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The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Taranaki, Hawke's Bay & Wellington Provincial Districts]

Builders and Contractors

Builders and Contractors.

Bond, Robert William, Builder, Contractor, and Timber Merchant, Liardet Street, New Plymouth. Private residence, Fitzroy. This
Mr. R. W. Bond.

Mr. R. W. Bond.

business was established by Mr. Bond in the year 1897. The office, store, workshop, and timber yards stand on a section of three-eighths of an acre in Liardet Street. Mr. Bond has put up many buildings in Taranaki, including the Patea Freezing Works, the New Zealand Express Company's building (the first brick structure in New Plymouth), the Imperial Hotel, with a large party brick wall, Messrs J. B. MacEwan and Company's building; and the Technical School, a large building in brick. A special feature of the business is the construction of brick work, including freezing and cooling chambers, drains, culverts and concrete work. About ten persons are employed, on the average. Mr. Bond was born in 1873 in Hull, England. He came to New Zealand at an early age, with his parents, who settled at Sentry Hill in 1876. He was educated at Lepperton, and learned his trade at Waitara, and New Plymouth, and worked as a journeyman until starting business on his own account. He is a Master Mason of Lodge Sir Donald McLean, English Constitition, Waireka. Mr. Bond married a daughter of Mr. James MacKinder, of Inglewood, in the year 1897.

Brooking, William Francis, Builder and Undertaker, Corner of Brougham and Powderham Streets, New Plymouth. This business was acquired by Mr. Brooking in the year 1888, and is conducted in a wooden building, which contains an office, and a workshop. There are also timber sheds, and a monumental mason's yards in connection with the establishment. Mr. Brooking is further referred to as a member of the New Plymouth Borough Council.

Cliff, Arthur, Builder and Contractor, Gill Street, New Plymouth. This business was established about the year 1853 by Mr. George Cliff, and taken over by his son, Mr. Arthur Cliff, in 1901. The premises are situated in Gill Street, where all the joinery work required in the business is done. There is also a wood and coal yard in connection with the establishment. Mr. Cliff was born in Timaru, in the year 1878, was educated at the New Plymouth High School, and was afterwards apprenticed to the building trade. Later, he was for two years on a farm, but subsequently returned to his trade, and in the year 1901 took over his father's business. In addition to other places, Mr. Cliff has erected the Old People's Home, the Native Hostelry and Jones' Stables, in brick. In 1905, he was president of the Builders' Association. He is a member of Court Waireka, Ancient Order of Foresters; as a Freemason, he is a member of Lodge De Burgh Adams, Irish Constitution, and is a steward of the Agricultural and Pastoral Association, New Plymouth. Mr. Cliff is married.

Robert Coleman and Son (Robert Coleman and Fred Archer Coleman), General Builders and Contractors, page 94 Gill Street, New Plymouth. This firm carries on a general building and contracting business. The New Plymouth Industrial Exhibition, the New Zealand Insurance Company's block, Shaw's buildings, the Primitive Methodist church, Mr. McTaggart's and Mr. Holdsworth's buildings, and other places, have been built by the firm.

Mr. Robert Coleman, the Senior Partner in the firm of Robert Coleman and Son, was born in the year 1848, at Chippenham, Wilts, England, where he was educated and apprenticed to his trade. Later on, he became foreman for Poole and McGilliver, a large building firm in London. In 1884, Mr. Coleman arrived in Queensland, Australia, where he worked for two years as foreman for a large building firm. He then went to Melbourne, and carried on business on his own account for eight years. Subsequently, he came to New Zealand, settled in New Plymouth, and established himself in business. For over thirty years Mr. Coleman has been connected with the Ancient Order of Foresters, and went through all the chairs in England and in Victoria. He is a member of the Builders' Association, of which he has been president. Mr. Coleman is married, and has three sons and three daughters.

Mr. Fred Archer Coleman, Junior Partner in the firm of Robert Coleman and Son, was born in London, England, in the year 1880. He was educated in Melbourne, and brought up to his trade with his father, who took him into partnership in 1903. Mr. Coleman has been a member of the Garrison Band for some years, and is a member of Court Waireka, Ancient Order of Foresters. He is married, and has one son.

Hartnell and Smith (George Wilfrid Hartnell and John Donaldson Smith). Builders and Contractors, Hobson Street, New Plymouth. This firm carries on a large business, chiefly in wood work and the building of residences. All plans are drawn up by the firm. Several well known residences in the vicinity of New Plymouth have been built by Messrs Hartnell and Smith.

Mr. George Wilfrid Hartnell, Senior Partner in the firm of Hartnell and Smith, was born in Albertland, Auckland, in the year 1870, and brought up to the building trade. For some time he worked with his father, a builder in Auckland, and then worked as a journeyman in New Plymouth. In 1899 Mr. Hartnell went to Stratford, and started in business on his own account. He settled in New Plymouth in the year 1900, and was for some time in partnership with a brother under the title of Hartnell Brothers. Later, this partnership was dissolved, and in July, 1905, the firm
Collis, photo.Mr. G. W. Hartnell.

Collis, photo.
Mr. G. W. Hartnell.

became Hartnell and Smith. Mr. Hartnell is married, and has one son and one daughter.

Mr, John Donaldson Smith, Junior Partner in the firm of Hartnell and Smith, is a competent tradesman, and entered the firm in July, 1905.

Russell and Son (Jeffrey Russell, senior, and Jeffrey George Monland Russell), Monumental Sculptors, Builders and Contractors, St. Aubyn Street, New Plymouth; branch yard at Hawera. Private residence, Hine Street. This firm was established in the year 1892, and a branch was opened at Hawera in 1905. The premises in St. Aubyn Street consist of an eighth of an acre of freehold, with sheds, and an office. All kinds of monumental work are undertaken, and also buildings in either brick, concrete, or wood. The firm has erected many buildings in the district, including the Auckland Clothing Company's building in Devon Street. About twenty persons are usually employed by the firm.

Mr. Jeffrey Russell, Senior Partner of the firm of Russell and Son, was born in Dorsetshire, England, in the year 1838. He was brought up to the trade of a mason, and came to New Zealand in 1876. Mr. Russell married a daughter of the late Mr. James Monland, of Fording Bridge, Hampshire, England, in 1860. This lady died in 1894, leaving three daughters and one son, and there are now (1906) thirty grandchildren.

Mr. Jeffrey George Monland Russell was born at Swindon, Dorsetshire, England, in the year 1871, and came with his father to New Zealand in 1876. He landed at New Plymouth, and was brought up to his father's trade. Mr. Russell subsequently removed to Greymouth, and, while on the West Coast, had some experience in hydraulic sluicing. During his residence in Greymouth, in conjunction with his father, he erected the Roman Catholic church in that town. Mr. Russell married a daughter of Mr. Joe Ward, J.P., of New Plymouth, in August, 1893, and has three sons and two daughters.

Short, William Francis, Monumental Sculptor, Powderham Street, New Plymouth. This business was established about the year 1894,
Collis, photo.Mr. W. F. Short.

Collis, photo.
Mr. W. F. Short.

by Mr. Bell, and was afterwards conducted by Mr. W. F. Brooking, from whom it was bought by Mr. Short in 1904. It is carried on in centrally situated premises, with every appliance for turning out work quickly and cheaply. Mr. Short is an importer of granite. Italian marble, Melbourne blue stone, and Oamaru and Mount Somers stones, and can produce finished monuments equal to any made in the colony. He was born in the year 1869, in London, England, and came to New Zealand with his parents in 1873. Mr. Short was educated in Auckland. He then went to Australia, page 95 and gained three years' experience in Melbourne and Sydney, where he obtained certificates for modelling in the Melbourne College. Later on, he returned to Auckland, where he worked for about five years with a large firm of monumental masons. In 1895 Mr. Short removed to New Plymouth, and became yard-manager for Mr. Brooking, with whom he remained until he acquired the business. As an Oddfellow, he has passed all the chairs in Lodge Excelsior; and he is a Master Mason of Lodge Prince of Wales, English Constitution, Auckland. Mr. Short married a daughter of Mr. Charles Bush, of Auckland, in 1894, and has one son and four daughters.