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The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Nelson, Marlborough & Westland Provincial Districts]



The Greymouth Rifle Volunteers are known as B Company of the Second Nelson Infantry Battalion, and were formed on the 18th of February, 1884. The corps has a strength of sixty-four men, including officers; and parades are held periodically in the large drillshed in Tainui Street. Officers for the year 1905: Captain W. S. Austin; Lieutenants, G. E. Perkins and F. Sotheran; and Dr. W. McKay, Surgeon-Captain.

Captain William Semmens Austin has been in charge of the Greymouth Rifle Volunteers since the
Ring. photo.Capt. W. S. Austin.

Ring. photo.
Capt. W. S. Austin.

year 1903. He is also captain of the No. 1 Company, Greymouth School Cadets. Mr. Austin was previously lieutenant of the old Reefton Defence Rifle Cadets, afterwards lieutenant of the school cadets under the existing system, and was for about three years captain of the Reefton Rifles. He is further referred to as first assistant of the Greymouth District High School.
Lieutenant Julius Adolph Lutz, who was in command of the Greymouth Rifle Volunteers during the lengthened absence of Captain Morice, was born in Germany, and came to New Zealand in 1879, by the ship “Euterpe.” Like other colonists, he has roughed it in his time, and experienced
Lieut. J. A. Lutz.

Lieut. J. A. Lutz.

many ups and downs. However, after settling on the West Coast in 1886, he became fairly successful in business as a butcher, and owned one of the largest businesses in Greymouth. Mr. Lutz, who is a naturalised British subject, and has made many friends in New Zealand, settled at Mauku, in the Auckland district, after leaving Greymouth.