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The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Taranaki, Hawke's Bay & Wellington Provincial Districts]

Drapers, Tailors, Etc

Drapers, Tailors, Etc.

Ambury Brothers (Walter Ambury and Arthur Ambury), Drapers and General Importers, Devon Street and Brougham Street, New Plymouth. Established 1890. Telephone 86. Bankers, National Bank of New Zealand. Branch at Manaia. This business was first opened at the corner of Devon and Brougham Streets by Messrs Ambury Brothers, but they were compelled to enlarge their premises by adding the adjoining shops, and now (1906) they have one of the finest places in New Plymouth. The main frontage in Devon Street extends for about 130 feet, and is sheltered with a handsome verandah. There are three entrances from Devon Street, and the first floor on the right leads to the ready-made department, where a large assortment of the latest styles of men's clothing, etc., is shown. Through a wide archway opening from this department, the central shop is entered, and there dresses, silk, hosiery, and Manchester goods are in good display. The millinery and mantle showrooms, measuring in all seventy feet by forty feet, are on the second floor, and are ways prettily decorated with the latest styles for the current season. The firm imports direct from the leading British markets, and its buyers, in choosing goods, carefully study the taste and requirements of colonists.

Messrs Ambury Brothers' Premises.

Messrs Ambury Brothers' Premises.

Mr. Walter Ambury, Senior Partner in the firm of Ambury Brothers, was born in Gloucestershire, England, gained his first business experience in Cheltenham, and was for three years at Messrs Baker Brothers', one of the largest drapery establishments in Bristol. In the year 1880 he went to London, where he had two years' wholesale experience. Mr. Ambury came to New Zealand in 1882, and took an engagement with Mr. Rattray, of Auckland, and one year and six months later joined the well known firm of Smith and Caughey, in whose employment he remained seven years, and took charge of the business in the absence of the firm's members, as well as buying for several departments. In 1890 he severed his connection with the firm, and started his present business in New Plymouth, where he takes a prominent part in local matters. Mr. Ambury is a member of the school committee, the Taranaki Education Board, the Agricultural and Horticultural Societies, and the Chamber of Commerce. He is also a Rechabite.
Mr. Arthur Ambury, Junior Partner in the firm of Ambury Brothers, is also a native of Gloucestershire, and was for twenty years with Mr John Lance, wholesale and retail draper at Cheltenham, and for fifteen years of that time he held the responsible position of buyer to the firm. Before coming to New Zealand he was Home buyer for his brother and present partner. Mr. Ambury arrived in New Zealand in the year 1893, and shortly afterwards joined his brother in New Plymouth. The firm conducts one of the largest drapery and clothing businesses in the province of Taranaki.
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Griffiths, George, Merchant Tailor, Devon Street. New Plymouth. This business was established in the year 1899 by the late Mr. Abner King. It is conducted in a two-storied wood and iron building, which contains a shop, fitting and cutting rooms, and a workshop. Eight persons are employed. Mr. Griffiths was born at the Thames, in the year 1877. He was educated in Auckland, where he learned his trade with Mr. R. H. Swales, with whom he remained for eight years, and he rose to the position of cutter. Subsequently, he gained further experience in the best Auckland shops. Mr. Griffiths then removed to New Plymouth, and bought the business of the late Mr. Abner King. He takes a keen interest in outdoor games, was a member of the Ponsonby Football Club, and is secretary of the Taranaki Referees' Association. Mr. Griffiths married a daughter of Mr. J. Pegler, of Onehunga, in the year 1901, and has two daughters.

Marks, Lewis, Fashionable Tailor, Devon Street, New Plymouth. Mr. Marks' fine business premises are situated in the centre of New Plymouth. The shop is large and commodious, and has workrooms fitted with every convenience, and the wide windows display
Mr. L. Marks.

Mr. L. Marks.

an assortment of the latest English and European goods, together with a varied stock of colonial tweeds. Expert workers are constantly employed in the tailoring department. Mr. Marks was born in Germany, where he studied the cutting art from one of the best men in the country, and afterwards worked in Manchester as foreman under a leading firm. Some time later he went to Australia, where he gained considerable business experience, and was in that country twelve years. He started his present successful establishment in New Plymouth in 1896. Mr. Marks was married in 1897.