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The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Otago & Southland Provincial Districts]

Cycle Importers And Manufacturers

Cycle Importers And Manufacturers.

Murie, Robert Macfarlane . Engineer, Cycle Manufacturer and Importer, Dee Street. Invercargill. This business was established in 1893 in Dee Street. The premises consist of a show room and office and a workshop at the back, running through to Leven Street. There are branches of the business at Dunedi, Milton, Gore, Balclutha. Mataura, Winton, and Drummod. The proprietor makes a specialty of the Phoenix bicycles, which the firm manufactures or imports as required.

Mr. Robert Macfarlane Murie was born in Glasgow, Scotland, Scoland, in 1872, and came to Port Chalmers in the ship “Wild Deer,” in 1880. Subsequently he went to Melbourne, where he served an apprenticeship to qualify as an engineer, before establishing his business in Invercargill. Mr. Murie is the pioneer in New Zealand in respect to motors, having introduced and run the first motor launch, cycles and cars, and driven the first car through from Invercargill to Dunedin. On the cycle and motor racing track, he has had many successes, locally and farther north, but the business now demands all his time and attention. Mr. Murie is attached to the Southern Cross Lodge of Freemasons, and is a member of a number of local clubs.

Gerstenkorn, photo. Mr. R. M. Murie.

Gerstenkorn, photo.
Mr. R. M. Murie.

Vickery, Percy Harry , Cycle and Motor Importer and Manufacturer, Dee Street, Invercargill; and at Main Street, Gore. P.O. Box 220. Telephone 339. Mr. Vickery is the direct representative for the Rover Cycle and Motor Company of Coventry, England, the inventors of the Safety Bicycle; the Raleigh Cycle Company, Nottingham, England; the Swift Cycle Company, Coventry, England; and also for the Victory cycles and motors which are specially built in England to suit the requirements of Southland roads. Mr. Vickery's long experience in the cycle trade has enabled him to choose the most suitable cycles for the requirements of his district. All cycles sold by him are fully guaranteed for two years; and full satisfaction is guaranteed in everything stocked for cycles and motors. The Gore premises were specially built for an up-to-date cycle shop, and fitted with all modern conveniences and plant for manufacturing and repairing cycles and motors, and the branch is under the management of Mr. Frank Vickery.

Mr. Percy Harry Vickery , the Proprietor, was born in London, in 1873, and at an early age came with his parents to New Zealand. He was educated in Dunedin. At the age of twenty-one he removed to Invercargill and entered into business as a cycle importer in Esk Street, but since 1899 the headquarters have been in Dee Street, where there is a special plant for making every part of a cycle or motor.

Gerstenkorn, photoMr. P. H. Vickery.

Gerstenkorn, photo
Mr. P. H. Vickery.

Wira Cycle Works (Percy Harry Vickery, proprietor), Tay Street, Invercargill; G. Glennie, manager. The premises in connection with this business consist of a showroom and workshop, and repairs of all kinds are undertaken.

Mr. Gordon Glennie , who has been Manager of the Wira Cycle Works since 1902, was born in 1876, at Queenstown, Otago, and was educated at Invercargill. He learned his trade in Christchurch, where he had experience with Messrs Barlow and Bolton, and Oates, Lowry and Company; and was sent to Napier to open a branch on behalf of the latter firm. He was then employed for two and a half years by Messrs Goddard and McKenzie, of Invercargill, and subsequently entered the service of the Anglo Cycle Company in Dunedin, before being entrusted with the opening of the Wira Cycle Works, for Mr. Vickery. Mr. Glennie was a member of the Linwood Football Club when in Christchurch, and since removing to Invercargill, he has been connected with the Pirates Club, and represented Southland against Canterbury. He was married, in 1900, to a daughter of Mr. J. Bloomfield, of North Invercargill. and has one daughter.

Woods, G. W. and Co. , (George William Woods) Cycle Agents, Dee Street, Invercargill; branches at Gore and Mataura. This business was established in 1902, and the premises consist of a brick-fronted building, with two show windows facing Dee Street. There is a convenient showroom, and a workroom at the back. Machines are built to order from imported B.S.A. parts, and the firm holds special agencies for Massey-Harris and Redbird Cycles.

Mr. George William Woods , the Proprietor, was born in 1876 at Wyndham, where he was educated. He page 847 learned his trade with the Massey-Harris Company, at Invercargill and Dunedin, and was traveller for the firm in Otago for five years. Mr. Woods was a member of the committee of the Invercargill Cycle Club, and he is attached to the Pioneer Lodge of Oddfellows. He is secretary of the Invercargill branch of the Liberal and Labour Federation, secretary of the
Gerstenkorn, photo.Mr. G. W. Woods.

Gerstenkorn, photo.
Mr. G. W. Woods.

Southland Athletic Association, and delegate of the Southland Centre of the League of New Zealand Wheelmen.