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The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Taranaki, Hawke's Bay & Wellington Provincial Districts]

Hairdressers, Tobacconists, Etc

Hairdressers, Tobacconists, Etc.

Antiseptic Hairdressing Saloon (William Lints, proprietor), Devon Street East, New Plymouth. This business was established in the year 1906, and is conducted in a convenient shop. The saloon behind has two chairs, and is lighted with electric light, and fitted up with all the latest improvements. The latest antiseptic methods are adopted by Mr. Lints.

Mr. William Lints, Proprietor of the Antiseptic Hairdressing Saloon, was born in the year 1880, in Aberdeen, Scotland. When he was two page 99 years of age he went with his parents to Australia, where he was educated. Mr. Lints came to New Zealand in 1895, and settled in Wanganui, where he learned his trade, and gained eight years' experience. Before acquiring his present business, he was manager of the Central Hairdressing Saloon in New Plymouth. For many years Mr. Lints has studied and practised gymnastics, and is gymnastic instructor
Collis, photo.Mr. W. Lints.

Collis, photo.
Mr. W. Lints.

to the New Plymouth High School, the New Plymouth United Gymnasium Society, and the New Plymouth Ladies' United Gymnasium Society; and while in Wanganui he was instructor to the Young Men's Institute gymnasium. He is starter and handicapper of the New Plymouth Amateur Swimming Club, and was captain of the New Plymouth water polo team, which won the Barlow challenge shield in the year 1904–05. While in Wanganui he won a number of trophies, and has also gained the diploma of the International Correspondence Schools for show-card writing and letter formations. Mr. Lints married a daughter of the late Mr. W. Armstrong, of Wanganui, in the year 1900, and has three sons.

Bullot, Arthur Bertrand, Hairdresser and Tobacconist, Devon Street, New Plymouth. The business conducted by Mr. Bullot has been established for many years, and was acquired by him on the 15th of June, 1904. The establishment includes a shop, and a hairdressing saloon with two chairs.

Mr. Arthur Bertrand Bullot was born in December, 1882, in New Plymouth, where he was educated, and learned his trade under Mr. R. Terrill, whose business he afterwards bought. Mr. Bullot is a member of Court Waireka, Ancient Order of Foresters, and has been a member of the Tukapa Football Club.

Edwards, Henry, Hairdresser and Tobacconist, Devon Street, New Plymouth. Established in 1897. This business is conducted in a wood and iron building, which includes a shop with a verandah and a well appointed saloon, containing three chairs. Mr. Edwards was born in Sussex, England, and came to New Zealand at an early age. He was educated partly in Hawke's Bay, and partly in Rangitikei. He subsequently learned his trade at Feilding, Marton, and Bulls,
Mr. H. Edwards.

Mr. H. Edwards.

and worked as a journeyman until he commenced business on his own account. Mr. Edwards takes a keen interest in sport, and is a member of the Tukapa and Star Football Clubs. He married a daughter of the late Mr. R. Martin, of New Plymouth, in the year 1896, and has two sons and one daughter.

Freeman, Walter (William H. Schlierike, manager), Hairdresser and Tobacconist, Egmont Hairdressing Saloon, Egmont Street, New Plymouth. The premises occupied by this business consist of part of a brick building, known as Freeman's Buildings, and contain a shop, a hairdressing saloon, with two chairs, and chess, draught and billiard rooms. Features of the business are ladies' hair work and ladies' hairdressing, and of the requisites of these branches the proprietor has the best assortment and display in the town.

Mr. William H. Schlierike, Manager of the Egmont Hairdressing Saloon in New Plymouth, was born in the year 1883 in Wellington. He was educated partly in Wellington, and partly in Palmerston North, and gained experience in his trade under the employment of Mr. Freeman during
Collis, photo.Mr. W. H. Schlierike.

Collis, photo.
Mr. W. H. Schlierike.

seven years and a-half. For three years subsequently he was manager of the refreshment car on the New Plymouth-Wellington section of New Zealand railways. He took charge of Mr. Freeman's business in New Plymouth on the 24th of June, 1905. As an athlete he was well known in Palmerston, where he was for two seasons vice-captain of the Youths' Institute Cricket Club, for two seasons captain of the Institute Junior Football Club, and captain of the Union Football Club for one year. Owing to ill-health he was obliged, under medical advice, to give up all violent exercise.

Robottom Brothers (Ernest Alfred Robottom and Sydney Herbert Robottom), Hairdressers and Tobacconists, Devon Street, New Plymouth. This business was founded by Mr. Stohr in the year 1893, and was taken over by the present proprietors on the 17th of April, 1903. The premises include a shop, and a hairdressing saloon with two chairs.

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Mr. Ernest Alfred Robottom is a son of the late Mr. Alfred Thomas Robottom, of Ashburton, and was born in Christchurch in November, 1876. He was educated at the Normal School, and brought up to mercantile life. For about ten years he was in the office of the Ashburton Building Society, and resigned in order to join his brother in the present firm. Mr. Robottom is a member of the New Plymouth Boxing Association, the New Plymouth Junior Cricket Club, and the Tukapa Football Club. He is also an amateur photographer.

Mr. Sydney Herbert Robottom is a son of the late Mr. Thomas Robottom, and was born in Christchurch in the year 1874. He attended various schools and learned his trade under his father in Ashburton. Some years after Mr. Robottom went to Timaru for a time, and, later on, to Christchurch. In 1900 he removed to New Plymouth, and gained further experience of his trade before entering into partnership in business with his brother.