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The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Taranaki, Hawke's Bay & Wellington Provincial Districts]

Bakers and Confectioners

Bakers and Confectioners.

Lealand, David Arthur, Baker and Confectioner, Red House Block, Devon Street, New Plymouth. This business was established in the year 1890, by the present proprietor, and is conducted in a handsome two-storied building which was erected in 1901. It stands on a section measuring 48 feet by 135 feet, and contains a convenient shop and a residence. There is a large and modern bakehouse, and two carts are employed in delivering. Mr. Lealand was born in Shropshire, England, in the year 1864. He came to New Zealand when five years of age, landed in Auckland, and was educated partly in Auckland, and partly at the Thames. Mr. Lealand learned his trade at Coromandel and in Auckland, and after gaining experience in various parts, settled in New Plymouth. He was for four years a member of the New Plymouth Borough Council, is a Master Mason of Lodge De Burgh Adams, and is a Past Grand of Lodge Excelsior, Independent Order of Oddfellows. In 1890 Mr. Lealand married a daughter of Mr. W. P. Snell, of Waitara, but she died in 1892, leaving two sons. Mr. Lealand contracted a second marriage, in 1896, with a daughter of the late Mr. Walter Bishop, one of the pioneers of New Plymouth, who landed in 1840: and three sons have been born of this union.

Lealand, Percy, Baker and Confectioner, Devon Street, New Plymouth. This business was established in the year 1893. The building stands on a quarter of an acre of freehold land, with a frontage of thirty-three feet, and includes a commodious shop and residence, with a new modern oven, and other outbuildings. Delivery is made by cart. Mr. Lealand was born in the year 1873 at Nelson, and was educated at Coromandel, where he was brought up to the bakery business by the late Mr. John Bridson, with whom he lived from the age of five years. After working at his trade for two years in Onehunga, Mr. Lealand removed to New Plymouth, and was about three years and six months at Pungarehu, before starting on his own account. He is a member of Court Waireka, Ancient Order of Foresters, New Plymouth. Mr. Lealand married a daughter of Mr. William Hale, of New Plymouth, in December, 1894, and has two sons and two daughters.

Mr. P. Lealand.

Mr. P. Lealand.

Stagpoole. John Joseph, Baker, corner of St. Aubyn Street and Dawson Street. New Plymouth. This business is conducted in suitable premises, three persons are employed, and delivery is made by cart throughout the district. Mr. Stagpoole was born in Kilkenny. Ireland, in the year 1850, went to India in 1858, and was educated in the army, in which he took service as a bugler. He came to Taranaki with the 57th Regiment, and went through the second Maori war, in which his uncle, Mr. Dudley Stagpoole, gained the New Zealand Cross at Omata. Mr. Stagpoole was also a member of the Taranaki Rangers for fifteen months. He subsequently learned his trade as a baker in New Plymouth, and went, in the year 1870, to the West Coast of the South Island, where he remained for two years. Later, he opened a business for himself in Christchurch, and afterwards joined Chiarini's circus as a gymnast, wrestler, etc. Mr. Stagpoole returned to Taranaki in 1875, and opened a store at Inglewood. Two years afterwards he removed to Wellington, where he was in business for some years. He was then successively in Kimberley, Melbourne, Sydney, Wimmera, Queenstown (Tasmania), and Gympie, in Queensland, as a foreman baker, or in business on his own account. For some time he conducted through Australia a troupe of comedians, most of the performers being members of his own family. He finally returned to New Zealand, and settled at New Plymouth. Mr. Stagpoole has always taken a great interest in athletics, and has conducted gymnasiums in various parts of Australia and New Zealand. As a pedestrian, he has won numerous trophies and prizes, and was the holder of three championships; namely, middleweight wrestling (Australia), heavy weight wrestling
Collis, photo.Mr. J. Stagpoole.

Collis, photo.
Mr. J. Stagpoole.

(Queensland) and welter weight boxing (Victoria). Mr. Stagpoole is a widower, and has five children, all of whom are on the stage.

Thomson, John Wilson, Baker and Pastrycook, Devon Street, New Plymouth. This business was established in the year 1905. The shop is centrally situated, and has a good show window. It also contains well lighted tea rooms on the first floor. Mr. Thomson's business is chiefly a cash counter trade. He is further referred to on page 838 of the Otago volume of this Cyclopedia.

West, Joseph, Baker, Confectioner and Caterer, Devon Street, New Plymouth. This business was established by Mr. West in the year 1887. The premises consist of a shop with a double front and a verandah, a large and modern bakehouse and stables, on a freehold section with sixty-three links frontage, by a full depth. Delivery is made by cart in New Plymouth and the surrounding suburbs. A special feature of the business is catering for banquets, etc. Mr. West catered for the banquet given to the Indian troops, who had been present in Sydney at the opening of the first Parliament of the Australian Commonwealth, and visited New Zealand on their way back to India in the year 1901. He has also catered for the dinners of the New Plymouth page 93 Jockey Club for several years. Mr. West was born in the year 1864, at Brigsley, Lincolnshire, England, and was educated at Ravendale. He came to New Zealand with his parents in the ship “Hurunui,” on her maiden trip, and landed in Wellington in February, 1876. Mr. West settled in Taranaki, learned his trade with Mr. Blaik, in New Plymouth, and after one year as journeyman started on his own account. He is secretary of the local Bakers' Union, is a Master Mason of Lodge Egmont, English Constitution, and is a member of the Egmont Lodge of Oddfellows. Mr. West married a daughter of the late Sergeant-Major Christopher McGahey, of New Plymouth, in the year 1887, and has, surviving, two sons.