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The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Otago & Southland Provincial Districts]

Accountants, Auctioneers, Etc

Accountants, Auctioneers, Etc.

Adams And Dickson (Arthur Alexander Adams and Alexander Dickson), Accountants, Valuers, General House, Estate and Commission Agents, 79 Princes Street, Dunedin. Private residences: Mr. Adams, George Street North; Mr. Dickson, 10 Clyde Avenue. Mr. Adams. who was born in 1853 at Halfway Bush, was educated in Dunedin, and brought up to mercantile life. He first commenced business as an accountant in 1874, removing two years later to Waimate, where he acquired some bush and flat land. Subsequently he was burned out and returned to Dunedin, where he became bookkeeper to Messrs. Adams Bros., solicitors; a position he still holds. Mr. Adams was a councillor of the West Harbour Borough, and member (also “chairman) of the school committee for several years, and occupied the chair of the City United Schools Committees' Conference during the first year of its existence. He was married in 1876 to a daughter of Mr. D. McLaren, and has three sons and two daughters. The firm of Messrs Adams and Dickson undertakes the purchase and sale of properties, negotiation of loans and insurances, the collection of rents, interest, and debts, and the liquidation of estates. Mr. Adams is secretary to the
Mr. A. A. Adams.

Mr. A. A. Adams.

“Mutual Help” Terminating Building Society and the Otago Traders' Protection Society.

Andrew, Robert , Mining Agent, Government Life Insurance Buildings, Princes Street, Dunedin. Born in Ayrshire, Scotland, in 1839, and educated at Dalry in the same county. Mr. Andrew was brought up as an engineer and millwright in the Old Land, and landed in Auckland in the ship “Egmont” (Captain Gibson), during the year 1859. Soon after, he was attracted to Otago by the gold-rush to Gabriel's Gully, and in 1865 he was one of the three persons who opened out Bruce Bay on the west coast of the South Island—for mining. Meeting with success Mr. Andrew has since speculated in mining lines. At one time he was half owner with Messrs. Guthrie and Larnach of one of the largest saw mills–which was at Catlin's River—in the South Island. Subsequently he became an inventor and secured patent rights, with which he went to India, and was successful. After having returned to New Zealand, Mr. Andrew then went to England, where he was for some time engaged in developing his patents. In 1896, he was required by his principals to come to New Zealand and look out for mining investments. In the early days he took part in local politics in connection with road boards and school committees, but declined to offer himself for more important positions. He married in April, 1869, a daughter of Mr. Robert Moore, timber merchant, of London, and has two daughters and one son.

Mr. R. Andrew.

Mr. R. Andrew.

Baldwin, Thomas Montresor , Commission Agent, 40 Dowling Street. Private residence, Queen's Drive, St. Kilda. Mr. Baldwin was born in Chiselhurst, Kent, England, in 1854, and was educated in his native country. He came to Auckland by the ship “White Eagle” in 1875 and for a time was a cadet on a run in Hawke's Bay. Mr.
Mr. T. M. Bladwin.

Mr. T. M. Bladwin.

Baldwin joined the National Bank in June. 1876, and, during a period of nineteen years' service, rose to the position of manager, which he filled at Milton, Port Chalmers. page 271 and elsewhere. Mr. Baldwin left the bank to introduce a patent gold saving appliance of his own and was appointed manager of Bell's Asbestos Company's New Zealand agency on the first of December, 1896. The agency is not now conducted at Dunedin.
Barr, Leary and Co. (Peter Barr, F.I.A.N.Z., and Edward Cooper Leary, A.I.A.N.Z.), Public Accountants, Stock Ex-change Buildings, Dunedin. Telephone, 193. P.O. Box, 254. Bankers, National Bank of New Zealand. Private residences: Mr. Barr, Ann Street, Montpellier; Mr. Leary, London Street, Dunedin. This business was established about thirty years ago by the late Mr. R. H. Leary, father of the junior partner, and was conducted by that gentleman solely until 1888, when Mr. Barr was admitted as a partner, under the style of R. H. Leary and
Mr. P. Barr.

Mr. P. Barr.

Co. Messrs Barr, Leary and Co. have a large connection as public accountants and auditors. They, or members of the firm, are auditors for the Blue Spur Gold Mining Company (head office, London), the New Zealand Agricultural Company (head office, London), the Round Hill Gold Mining Company (head office, Liverpool), the Otago Daily Times and Witness Newspaper Co., Ltd., the Kaikorai Tram Co., the Milburn Lime and Cement Co., the Mosgiel Woollen Co., Donaghy's Rope and Twine Co., Marshall's Chemical Co., Ltd., Otago Agricultural and Pastoral Society, Waipori Electric Light and Power Co., New Zealand Portland Cement Co., Briscoe and Co., Ltd., Wm. Gregg and Co., Ltd., Charles Begg and Co., Ltd., J. Macfie and Co., Ltd.; and for other bodies and important private firms. Mr. Barr is secretary to the Dunedin Chamber of Commerce and the Dunedin City Sinking Fund Commissioners. He is also vice-president of the Incorporated Institute of Accountants of New Zealand, with which he has been connected since its formation; and Mr Leary is an associate of this body. The partners are both natives of Dunedin, and were educated at the Otago Boys' High School. Mr. Barr is the only son of the late Mr. Archibald Barr, first chief postmaster of Otago, and was in the office of the late Mr. R. H. Leary, from the time of his leaving school till that gentleman's death. Mr. Leary, who is the second son of the founder of the firm, entered his father's office, where he received his training as a professional accountant. Mr. S. C. Leary, who was a member of the firm for eight years, now represents it in Wellington, where he carries on business as an accountant and sharebroker, under the same title of Barr, Leary and Co.

Begg, Alexander Campbell , J. P., Accountant, Stock and Station Agent, Land and Sheepowner, Provincial and Industrial Insurance Buildings, Cumberland Street South, Dunedin. Telephone, 250. P.O. Box, 179. Bankers. Union Bank of Australia, Private residence, Roslyn. Mr. Begg is further referred to as a member of the Otago Harbour Board.

Brown, James, and Co. , Importers and General Agents, Bond Street, Dunedin. Telephone, 238. Bankers, National Bank of New Zealand. Private residence, Leith Street. This business, which was established by the present proprietor, in 1890, extends through New Zealand, and periodical trips are made by representatives of the firm. Messrs Brown and Co. execute indents and receive consignments for realization, and are also importers of special lines. Mr. Brown, who is a Fellow of the Institute of Accountants of New Zealand, acts as secretary for the Commercial Travellers' and Warehousemen's Association; and for twenty-four years has held the position of secretary to the Hand and Heart Lodge M.U.I.O O.F. He is auditor to the Commercial Property and Finance Co., Ltd., the Union Steamship Co.'s Benefit Society, Speight and Co., Limited, New Zealand Coal and Oil Co., Limited (Kaitangata Coal Co.), W. Strachan and Co., Limited, the Dunedin Starr-Bowkett Society, and several others. He is also a director of the New Zealand Express Co., Ltd. Born in 1858 in Dunedin, where he was educated at district and private schools, Mr. Brown was apprenticed to Messrs Lange and Thoneman. Subsequently he was for nine years with Messrs Neill Bros. After a trip to England in 1888, he returned to the Colony in the following year, when he entered into his present business.

Burton And Patterson (Thomas Burton and James Gibson Patterson), Land, Estate, and Financial Agents, Accountants, Valuators, and Licensed Land Brokers, 41 Dowling Street, Dunedin. Telephone 233. Bankers, Union Bank of Australia. Private residences, Mr. Burton, Alva Street; Mr. Patterson, Patrick Street, Eglinton. Originally established by Mr. Charles Reid in 1862, this business was taken over in 1885 by Mr. Burton, who was joined by Mr. Patterson in 1895. The senior partner is an auditor under the “Friendly Societies Act,” and the junior a licensed land broker under the “Land Transfer Act.” Messrs. Burton and Patterson have correspondents throughout New Zealand, and transact business for clients resident in various parts of the world. The firm undertakes the collection of rents and interest, the management of trusts and estates, the sale,
Mr. T. Burton.

Mr. T. Burton.

purchase, and letting of properties, all work under the “Land Transfer Act” (including the preparation of transfers, mortgages, leases, and applications to bring land under the Act), accountancy and auditing work in all its branches, the valuation of town, suburban, and country properties, the investment of trust and other funds, and
Mr. J. G. Paterson.

Mr. J. G. Paterson.

general insurance and commission agency work. Registers of properties for sale and lease are carefully kept, and these are open for the inspection of clients, during office page 272 hours, daily. Mr. Burton was born in 1844 in Staffordshire, England. In his youth he attended a night school for a short time, but at the age of ten years was set to work at an iron foundry, at which he continued till he left with his parents for Victoria in 1852 in the ship “Ballengeich.” During his ten years' residence in Victoria his occupation was very varied. He came over to New Zealand in February, 1862, and, after spending a short time on the goldfields without success, returned to Dunedin, and carried on a brickfield in Arthur Street for about two years. Mr. Burton, who is practically self educated, is an expert accountant, and is well qualified for the various positions he has held. He has long been a member of the Oddfellows' order; joining the Hand and Heart Lodge, he was elected secretary, and filled this office for fourteen years, when pressure of business necessitated his retirement. He joined Mr. Reid as a clerk in 1864, acquired an interest in the business in 1870, and became sole proprietor in 1885. On Mr. Reid's retirement, Mr. Burton was offered and accepted the management of the Standard Property Investment Society; a position which he filled till the society was liquidated. In 1866 Mr. Burton was married to a daughter of Mr. John Stabb, building contractor, of Prahran, Victoria, and has three sons and five daughters. Mr. Patterson was born in Stirling, Scotland, in 1864. He was educated at Peebles and at George Watson's College, Edinburgh, and was brought up to the woollen manufacturing industry in Scotland. Arriving in Dunedin in 1883, he became accountant to the Standard Property Investment Society, of which Mr. Reid was manager, and continued till he became a member of the firm in 1895. Mr. Patterson was married in 1891 to a daughter of Mr. T. Coull, of Messrs Coull, Culling and Co.

Brugh, John Barnet , Accountant and Mining Agent, 1 Moray Place, Dunedin. Telephone, 1431. Post Office Box, 357. Mr. Brugh is the second son of the late Mr. James Brugh, sometime of Port Molyneux. He represents the following dredging claims: the New Bendigo and New River, Molyneux (Alexandra), the Olrig (Manuherikia), the Garden Gully (Waikaka), and the El Dorado (West Coast).

Wrigglesworth and Binns, photo. Mr. J. B. Brugh.

Wrigglesworth and Binns, photo.
Mr. J. B. Brugh.

Esther, George , Financial Agent, Bill Broker, Accountant and Valuer, 95 Princes Street, Dunedin. Telephone, 709. P.O. Box, 332. Bankers, Bank of Australasia. Private residence, “Te Tarata,” Royal Terrace. Mr. Esther was born in Morpeth, in the north of England, in 1844, and was educated at the High School of Linlithgow, Scotland, his father being an excise officer in that town. He was brought up to the grocery business in Haddington, where he remained for four years, and came out to Melbourne in 1859. Some years later he arrived in Otago, settling in Dunedin, where he was employed as a grocer till 1868. In that year he went to Fiji, but returned after eight months' absence, and took a situation at his trade in George Street. Twelve months later he bought out his employers, and from 1870 to 1882 was the senior partner of the well-known firm of Esther and Son, doing a very large trade. Mr. Esther was a representative of Leith Ward in the Dunedin City Council for three years, and took an interest in the Athenæum in the early days. In mining matters, he has a large connection, and is a director of several companies. He is a member of the Freemasons, having been initiated under the Scotch Constitution. In 1873 Mr. Esther was married to a daughter of Mr. F. Thompson, of Dudley, and has, surviving, five daughters and two sons.

Fea, D. M., and Co. , Auctioneers, Valuators, and Land and Estate Agents. Rattray Street, Dunedin. Telephone, 822. This business, which was established in 1901, is conducted in the large premises formerly known as the Shamrock Hotel. The whole ground floor space is occupied by the main auction rooms, with commercial offices, both private and public, leading from it. The first floor, which is approached by a broad staircase, is devoted to show rooms, where the firm displays a varied assortment of new and second-hand furniture, besides a large stock of other household requisites. Weekly sales of land and general merchandise are held in the Rattray Street premises, and the firm also conducts large stock and land sales in the country.

Messrs D. M. Fea & Co.'s Auction Rooms.

Messrs D. M. Fea & Co.'s Auction Rooms.

Mr. David Miller Fea was born in the Orkney Islands, and came to New Zealand in 1875. In 1878 he started farming on Mr Teschemaker's Kauroo estate with five hundred acres of leased land, and five years afterwards sold out to start business as a general storekeeper at Maheno. There he bought a block of land and erected a general store, a bakery, and ham and bacon-curing premises, and for twelve years he carried on a most successful business. Mr. Fea then disposed of his interests, and bought the Kintail estate, consisting of fifteen hundred acres. Six years subsequently he started his present business in Dunedin, and left “Kintail” under the care of a manager. During his residence at Maheno Mr. Fea was chairman of the local school committee, of which he was a member for many years, and a director of the Caledonian Society for nine years, and on leaving the district received a handsome presentation. He is a member of the Masonic Lodge Celtic, Dunedin, and was second Noble page 273 Grand of the Independent Order of Oddfellows at Maheno. Mr. Fea married a daughter of the late Mr. James Clark, of Maheno, and has four sons and four daughters.
Mr. D. M. Fea.

Mr. D. M. Fea.

His eldest son, John is a manufacturing chemist, and his second son. James, is in charge of the office of the firm. His eldest daughter, who is an accomplished music teacher in Dunedin, has had a successful musical career. In 1903 she obtained the degree of L.E.T.C.L., and in 1904 took the A.T.C.L. with ninety-five marks out of a possible hundred. Mr. Fea possesses a historical set of bagpipes which were in use in the Crimea and at the siege of Lucknow.

Fox, Charles James , Sharebroker and General Commission Agent, Australian Mutual Provident Society's Building (first floor), Princes Street, Dunedin. Bankers. Union Bank of Australia. Private residence. “Colinswood,” Macandrew's Bay, North East Harbour. Agents: London. Messrs. Cornforth and Reacher. 4 Queen Victoria Street, E.C.; Melbourne, Mr. Stanhope O'Connor, 90 Queen Street; Sydney, Messrs. G. B. North and Sons, Post Office Buildings, Pitt Street; Adelaide, Mr. Frank A. Russell, Alma Chambers, McHendry Street; Hobart, Messrs. Bayley and Walch. Mr. Fox, who is a member of the Dunedin Stock Exchange, has agents on the various goldfields of New Zealand, as well as in the chief centres of population. He deals in all descriptions of investments and mining stocks and shares. He was born in Dublin, in 1870, and educated in England, and was brought up with a view to service in the Army; but, going to sea, served an apprenticeship with the Shaw, Savill and Albion Company, and afterwards became third officer under the Peninsular and Oriental Company. After about ten years at sea, he came out to Wellington, New Zealand, by the S.S. “Gothic,” and established his business in Dunedin early in 1895. Mr. Fox is married, and has one daughter.

Graham, Francis , Estate and Commission Agent, Great King Street, Dunedin. Mr. Graham was born in Greenock, Scotland, in 1843, and arrived at Port Chalmers in 1860 by the ship “Pladda,” along with his parents. For some years he worked at his trade as a painter and house decorator, and with his brother established a business in Princes Street, under the style of F. and J. Graham, from which he had to retire in 1872 owing to ill-health. Mr. Graham has resided all the time in Dunedin and has long been well known as a prominent temperance advocate. As a lifelong total abstainer, he has promulgated his principles from the public platform and by private precept, and has been most energetic in connection with temperance organisations. He was the first worthy patriarch of the first subordinate division of the “Sons of Temperance,” and on the formation of the grand lodge, became the first grand worthy patriarch, and held the office for two terms. He is also a member of the
Mr. F. Graham.

Mr. F. Graham.

Good Templars. In the prohibition campaign he was elected the first president of the Dunedin Prohibition League and still continues on the executive, being also a member of the executive of the Otago Prohibition council. In connection with Bands of Hope, he speaks and lectures with lantern illustrations as opportunity serves, seeking to educate old and young. Mr. Graham belongs to the Baptist Church, of which he is an active worker.

Graham, Thomas Sherlock , J.P., Public Accountant, Auditor, and Arbitrator, Temple Chambers, 99 Princes Street, Dunedin; Telephone, 1473; Bankers, Bank of Australasia. Mr. Graham, who has been well known in the Colony for many years, was born in Ireland, and educated at a collegiate school in the South of Ireland. He commenced his business experience as a clerk in the Provincial Bank. After several years' service in the city of Cork, he was appointed to the Union Bank of Australia and came out to Melbourne in 1862. After some banking experience in Victoria, he was sent to Dunedin as an expert during the gold “rush,” and remained with the Bank for a few years, when he joined the firm of Bing, Harris and Co., first as manager of the business, and subsequently as partner, and as such successfully conducted the business for many years. In 1879, Mr. Graham severed his connection with the firm and joined Mr. R. A. Low in the old established firm of Heymanson, Low and Co., wholesale boot and shoe importers, and on the closing up of that firm, about 1892, he started his present business. Mr. Graham undertakes auditing and public accountancy work, as well as arbitration and general commission agency business. He is auditor for the Dunedin city council, Caversham gasworks, and for a great many important private firms. He was chairman of the Chamber of Commerce. For some years he interested himself in cricket, and is now president of the Dunedin cricket club. Mr. Graham was vice-president of the Dunedin athenæum and mechanics' institution, a trustee of the Benevolent Institution for some time, and now holds office as secretary of the United Districts charitable aid board, and of the hospital board. On the initiation of the Union Insurance (now Alliance) Company, Mr. Graham was managing director in Dunedin. He has interested himself in the volunteer movement, and was captain of the Dunedin Irish Rifles for some time. As a member of the Masonic Order E.C., he is district grand master of Otago and Southland; he has held that position since 1881, and is a member of several private lodges; also district grand master for the South Island of the Mark degree E.C., member of the veterans' association San Francisco, and a 330 under the Supreme Council of Scotland. He was married in 1874 to a daughter of Mr. C. H. Kettle, who surveyed and laid out Dunedin in 1846; this lady died in 1876, leaving one daughter. Mr. Graham, in 1888, married a daughter of Mr. Low and has, issue of this marriage, two sons and one daughter.

Guthrie, Henry , Ship Owner and Broker. Coal Merchant. Customs and Shipping Agent, Vogel Street, Dunedin. Telephone, 64. Bankers, Bank of New Zealand. Cable address, “Guthrie.” Dunedin. Code, A.B.C. Yards. Rattray Street. Private residence, Elder Street. Mr. Guthrie, who established this business in 1864, was born at Largo, Fifeshire, in 1837. After three years at sea he served his time as a shipwright at Innes' Yards, Leith, and, taking a position as shipwright, rose to the position of second mate, eventually becoming master. Mr. Guthrie settled in New Zealand in 1864, when he commenced the lightering and shipping business, and afterwards became a ship owner; at one time he had as many as thirty vessels, of which he was part owner and agent, engaged in trade between New Zealand and Australian ports, also trading to London. Such well-known vessels as the page 274 “Laira” and “Alcestes” will be remembered by many who lived before the days of steamers. A large number of ships have passed through Mr. Guthrie's hands as owner
Mr. H. Guthrie.

Mr. H. Guthrie.

and broker, and he has done a great deal to foster and encourage the shipping trade. Beyond acting as a member of the Dunedin Harbour Board for a time, he has not taken part in public life. Mr. Guthrie was married at Dunedin in 1867 to a daughter of the late Mr. Graham, of Kilmarnock, and has seven sons and two daughters.
Harvey, Charles William , Share-broker and Accountant, Albert Buildings, Princes Street, Dunedin. Telephone, 409. P.O. Box, 335. Bankers, National Bank of New Zealand. Private residence, Wood's Hotel. Mr. Harvey was born at Hokitika in 1872. He is the youngest son of the late District Judge Harvey, and was educated at the Dunedin High School and the Wanganui Collegiate School. Entering the National Bank in May. 1888, as clerk, Mr. Harvey rose to the position of accountant at the North Dunedin branch, and for six months before resigning—to commence business on his own account—was teller at the Dunedin branch of the bank. Mr. Harvey, who is a member of the Dunedin Stock Exchange, established his present business in 1897. Agents and correspondents have been appointed by him throughout the Colony, and in the leading cities of Australia. Mr. Harvey is a member of the Dunedin Amateur Athletic Association, and a keen sportsman.

Holsted, William , Legal Manager of Mining Companies, and General Commission Agent, 17 High Street, Dunedin. Mr. Holsted is referred to on page 1035 of the Wellington volume of this Cyclopedia. He was born in Denmark, and studied dairying under the Royal Agricultural Society of his native land. While in the North Island of New Zealand he was engaged in farming, and also in managing, successively, various dairy factories. Mr Holsted was for some time Vice-Consul for Denmark, and Acting Consul for Sweden and Norway, in Dunedin.

Logan And Vivian (John Logan and Wilfrid Vivian), Sharebrokers and Financial Agents, Australian Mutual Provident Society's Building (first floor), Princes Street, Dunedin. Telephone, 786. P.O. Box, 242. Bankers, National Bank of New Zealand. Private residences: Mr. Logan, St. Leonards, West Harbour; Mr. Vivian, 47 Stuart Street. Mr. Logan and Mr. Vivian are members of the Dunedin Stock Exchange.

McLeod Gunn and Co. (Neil McLeod Gunn), Sharebrokers, Accountants and Commission Agents, Temple Chambers, 99 Princes Street, Dunedin; Bankers, National Bank of New Zealand; Private residence, Hanover Street, Accountancy and auditing work are the chief lines of this business, and the firm undertakes to open, post, and balance books. Mr. Gunn was born in Dunedin in 1867, and was educated at the Normal School and the University of Otago. He entered the Bank of New Zealand in Dunedin, was ledger-keeper for about two years at Kaiapoi, and was transferred thence to the Christchurch branch. where he remained for some time. Leaving the bank in 1888, Mr. Gunn studied medicine at the University of Otago for two years, and in 1894 entered into his present business. Mr. Gunn is a member of the Dunedin Stock Exchange. He was married in 1891.

Paterson, N. And E. S. (Nathaniel and Edward S. Paterson), Licensed Surveyors, Land and Sharebrokers. Valuators, Estate and Financial Agents, and Accountants. Head office, Stafford Chambers, 73 Princes Street, Dunedin. Branch office, Mornington. Telephone: head office, 33; Mornington, 1712. Private addresses: Mr. N. Paterson, 363 Castle Street, Mr. E. Paterson. Wharenui, Roslyn. This business was established in 1899, and has already advanced to a leading position. The senior partner, who has had a large experience as a surveyor and civil engineer, has executed numerous large and important surveys throughout the South Island, and is at present (1904) engaged in the survey of the well known Acton estate, near Rakaia, Canterbury, for subdivision into farms for closer settlement. The firm collects rents, acts as attorneys for absentees, and advises as to properties for investment.

Mr. Nathaniel Paterson , Civil Engineer and Licensed Surveyor, is a son of Mr. Walter Paterson, formerly teacher in the Otago Boys' High School. He was born in Ireland, and accompanied his parents to Dunedin at an early age. He studied his profession under the well known firm of Messrs Connell and Moodie, licensed surveyors,
Wrigglesworth and Binns, photo.Messrs N. And E. S. Paterson.

Wrigglesworth and Binns, photo.
Messrs N. And E. S. Paterson.

Dunedin, and remained with the firm until it merged into the Perpetual Trustees Company. Mr. Paterson stayed with the company till 1899, when he started his present business in conjunction with his brother.

Mr. Edward S. Paterson , Licensed Share and Land Broker, Manager of the Land and Estate Department of the firm, was born in New Zealand and finished his education under his father. On leaving school he received a thorough commercial training for fourteen years, being interested in Messrs Paterson and Barr's large ironmongery warehouse. In 1899 he joined his brother in partnership. Mr. Paterson is a member of the Dunedin Stock Exchange and a licensed land broker.

Phillips, Alfred E. , Commission Agent, Rattray Street, Dunedin. Mr. Phillips was born in England, and came to New Zealand in 1897. He joined the London Rifle Brigade in 1892, and left with the rank of corporal in 1897. After his arrival in New Zealand Mr. Phillips became a member of the North Dunedin Rifles, and retired in 1899 with the rank of sergeant. In 1903 he joined the Wakari Cadet Corps as lieutenant, but resigned towards the end of the same year. Mr. Phillips carries on a successful business page 275 as commission agent in Rattray Street, Dunedin.

Ramsay, Keith , Shipowner and Shipping Agent, Vogel Street, Dunedin. Telephone, 253. P.O. Box, 18. Bankers, Bank of New Zealand. Private residence, Royal Terrace. Mr. Ramsay, who established his present business in July, 1865, was born at the manse, Alyth, Perthshire, Scotland, in 1844. He was educated at
Mr. K. Ramsay.

Mr. K. Ramsay.

Blairgowrie, and was brought up to business with Messrs. Edward Baxter and Son, of Dundee. Arriving by the ship “Jura” at Port Chalmers in 1862, Mr. Ramsay was for some time in the offices of Messrs. Cargill and Co. and Mr. W. Dalrymple, junr., before entering business on his own account. He is managing owner of the steamers “Invercargill” and “Rimu,” and possesses considerable interest in trading vessels. Mr. Ramsay served for three years as a member of the Dunedin City Council, and occupied the mayoral chair in the year 1874–5. For about eight years he held a seat on the Otago Harbour Board, of which he was chairman for three and a half years. Of the local Chamber of Commerce Mr. Ramsay has also been chairman, and continues to be a member of the institution. He has been largely interested in New Zealand companies, having been a director of the National Insurance Company since its inception; he has long been its vice-chairman, and is also a director of the Westport Coal Company, chairman of the Perpetual Trustees Estate and Agency Company of New Zealand, chairman of the Dunedin Stock Exchange Proprietary Company, and vice-president of the Dunedin Savings Bank. Mr. Ramsay was married in 1871 to the youngest daughter of the late Mr. Archibald Douglas, of the General Post Office, Edinburgh, and has three sons and six daughters.

Reeves and Co. (Charles Stephen Reeves, J.P., F.I.A.N.Z.), Accountants and Commission Agents, Perpetual Trustees Buildings, Vogel Street, Dunedin. Telephone, 282. P.O. Box, 296. Bankers, Bank of New Zealand. Private residence, Main Road, North East Valley. This business was established in 1863 by the present proprietor, who is more fully referred to as an ex-mayor of Dunedin on another page of this volume. Mr. Reeves and his son, Mr. Lawford Godfrey Reeves, now constitute the firm. They are auditors for several companies and are managers and secretaries for the following companies:—Alpine New Zealand Gold Dredging Company, Limited; Clyde Colleries Company, Limited; Cromwell Proprietary Gold Mining Company. Limited; Dunedin Garrison Hall Trustees; Enterprise Gold Dredging Company, Limited; First Chance Gold Dredging Company, Limited; Great Central Gold Dredging Company, Limited; New Alpine Consols Gold Dredging Company, Limited; New Gibston Gold Dredging Company, Limited; New Halfway House Gold Dredging Company, Limited.

Reid, Donald, and Co. (Donald Reid and Hon. T. Fergus), Auctioneers, Stock and Station Agents, Grain, Produce, and Wool Brokers, Vogel, Cumberland, and Jetty Streets, Dunedin. Telephone, 120. P.O. Box, 289. Bankers, Bank of New Zealand. Private residences: Mr. Reid, Salisbury, North Taieri; Hon. T. Fergus, Royal Terrace. This well known firm was founded by the senior partner in 1878, Mr. Fergus joining in 1892. The magnificent two storey brick building occupied by the firm, covers half an acre of land, and is utilised for wool, grain, and other produce, as well as for auction sales, the offices being on the second floor. The trade of the firm is mainly with settlers, and extends throughout Otago. Mr. Reid is referred to at page 72 of the Wellington volume of this work, and at page 86 of the present volume; and Mr. Fergus at page 119 of this volume and pages 83–84 of the Wellington volume.

Reid, John, And Sons (John Reid, Henry William Reid, and Edward Herbert Reid), Land and Estate Agents, Civil Engineers and Surveyors, Corner of Bond and Water Streets, Dunedin. Telephone, 190. Bankers, Bank of New Zealand. Private residences: Mr. J. Reid, London Street, Dunedin; Mr. H. W. Reid, Mornington. The business now conducted by this well-known and highly respected firm was founded in 1876 by the present senior partner, together with Messrs J. W. and G. S. Duncan, under the style of Reid and Duncans. The Messrs. Duncan (who went to Melbourne and constructed the Cable Tramway, for which they acted respectively as superintendent and engineer) retired from the business in 1885. Mr. H. W. Reid was then admitted, and the firm was carried on under the style of John Reid and Son for three years later, when the present partners became associated under their present designation. Messrs J. Reid and Sons have a large circle of Home clients as well as in Canterbury, Otago, and Southland, where they have sold and bought large numbers of estates in both town and country. They have had an extended experience as civil engineers and surveyors, and between the years 1877 and 1881 executed considerable survey contracts in Canterbury under the General Government. As surveyors they undertake the subdivision of blocks of land, and their experience as salesmen is of the utmost value. As scientific and expert
Mr. H. W. Reid.Mr. E. H. Reid.Mr. J. Reid.

Mr. H. W. Reid.
Mr. E. H. Reid.
Mr. J. Reid.

page 276 farmers, and attorneys for absentees in the management of estates, they have particularly distinguished themselves. Their celebrated prize farm, known as “Monte Christo,” and situated at Wright's Bush, Southland, has long been managed on the most approved principles. Divided as it is into twenty-six paddocks, a record is kept of the rotation of crops in each paddock for years back, and the entire property, which consists of 958 acres of freehold land, is in splendid order and condition; so much so that in 1894 the enterprising owners were awarded Sir John Bennett Lawes' Challenge Shield for the best managed farm, and each year since that time have scored second place in the competition. As breeders, Messrs Reid and Sons have won fame for their celebrated flock of registered Shropshire Down sheep, which was founded in 1886; by careful selection and heavy culling, and by adding from the best imported strains, they have a stud flock second to none in the Colony for producing the highest quality of mutton, lamb, and wool. With these sheep 286 awards were secured to the close of 1896; namely, thirty-six champions, eighteen special, 116 first, ninety-six second, seventeen third, and three highly commended prizes and certificates. With such records, it is not surprising that buyers are readily found for both rams and ewes at highly satisfactory prices. Mr. John Reid, the founder of the firm, was born in 1829 at Longside, Aberdeenshire, where he was educated till fourteen years of age. At this time his father—an agricultural implement maker—was killed, and the necessity of doing something to provide for the support of his widowed mother and fatherless brothers and sister inspired the youth to take the burden of conducting his father's business upon his own young shoulders. Appointing an experienced foreman—to whom he apprenticed himself—he was successful in supporting the home. In 1854 Mr. Reid arrived at Dunedin, and, after a stay of about a year, during which he made a trip to Jacob's River and saw the country (there being at that time no settlers west of Mataura River, only about a dozen between Clutha and Mataura, and scarcely any in the Taieri and Tokomalriro districts), returned to England. Having married in Scotland in 1856, he sailed again for Otago by the ship “William and Jane” in the following year, soon afterwards acquiring 150 acres of land at the North East Valley. While dairying on this farm, Mr. Reid joined the Survey Department in Dunedin as Clerk of Public Works and Assistant Draughtsman, under Mr. J. T. Thomson, and in 1859 became Chief Draughtsman. The confinement impairing his health, he resigned in 1862, and subsequently, with Captain Sutter (afterwards of Timaru), entered into business as a goldfields storekeeper at Waitahuna, under the style of Reid and Sutter. On the dissolution of this partnership in 1866, his brother, Mr. G. F. Reid, arrived from India, and the brothers joined Mr. E. Herbert, of Lawrence, in founding a business as buyers and forwarding agents in Stafford Street, under the style of Reids and Herbert. In 1869 this partnership was also dissolved, and, Mr. Reid having purchased “Corner Bush,” he resided for some time on that estate, which he improved extensively. He subsequently sold part of the estate, though he still retains 1,000 acres, and as his family grew up around him, he established the firm described in this article.

Reid, William , Accountant, Land, Estate, and Commission Agent, 27 Rattray Street, Dunedin; Telephone, 179; Bankers, Bank of New Zealand; Private residence, Russell Street. This gentleman has been well known in Dunedin business circles for the past forty years, during thirteen of which he was a partner in the printing firm of Mills, Dick and Co. Mr. Reid, who established his present business in 1891, undertakes the sale and purchase of city and country properties throughout Otago, and acts as financial agent generally, apart from his duties as an accountant and auditor. He is secretary of the Otago Caledonian Society, and is more fully referred to as grand secretary of the Grand Lodge of Oddfellows of New Zealand.

Statham, Charles Hadfield , Public Accountant and Trade Assignee, Zealandia Chambers, Dowling Street, Dunedin, and Fellow of the New Zealand Auditors' and Accountants' Association. Telephone, 805. P.O. Box, 346. Bankers, National Bank of New Zealand. Private residence, Hawthorne Avenue, Mornington. This business was established in 1890 by the present proprietor. Mr. Statham undertakes private assignments and the realization of estates for creditors, and may be consulted as a public accountant, or in respect to any matters affecting the trading community. He was born in 1845 in Liverpool, England, and educated at private schools and at St. John's College, Hurstpierpoint, Sussex, and was brought up to the soft goods trade in his native place. In 1862 he came out to Melbourne, Victoria, but settled in Dunedin a year later; he was connected with Messrs. H. Brooks and Co., of Melbourne, and other firms till 1868, when he joined the firm of Messrs. Butterworth Bros., warehouseman. For twenty-two years he continued in this service, rose to the position of manager, and retired when the business was formed into a company. Mr. Statham has long been closely identified with the Anglican Church; he is a lay canon of the Cathedral, lay reader at St. Mary's Church, Mornington, diocesan treasurer, secretary to the Diocesan Trust Board, and a member of the Synod and of the Standing Committee.
Sidey, Arthur M. and Co. (Arthur Murray Sidey), Sharebrokers, Land. Estate and Financial Agents. Albert Buildings, opposite Post Office, Dunedin. Telephone, 1355.
Mr. A. M. Sidey.

Mr. A. M. Sidey.

Bankers, National Bank of New Zealand. Private residence, “Fraemont,” corner of Melville and Walker Streets. Private telephone, 883. This business was established in February, 1896, by the present proprietor, who is a member of the Dunedin Stock Exchange. Messrs Sidey and Co. have correspondents in various centres of population in New Zealand, and in the leading cities of Australia. Mr. Sidney, who is a son of Mr. John Sidey, was born at “Corstorphine,” Dunedin, and has now combined with his business the management of that estate. He was educated at the Otago Boys' High School, and was for some years in the service of the National Bank, from which he resigned in order to enter into business on his own account. Mr. Sidey was married, in 1897, to a daughter of Mr. John Hall, of “Auburn,” Pirongia, Waikato.

Stronach, Morris and Co. (Arthur C. Stronach, and Crosby Morris), Auctioneers, Woolbrokers, Stock and Station Agents, Crawford, Police, and Vogel Streets, Dunedin. Telephone 356. P.O. Box, 378. Telegraphic address. “Stronach,” Dunedin. Private residences; Mr. Arthur C. Stronach, St. page 277 Clair; Mr. Crosby Morris, Littlebourne. This business was established in 1888 by Messrs Donald Stronach and Sons, by whom it was conducted till 1891, when it was altered to Stronach Bros, and Morris, and in 1903 the present proprietors became possessed of the firm. The premises owned and occupied by Messrs Stronach. Morris and Co. stand on four Harbour Board sections, in all about half an acre in extent. The ground is covered by a single storey brick building, which has recently been enlarged. The building is fitted with sky-lights so as to display wool to the best advantage prior to the periodical sales which number about half a dozen in the season, and take place at the Agricultural Hall during the months of December, January, February, and March. The offices of the firm are situated at the corner of Vogel and Police Streets. Weekly sales are held as follows: Mondays, rabbit skins; Tuesdays, sheep skins, at the Agricultural Hall; fat stock at Burnside on Wednesdays; private sales when required, and country stock sales as opportunity offers. Messrs Stronach, Morris and Co., being stock and station agents, have a good variety of pastoral properties on their books from which clients may select. They also act for non-resident owners, undertaking the supervision and management of estates, and have the following agencies: “Toxa” rabbit and bird poisons, Ness' sheep dip, Murton's sheep dip, Davies' patent detective tattoo ear-marker, Page's patent wire-coiling and running-out machines, and Lambert's patent wool-washing boxes.

Mr. Arthur C. Stronach was born in Tasmania, in 1860, and came to New Zealand with his parents during his second year. He was educated at the Otago Boys' High School, where his partner also received his education. Brought up to life on a sheep station, he gained practical experience before entering into business.

Mr. Crosby Morris was born in 1867 in the city of Dunedin, and was with the Otago and Southland Investment Company before becoming associated with the firm. He has long been connected with the volunteers, and at present holds a position as captain in the Active List, to which he was transferred on resigning the command of the Otago Hussars in 1903.

Thompson, Thomas Henry, F.N.Z.A.A. , Public Accountant, Joel's Buildings, Crawford Street, Dunedin. Mr. Thompson was born at Toowoomba. Queensland, and educated at St. Joseph's College, Brisbane. For three years he served in the office of a Custom House agent, and then joined the service of Messrs Hoffming and Co., general merchants, Brisbane, which he left to join the Railway Traffic Department of the Queensland Government. Not relishing this class of work, however, he resigned his appointment to enter the service of Messrs Benjamin Bros., general merchants, Brisbane, and, on this firm ceasing operations five years later, he went to Sydney and subsequently started business there on his own account. In 1893, hearing excellent reports of New Zealand, he came to Otago, and shortly after his arrival was appointed to investigate and adjust several lengthy partnership and company accounts, which occupied about four years. On the completion of this work he entered the employment of Messrs Cook and Gray, accountants, at Invercargill, and acted as their branch accountant during the Ward and Guthrie liquidations, being afterwards transferred to their Dunedin branch, where he managed the head office work of the Madgeburg Insurance Company for two years. In 1900 Mr. Thompson started business on his own account as a public accountant. The New Zealand Manual of Accountancy and Commercial Law is published under the joint authorship of Mr. Thompson and Mr. P. S. K. Macassey, solicitor, Dunedin. Mr. Thompson is local secretary and a member of the Council of the New Zealand Accountants' and Auditors' Association.

Turnbull, Martin and Co. (Edward Martin), Steamship Owners and Shipping Agents, Dunedin. Head Office, 112 Fenchureh Street, London. Branch office, 8 Gordon Street, Glasgow, Chief office for Australasia, New Zealand Insurance Company's Buildings (first floor), Rattray Street, Dunedin. Manager for Australasia, Mr. W. A. Moore, Telephone 55, P.O. Box, 366. Bankers, Bank of New Zealand. Private residence, Hawthorn Avenue, Mornington. Cable address, “Shire,” Dunedin, Codes, Watkins' and private. Messrs Turnbull, Martin and Co. are the owners of the Shire line of steamships—“Fifeshire,” “Morayshire,” “Nairnshire,” “Perthshire,” “Buteshire,” “Banffshire,” and “Ayrshire”—which make monthly trips between Queensland, New Zealand ports, and London. Messrs Turnbull, Martin and Co. hold contracts for shipping 3000 tons of frozen meat per month to London, from Townsville, Brisbane, and Rockhampton. Having taken on board all available cargo in Queensland, the Shire “liners” call at New Zealand ports, filling up with meat, wool, dairy produce, etc., and usually make their final departure from Port Chalmers.

Mr. William Alexander Moore , the Manager for Messrs Turnbull, Martin and Co. for Australasia, was born in Glasgow, Scotland, in 1860. He was educated in his native place, was brought up to the shipping trade, and joined his present firm as a junior in 1876. After serving eight years in Glasgow—the last four as manager—Mr. Moore came out to the colonies in 1885 to organise the service. The first vessel to load frozen meat in New Zealand was the “Elderslie”—so named after Mr. Martin's residence, and the station of Mr. John Reid, of Oamaru, for whom she loaded her cargo at Oamaru in 1885.

Washer, A., and Co. , Auctioneers and General Estate and Insurance Agents, High Street, Roslyn, Dunedin. Telephone, 1376; Bankers, National Bank of New Zealand. This successful business was established by Mr. Washer in 1892, as a land agency, and the auctioneering and insurance departments have since been added. The premiess are large and are conveniently situated near the Kaikoura cable and electric trams. Large sales are held fortnightly on the premises. Mr. Washer is further referred to as Captain of the Wakari Rifle Volunteers.

Waters, Ritchie and Co. (John Biggar Waters, Thomas Thompson Ritchie, junior, and —. Scoular), Auctioneers, Grain and Produce Brokers, 55 Crawford Street. Dunedin. This firm was established in November, 1903, and occupies a single storey brick and plaster building, erected for the purpose. It possesses two suites of offices and a large storeroom. Messrs Waters, Ritchie and Co. do a considerable amount of buying and selling in all lines, but chiefly in New Zealand produce, in connection with which they hold a prominent place amongst city houses.

Mr. John Biggar Waters , Of Messrs Waters, Ritchie and Co., was born in the Clutha district in 1866, and is the son of the Rev. John Waters, a Presbyterian minister. He was educated at the district school at Warepa and at the Otago Boys' High School, and subsequently spent fifteen years with the firm of Messrs Murray, Roberts and Co., for whom, latterly, he had charge of the sales department for New Zealand produce. He left that firm to take up an appointment as salesman and travelling representative to Messrs A. S. Paterson and Co., and for seven or eight months he represented his firm in South Africa. Mr. Waters was afterwards appointed manager of the firm of Messrs A. Mortizson and Co., and held that post till November, 1903, when he resigned to enter into partnership with Messrs Ritchie and Scoular. He is secretary for the Catlins River Railway League.

Mr. Thomas Thompson Ritchie , Junior, one of the members of the firm of Waters, Ritchie and Co., is the only son of Mr. Thomas Thompson Ritchie, who is page 278 noticed elsewhere as a former member of the Dunedin City Council. He was born at Switzers, in Otago, in 1870, and educated at the Balclutha public school, and afterwards at the Otago Boys' High School, where he spent six years. On leaving school he entered the service of Messrs Donald Reid and Co., and two years later joined the Farmers' Agency Company, Limited, now known as the National Mortgage and Agency Company, Limited. He remained with the Farmers' Agency eight years, and became head salesman in the produce department. In 1896 he accepted an appointment as suctioneer with the firm of Messrs Moritzson and Hopkins, now known as Messrs A. Moritzson and Co. He joined Messrs Waters and Scoular in November, 1903, in forming the firm of Waters, Ritchie and Co. Mr. Ritchie is a member of the executive committee of the Otago Agricultural and Pastoral Society, and he is also connected as an ex-member with the Otago Cricket Association.

Mr. —. Scoular , the third partner in the firm, was formerly in the employment of Messrs Kempthorne, Prosser and Co.

Wheeler, Richard Thomas , Junior, Accountant, Commission and Financial Agent, Colonial Mutual Buildings (second floor), Princes Street, Dunedin. Telephone, 291. Post Office Box, 294, Bankers: Bank of Australasia. Private residence, Arthur Street. Mr. Wheeler was born in 1861 in Bendigo, Victoria, and was educated at the Boys' High School, Dunedin, whither he accompanied his father, Mr. R. T. Wheeler, when less than a year old. He was for three years in the office of the city surveyor, and, having himself qualified as a surveyor, was afterwards employed by Messrs. Connell and Moodie, accountants and surveyors, for five years. In 1885 Mr. Wheeler established himself in business as a commission agent, and also took up the management of the “Mercantile and Bankruptcy Gazette,” which was founded by his father. Five years later, on the incorporation of the Trade Auxiliary Company, he became manager for that company in Otago, and representative of the “Mercantile and Bankruptcy Gazette,” for which he still acts. He is secretary of the Golden Terrace and Matakitaki gold dredging companies, and of the New Zealand bowling association, and also honorary secretary and treasurer of the Otago golf club. Mr. Wheeler was married in 1885 to a daughter of the late Mr. David Mason, engineer, of Dunedin.

Wills, William , Commission Agent, 1 Crawford Street, Dunedin. The personal biography of Mr. Wills appears under the Dunedin Choral Society, of which he is president.

Wright, Stephenson and Co. (James Armour Johnstone. William Duffus Hunt, and Philip Lowery Wright), Wool and Grain Brokers. Stock and Station Agents, Land and Estate Agents, Auctioneers, Agricultural Seed and Artificial Manure Merchants, Dunedin, Invercargill, Gore. Kelso, and Balfour, with branches throughout Otago and Southland. Head office, High Street, Dunedin; Wool and Grain Warehouses, and Horse Sale Yards, High and Maclaggan Streets; Railway Wool and Grain Stores, Cumberland Street; Artificial Manure Store. Jetty Street Wharf, Dunedin. Agencies: Managers in New Zealand for the New Zealand Agricultural Company's Waimea estate; agents in the South Island for Robertson's (Oban) celebrated “Highland” sheep-dip; sole proprietors of the “Challenge” brand agricultural seeds and artificial manures; agents for Coral Queen and Lady Elliot Island guanos, etc. This firm commenced business in Dunedin in the year 1861, under the style of Wright, Robertson and Co. Mr. Stephenson joined two years later, and in 1868, upon the retirement of Mr. Robertson, its present title was assumed. In the business of stock and station agents, etc., it is one of the oldest established houses in New Zealand, and has extensive trade relations not only in Otago and Southland, but all over New Zealand and in Australia, America, and Great Britain. The firm makes advances on wool, whether for sale locally or for shipment to London, and its name is conspicuous as occupying a leading position at the annual sales held in Dunedin and Invercargill. Messrs Wright, Stephenson and Co. conduct regular auction sales of sheepskins and rabbitskins, hides, tallow, grain, etc., at their warehouses; of fat and store cattle, sheep, and pigs, at Burnside; and of horses at their own bazaars in Dunedin and Gore, every Saturday. Periodical auctions sales of stock are also held by them at the following centres; Gore, Balfour, Waikaka, Wallacetown. Wairio, Ctautau, Thornbury, Woodlands, Winton, Riversdale, Wyndham, Fortrose, Balclutha, Blacks, Becks, Wedderburn, Roughridge, Waipiata, Kyeburn, Shag Valley, Palmerston, etc. Displenishing sales are held by arrangement. The senior member of the firm is the local director of the London and Lancashire Fire Insurance Company, of the Indemnity Mutual Marine Assurance Company, Limited, and a director of the New Zealand Hardware Company, Limited.