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The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Taranaki, Hawke's Bay & Wellington Provincial Districts]



The New Plymouth Supreme Court, District Court, and Magistrate's Court is situated at the corner of Robe Street and Powderham Street, New Plymouth. The building is of wood and iron, and contains complete accommodation for the various sittings of the Supreme Court, District Court, and Magistrate's Court, as well as for the Supreme Court library. Three sittings of the Supreme Court are held in the year, the District Court sits quarterly, and there are weekly sittings of the Magistrate's Court in civil and criminal jurisdiction. The Stipendiary Magistrate, Mr. Thomas Hutchinson, also acts as Registrar of the Supreme Court. Mr. W. A. D. Banks, clerk of the Magistrate's Court, is Sheriff and Deputy-Registrar; Mr. J. S. Pipe is bailiff, and there are two other officers acting under the Clerk of the Court.

Mr. Thomas Hutchison, Stipendiary Magistrate, also acts as District Land Registrar, Examiner of Titles, and Registrar of Deeds at New Plymouth, Registrar of the Supreme Court, Deputy Commissioner of Stamps, and Deputy Registrar of Joint Stock Companies. A biographical sketch of Mr. Hutchison appears at page 955 of the Wellington volume of this Cyclopedia.

Mr. William Arthur Dunbar Banks was appointed Sheriff, Deputy-Registrar of the Supreme Court, Clerk of the Magistrate's Court and Returning Officer, in the year 1903. He is the eldest son of Mr. W. D. Banks, who was for many years Town Clerk of Hokitika, and was born in Invercargill and educated on the West Coast. Mr. Banks entered the Magistrate's Court in Hokitika, and served three years under Dr. Giles, Stipendiary Magistrate. He was then transferred successively to various parts of the colony, and was subsequently appointed Relieving Officer for the whole colony under the Justice Department for four years. Mr. Banks then became second clerk in the Magistrate's Court at Auckland, and eighteen months later was transferred to Christchurch. Later on, Mr. Banks was transferred to Hokitika as Clerk of the Court, and Receiver of Gold Revenue, and after fifteen months' service was appointed to New Plymouth. He married a daughter of Mr. H. G. Clark, merchant, Christchurch, in the year 1899, and has two sons.
Mr. James Stephen Pipe was appointed Bailiff of the Stipendiary Magistrate's Court at New Plymouth in the year 1891. He was born at Walton, Suffolk, England, in 1849, and educated at the Albert Memorial College, Framlingham, Suffolk. Mr. Pipe page 80 was afterwards brought up to farming, and came to New Zealand in 1875. He settled at Wanganui, and
Collis, photo.Mr. J. S. Pipe.

Collis, photo.
Mr. J. S. Pipe.

subsequently entered the Justice Department at Hawera, where he continued as bailiff for two years. He was then transferred to his present position in New Plymouth. Mr. Pipe is a member of Lodge Moturoa, United Ancient Order of Druids. He married a daughter of Mr. Richard Allen, of Wanganui, in 1879, and has two sons and two daughters.

Barristers and Solicitors.

The Taranaki District Law Society . Officers for the year 1906: Mr. O. Samuel (president), Mr. T. C. Fookes (vice-president), Mr. J. H. Quilliam (treasurer); Messrs W. Kerr (Crown Prosecutor), D. Hutchen, J. E. Wilson and F. E. Wilson (members of the executive), and Mr. W. A. D. Banks (librarian and secretary). There are forty-two practising solicitors connected with the Taranaki district Law Society, and ten of these are also barristers. The library and offices of the Society are situated in the Supreme Court building in New Plymouth, and the library contains 3,000 volumes.

The Court House, New Plymouth.

The Court House, New Plymouth.

Fitzherbert, William Lockhart, Barrister and Solicitor, Devon Street, New Plymouth. Mr. Fitzherbert was formerly for some years a member of the firm of Napier and Fitzherbert, in Auckland, and afterwards of Napier, Fitzherbert, and Smith, of Wellington. He has practised on his own account in New Plymouth since the year 1902. Mr. Fitzherbert's biography is given on page 280 of the Auckland volume of this Cyclopedia.

Govett and Quilliam (Clement William Govett, and James Henry Quilliam), Barristers and Solicitors, Devon Street, New Plymouth. Telephone, 47. This practice was founded by Mr. Govett in the year 1879, and the present firm dates from 1900, when Mr. Quilliam joined Mr. Govett in partnership.

Mr. Clement William Govett, of the legal firm of Govett and Quilliam, is a son of the late Archdeacon Govett. He was born at New Plymouth, and received his early education in Auckland, but went to England, and after being articled to a solicitor for two years, entered the Middle Temple and was called to the bar in 1874. After his return to New Zealand, he received the appointment of assistant law officer to the Crown, a position which he resigned to follow page 81 his profession in New Plymouth, where he has practised with great success since the beginning of 1877. Mr. Govett has been associated with every local public movement. He is vice-president and promoter of the Taranaki Scenery Preservation Society, the premier society of its kind in New Zealand, secretary of the Law Society, a member of the committee of the Chamber of Commerce, and a member of the Recreation Board. In the year 1900 Mr. Govett entered into partnership with Mr. J. H. Quilliam, and the firm is now (1906) conducted under the style of Govett and Quilliam. They are solicitors for the Bank of Australasia, the Borough Council, the Harbour Board, the Education Board, the Hospital and Charitable Aid Board, and for many other boards and companies.

Hughes, Robert Clinton, Barrister and Solicitor, Brougham Street, New Plymouth. Mr. Hughes has been in practice for many years in New Plymouth, and has from time to time acted as solicitor for a number of public institutions.

Hutchen, David, Barrister and Solicitor, Brougham Street, New Plymouth. Mr. Hutchen has been connected with the legal profession in New Plymouth since 1904, and has practised on his own account since 1902. He is further referred to as a member of the New Plymouth Borough Council.

Malone, McVeagh and Anderson (William George Malone, James McVeagh, and William David Anderson), Barristers and Solicitors, National Bank Chambers, corner of Devon Street and Brougham Street, New Plymouth. This firm dates from the year 1903, and has branch offices in several towns in Taranaki.

Standish and Kerr (Arthur Standish, Arthur Russell Standish, and William Kerr), Barristers and Solicitors, Devon Street, New Plymouth. Mr. Arthur Standish is further referred to as a former Mayor of the borough of New Plymouth.

Weston and Weston (Thomas Shailer Weston, Notary Public, and Claude Horace Weston, LL.B., N.Z.), Barristers and Solicitors, Brougham Street, New Plymouth. Mr. T. S. Weston, senior partner of the firm of Weston and Weston, is further referred to on pages 247 and 1109 of the Canterbury volume of the Cyclopedia of New Zealand.

Wright, Henry Cecil, Barrister and Solicitor, Devon Street, New Plymouth. Mr. Wright, who commenced practice in the year 1900, is a native of London, and graduated at Oxford in 1881. He was called to the bar in Queensland, Australia.