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The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Taranaki, Hawke's Bay & Wellington Provincial Districts]

The New Plymouth Hospital

The New Plymouth Hospital occupies a spacious site of ten acres of land, with a frontage to Dawson, Vivian and Fulford Streets. The main building, which is constructed of wood and iron, was erected about the year 1887. It is one storey in height, and a central corridor rums through almost its entire length. A very fine verandah stretches along the tront, and affords a magnificent view of the town of New Plymouth, and the sea beyond. The ends of the verandah are glassed in, for the greater comfort of convalescents. At each end of the building there are two convenient wards; those for men contain seventeen and ten beds respectively, and those for women ten each. A small ward for pneumonia cases contains two beds. There is a very fine dining room for male patients; a commodious kitchen; nurses' dining room, matron's room, and servants' quarters. The surgery, dispensary, and operating room are up-to-date in all respects. There are two cottages for the nurses; one of these, which contains eight rooms, was erected in 1905. There are two wards in the isolated quarters, and an annexe for consumptives was erected in 1905. This has two shelters, each containing four beds, for men and women respectively. In the centre it has an administration department, containing a dining roon, nurses' room, sitting and bathrooms, linen presses and kitchen, A convenient laundry, containing three apartments for washing, drying and ironing, is attached to the hospital. There is a fine tennis court for the use of the nurses and officers; and all the vegetables needed are grown in the hospital gardens. The town water is laid on to the hospital, which is lighted by electricity. The grounds are remarkable for their natural beauty, and for the way in which they are kept; and have, besides the ordinary flower borders and ornamental shrubs, refreshing fountains and artistic lakes. The staff consists of a matron, thirteen nurses, a warder, two housemaids, a cook, laundress, assistant and gardener; and the nurses are employed on the eight hours system.