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The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Taranaki, Hawke's Bay & Wellington Provincial Districts]

The New Plymouth High School Board Of Governors

The New Plymouth High School Board Of Governors was constituted in the year 1889. Members: Messrs N. K. MacDiarmid (chairman), J. B. Roy, J. E. Wilson, M. Fraser, K. Dockrill, D. Berry, and S. Percy Smith. Mr. W. Bewley is secretary and treasurer. The Board of Governors controls the local High School, which has endowments of its own, and is situated on Avenue Road, at the east end of New Plymouth. The High School has separate apartments for boys and girls, and the staff consists of Mr. E. Pridham, M.A. (Rector), Miss Grant, M.A. (Assistant Mistress of the girls' department), Mr. H. H. Ward (Assistant Master), Miss Drew, M.A., Mr. T. Bain, and Miss Jones (Sewing Mistress). The Board gives free tuition in accordance with the Government regulations, and one free pupil for every £50 of net income from endowments, as well as free pupils in accordance with the Secondary Education Act, for which the Government pays subscriptions. The endowments of the Board bring in an income of from £700 to £800 per annum. They consist of some thousands of acres of agricultural land in the Taranaki district, including fifteen acres on which the school and the Rector's residence stand. The number of pupils in attendance varies from ninety to one hundred.