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The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Taranaki, Hawke's Bay & Wellington Provincial Districts]

Primary Schools

Primary Schools.

The Central Public School in New Plymouth is conducted in a handsome wooden building, which stands on a prominent site in the town. There are seven class rooms, a headmaster's room, a teachers' room, and a fine gymnasium, and the building is surrounded by spacious playgrounds. Two cadet corps, over 100 strong, are carried on in connection with the school. The headmaster is supported by a staff of two male and five female teachers, and five pupil teachers, and there are 580 names on the roll.

The West End School is situated on the South Road, and is a fine large wooden building with five class rooms, and two halls. The grounds are about half an acre in extent, and there are also shelter sheds. There are three hundred names on the school roll. The staff consists of a head teacher, a first assistant, two female assistants, and three pupil teachers. There is a cadet corps, with a membership of forty-eight, and with Mr. E. Barry, first assistant master, in command.

Mrs M. Dowling, Head Teacher of the West End School, New Plymouth, was born at Renwicktown, in Marlborough. She became a pupil teacher in Blenheim, served for four years, and was afterwards appointed assistant teacher in the same school for three years. Mrs Dowling was subsequently for five years mistress of the Charleston
Collis, photo,Mrs M. Dowling.

Collis, photo,
Mrs M. Dowling.

Girls' School. Later on, she became assistant teacher in the Central School, New Plymouth, and took charge of the West End School in 1900. Mrs Dowling is a widow, and has two daughters and one son.