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The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Taranaki, Hawke's Bay & Wellington Provincial Districts]

School Commissioners — The Board Of School Commissioners

School Commissioners.

The Board Of School Commissioners for the provincial district of Taranaki, was constituted in 1887. It acts as custodian for the education reserves in the whole of the provincial district. Generally the reserves consist of one-twentieth of all Crown lands in Taranaki, and as these are surveyed and laid off, they become vested in the Commissioners, as, according to law, 5 per cent. of the land thus surveyed is apportioned to the support of educational institutions. The reserves vested in the Commissioners amount in the aggregate to many thousands of acres, which return a revenue of about £3,500 per annum. The bulk of the land is let very cheaply on long leases, but as these expire, considerably increased revenues will be obtained for the Education Boards in the district. Proportional payments are made out of the funds at the disposal of the Commissioners to the Taranaki and Wanganui Education Boards, and to the Board of Governors of the New Plymouth High School. The Commissioners number five, three of whom are appointed by the Government, and two are representatives of the Taranaki Education Board. Members for 1906: Messrs J. Wade (chairman), H. Faull (representing the Taranaki Education Board), F. Simpson (Commissioner of Crown Lands), W. T. Jennings, M.H.R., and C. E. Major, M.H.R (Government appointees). Mr. F. P. Corkill acts as secretary to the Commissioners.