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The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Taranaki, Hawke's Bay & Wellington Provincial Districts]

Cycle Engineers, Ironmongers, Etc

Cycle Engineers, Ironmongers, Etc.

George, Arnold, Cycle Engineer and Agent, Brougham Street, New Plymouth This business was established in the year 1901 by Mr. M. A. Campbell, who was joined in partnership by Mr. A. George in 1902. Mr. George acquired his partner's interest in 1904, and has since carried on the business on his own account. It is conducted in part of a two-storied wood and iron building, which contains a shop, a show room and a workshop. Mr. George imports Birmingham Small Arms parts, and builds good machines under the name of Sunbeam; he also carries a stock of first grade National and Rothwell cycles and a second grade Rover. The workshop is fitted up with modern appliances, and a skilled mechanic is employed. Mr. George was born in the year 1870 in New Plymouth, was educated at local schools, was afterwards for some time employed at the New Plymouth Sash and Door Factory, and was for seven years farming on his own account at Omata. He subsequently gained experience at his trade in the Taranaki district. Mr. George gained many prizes in connection with running, amongst others a gold medal in 1894, which was points-prize for a quarter-mile race, a half-mile race, and a one-mile race at one meeting. He commenced cycling in 1898, and within two months of learning to ride won an open handicap race in New Plymouth; his total number of wins for the first four months was thirteen. Among many others subsequently, Mr. George won a ten-guinea cup locally, a twenty-points prize, and others at Wanganui and elsewhere. In 1899, he took a wheelrace against the champion, and won £15, gaining the same day a gold medal points-prize, and two others. In the year 1896 Mr. George married a daughter of Captain J. Davidson, a former Mayor of New Plymouth, and has two sons and two daughters.

Murton, W. W. and Co, Ironmongers and Hardware Merchants, Devon Street, New Plymouth. This business was established in the year 1903, and is conducted in a double-fronted two-storied brick building, which contains a large shop with office and show rooms. At the back of the building the bulk of the heavy goods are stored. All lines, including general furnishing and builders' ironmongery, are imported by the firm.

Mr. William Walter Murton was born in the year 1869, in Suffolk, England, where he was educated, and was apprenticed to the ironmongery trade at Ipswich. After some years' experience in other towns of Suffolk and Sussex, he came to New Zealand, and landed in New Plymouth in 1896. For several years Mr. Murton had local experience in his trade before taking up his present business. As a Freemason, he is a member of Lodge de Burgh Adams. He married a daughter of the late Mr. Joseph Sole, of North Leech, Gloucestershire, England, in 1891.

Okey, Son and Arnold, Limited (Edward Okey, E. Nelson L. Okey, and Alfred H. Arnold), Ironmongers, Oil and Colourmen, Central Hardware Depot, New Plymouth. Telephone 69; P.O. Box 25. Bankers, Bank of New South Wales. The premises of this firm consist of a two-storied building in Devon Street, running through to Currie Lane, with cellarage throughout, the floor space being about 7600 feet. The main floor is devoted to the firm's extensive furnishing and general hardware business; the upper floor is used for warehousing goods, and the cellars for oils, plants, colours, glass, etc. The firm has additional storage on the opposite side of Currie Lane. Being direct importers, Messrs Okey, Son
Messrs Okey, Son and Arnold's Premises.

Messrs Okey, Son and Arnold's Premises.

and Arnold are in a position to supply their clients at advantageous prices. Mr. Arnold is managing director and also general manager of the firm.

Reynolds, E. and Co., Limited, Cycle Engineers and Importers, Taranaki branch, Devon Street, New Plymouth. Head Office, Wellington. This branch was opened in the year 1903, when the company acquired the business of Mr. L. M. Taunton, which was the first to be established in New Plymouth. The business is conducted in a wood and iron building, which includes a shop, an office, and a well equipped workshop. Three persons are employed.

Mr. Frederick Charles Tribe was appointed Manager of the New Plymouth branch of Messrs Reynolds and Company, Limited, in 1901. He was born in the year 1881, in New Plymouth, where he was educated, Mr. Tribe has had considerable experience in engineering in connection with agricultural implements, in repairing cycles and motors. He is a member of the New Plymouth cricket and hockey clubs.

Skeates and Bockaert, Limited, Motor and Cycle Agents, Taranaki Branch, Devon Street, New Plymouth. Head Office, Auckland. This branch was established in the year 1902, and is conducted in part page 105 of a wood and iron building, which contains a show room, an office, and a fully-equipped workshop. Besides Rover and Raleigh cycles, the firm builds three grades of Skeates machines, of which it sells a large number.

Mr. George Wilson Gunson, Manager of the Taranaki branch of Messrs Skeates and Bockeart, Limited, was born in the year 1883 in Auckland, where he was educated. In 1898, soon after leaving school, he joined the Skeates Cycle Company, and has passed through all the grades of the business. Mr. Gunson has been a rider for many years.