Ewen, Merchants and Warehousemen: Taranaki branch, Currie Street. New Plymouth. The Taranaki branch of Sargood, Son. and Ewen was opened in the year 1890, and the business is conducted in a two-storied wood and iron building. Two travellers are employed.

Mr. George Ramson was appointed Manager of the Taranaki branch of Messrs Sargood, Son, and Ewen in the year 1896. He was born in 1876 in Manchester, England, where he was educated. Mr. Ramson came
Collis photo.Mr. G. Ramson

Collis photo.
Mr. G. Ramson

to New Zealand in 1880, and landed in Auckland. He then entered the employment of Messrs Owen and Graham, with whom he gained his early experience of the soft goods trade. Mr. Ramson continued in the same employment until Messrs Sargood, Son, and Ewen bought the business. He has been a resident in the New Plymouth district since the year 1885, and is a member of the local Chamber of Commerce.

Welch, Thomas William, Dairy Produce Merchant and Exporter, New Plymouth. Branch office, 61 Shortland Street, Auckland. Agent for Messrs John lsaac and Sons, importers of New Zealand produce, Cardiff. Wales, England. The branch office in Auckland was opened in 1004, and had previously been carried on as an agency of Messrs Pearson and Rutter, Limited, for nearly five years. Mr. Welch was born in 1875, in London, England, and educated at the Borough Road College, and was brought up to a mercantile life in London, where he had many years' experience. He came to New Zealand in 1900, settled in New Plymouth, and joined the staff of Pearson and Rutter, Limited. The business was subsequently amalgamated with that of Mr. F. N. R. Meadows, of Wellington, and Mr. Welch then began business on his own account. He afterwards bought out the Auckland Butter Company, which was then established as a branch. About eighteen persons are employed at the head office and branch office. Mr. Welch married a daughter of Mr. Benjamin Weale, of Cornwall, England, and New Plymouth, in April, 1903, and has two sons.