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The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Otago & Southland Provincial Districts]



Otago Central Railway . Pages 15–626. The Otago Central railway is now (March, 1905) open to Omakau, fourteen miles beyond Ida Valley, and 120 miles from Dunedin.

Mr. Bendix Hallenstein . Page 93. Mr Hallenstein died on the 6th of January, 1905.

Councillor Thomas Reid Christie . Page 98. Mr Christie was elected Mayor of Dunedin in April, 1904, with 2,820 votes; the next candidate, Mr Braithwaite, polling 2,333 votes.

Mr. Patrick Hally . Page 99. Mr Hally resigned his position as a member of the Dunedin City Council, on being appointed Inspector of Factories and Inspector of Awards for Otago and Southland.

Mr. T. H. Rawson . Page 121. Mr Rawson died in Dunedin on the 4th of May, 1904.

Mr. William Burnett . Page 123. Mr Burnett was returned unopposed to represent Bell Ward, on the Dunedin City Council, on the 8th of March, 1904, in succession to Mr Patrick Hally, who had been appointed Inspector of Factories and Inspector of Awards for Otago and Southland.

Mr. Hanson Turton . Page 140. Mr Turton died at Southampton, England, at the end of April, 1904.

Professor Thomas Gilray . Page 154. “The Otago Daily Times” should be added to the list of public journals to which Professor Gilray has contributed articles.

Mr. John Sisson St. George Cooper . Page 159. Mr Cooper resigned his position as chief mathematical and science master at the Otago Boys' High School in 1904, and is now (1905) in England.

Mr. A. J. Barth . Pages 176 and 216. Mr Barth died at his home in Dunedin, on the 19th of February, 1905.

Mr. Alexander Small . Page 199. Mr Small died at his residence at Otaki, on the 10th of October, 1904.

Mr. William Densem . Page 217. Mr Densem now (1905) resides in Christchurch.

Mr. J. W. Jago . Page 231. Mr Jago died on the 18th of November, 1904.

Mr. Edward Hall Carew . Pages 235–236. Mr Carew died at Dunedin on the 28th of August, 1904, and was succeeded by Mr H. Y. Widdowson, formerly of Christchurch.

Mr. Edward Aslin . Page 243. Mr Aslin. who is spoken of at page 243 as Managing Clerk of Mr John Wilkinson, is now (March, 1905) in practice on his own account, as a barrister and solicitor, at 13, Dowling Street, Dunedin.

The Intake At Silver Stream, Dunedin. Mr. C. Gordon, photo.

The Intake At Silver Stream, Dunedin. Mr. C. Gordon, photo.

Tomahawk Head.

Tomahawk Head.

Mr. John White . Page 243. Mr White died at Dunedin on the 5th of May, 1904

Dr. E. J. O'Neil . Page 247. Dr O'-Neil went to South Africa in 1901, as surgeon-captain of the Sixth New Zealand Contingent, and was mentioned in despatches by Lord Kitchener.

Mr. Arthur C. Stronach . Page 277. Mr Stronach died suddenly on the 1st of September, 1904.

Mr. James Hislop . Page 283. Mr Hislop died at Wellington on the 14th of January, 1904.

G. Lintott and Co., Limited . Page 292. The offices of this firm are now at Crawford Street, Dunedin. The number of the firm's Post Office Box is 404, and the firm's bankers are the National Bank of New Zealand.

Messrs Paterson And Barr . Page 331. In July, 1903, Messrs Paterson and Barr, finding that their page 1104 premises in Princes and Richardson Streets were becoming too cramped up for their requirements, acquired the building lately occupied by Messrs Scoullar Brothers in Vogel and Cumberland Streets. These premises, where the wholesale business of the firm is now carried on, reach from street to street and occupy the whole of the Harbour Board section, measuring eighty feet by forty feet. The buildings consist of three floors, a concrete cellar, and an attic floor. Messrs Paterson and Barr have erected an iron yard and store for heavy goods on half a section adjoining, and in the main building there is a large hydraulic lift, which runs from the cellar to the top flat, and is constantly employed taking goods in and out. It is of the greatest advantage in the conduct of the business. The offices, which are large and convenient, are situated at the Vogel Street entrance. The stock has been very well arranged throughout, and everything done to enable a large business to be successfully conducted; but even these extensive premises will no doubt in time become too small for the firm's growing trade. The retail business in Princes Street is much improved by the extra accommodation, and is fitted up to date with all the appliances necessary for a first rate ironmongery business.

Messrs Paterson And Barr's Premises, Vogel And Cumberland Streets.

Messrs Paterson And Barr's Premises, Vogel And Cumberland Streets.

Guy, photo. Woodhaugh Gardens.

Guy, photo.
Woodhaugh Gardens.

Mr. Thomas Brydone . Pages 334–335. Mr Brydone died in London on the 17th of June, 1904.

Mr. James Carlile Whiteman . Page 349. It was with his brother, not his father, that Mr Whiteman was sheepfarming for four or five years in the Wanganui district. Mr Whiteman is not only one of the principal shareholders, but also a director, of the New Zealand Acetylene Gas Lighting Company, Limited; and also a director and promoter of the Taipo Explosive Syndicate of New Zealand, Limited; the Victorian Explosive Syndicate, and a director of the Southland s.s. Company, Limited. These corrections and additions were received too late for insertion in Mr Whiteman's article at page 349.

Otago Early Settlers' Association . Pages 372–373. In 1904 the Otago Early Settlers' Association secured a central site in Moray Place for a hall; price, £1,425.

Mr. Robert Campbell . Pages 378–379. Mr. Campbell died at St. Clair, Dunedin, on the 8th of November, 1904.

Mr. Denis Heenan , Junior. Page 385. Mr Heenan died at Dunedin at the 20th of October, 1904.

Mr. John Mcneil . Page 389. Mr McNeil died on the 30th of January, 1905