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The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Canterbury Provincial District]



Dustan, Thomas Henry, Settler, Hakataramea, Valley. Mr. Dunstan was born on the 5th of March, 1850, in Cornwall, England, and is a stone cutter by trade. He arrived at Lyttelton by the ship “Columbus” in 1872, and became shepherd on a station at Burke's Pass. He was then engaged in quarry work for some time before entering the service of the late Mr. Dalzell, on a property which is now part of the Hakataramea. station. Mr, Dunstan was shepherd there for a number of years, and afterwards held a similar position at Clarksfield, St. Andrews, Bluecliffs, and Otaio, successively, before settling at Hakataramea Valley. His property consists of thirty-five acres of freehold, on which his convenient residence stands, and he has been continuously employed on the Hakataramea station since 1892. Mr. Dunstan is at present in charge of the rabbit fence on the estate at Rocky Point. He was married, on the 23rd of
Mohan, photo. Mr. and Mrs T. H. Dunstan.

Mohan, photo.
Mr. and Mrs T. H. Dunstan.

page 1103 March, 1870, to a daughter of the late Mr. Thomas Vincent, of Cornwall, England, and has had eight sons, of whom two have died. Mrs Dunstan was born on the 9th of March, 1850, so that her husband is only four days her senior.

Emmett, William Henry, Settler, Hakataramea Valley. Mr. Emmett was born. in Devonshire, England, on the 8th of April, 1850, and was brought up to an outdoor life. He came to New Zealand by the ship “St. Lawrence” in 1874, and landed at Timaru in a surf-boat. Mr. Emmett settled in Waimate, and soon afterwards entered the service of the Waimate County Council, of which he is one of the oldest servants, as he has had charge of the roads in Hakataramea Valley since 1884. He was married, in 1872, to a daughter of the late Mr. J. Dunn, of Cornwall, and has three daughters and two sons. Mrs Emmett was for about three years in the public school at Waimate, and subsequently had charge of the Hakataramea Valley school for six years.

Milne, Thomas, Sheepfarmer, “Viewfield,” Hakataramea Valley. Mr. Milne was born in Morayshire, Scotland, in 1851, and was brought up to farming on his father's farm. He came to New Zealand in 1872, in the ship “City of Dunedin,” and settled in Timaru. In 1884 he purchased his present property of “Viewfield.” It comprises 576 acres of freehold, with 600 acres leasehold, and is devoted chiefly to the rearing and fattening of sheep for the export trade. Mr. Milne has a large number of sheep annually available for this purpose, and in breeding them he uses halfbred ewes and Border Leicester rams. In order to keep the pasture fully up to requirements, Mr. Milne annually cultivates a large portion, of the property, and puts it down in the first instance in turnips and rape to finish off the sheep. Mr. Milne has been a member of the Waimate County Council for many years, and also of the school committee, and he is pipe-major to the Waitaki Gaelic Society. He was married to Miss McKay, but is now a widower, with two sons and two daughters.

Mr. T. Milne.

Mr. T. Milne.

McCully, Samuel. Farmer, “Eddistone,” Hakataramea Valley. Mr. McCully was born in County Down, Ireland, in 1852, and came to Lyttelton by the ship “Crusader,” at the age of twenty. For the first six months he was at Lincoln, and was then on the Peninsula, at Christchurch, and at Courtenay, successively, before going to Timaru in 1874. Mr. McCully was in the Orari district till the beginning of 1879, when he received the appointment of manager of Judge Ward's property at Hakataramea Valley, and he held that position till 1891. when the place was subdivided and sold. He then purchased 133 acres of the estate, which he has since farmed. For a number of years he has been chairman of the Hakataraea Valley school committee, and is one of the trustees of the local cemetery and racecourse, Mr. McCully was married, in 1881, to a daughter of the late Mr. William Batten, of Tasmania, and has five sons and four daughters.

Ferrier, photo. Mr. S. McCully.

Ferrier, photo.
Mr. S. McCully.

Mahan. photo. Mrs S. McCully.

Mahan. photo.
Mrs S. McCully.

“Norman Vale” (Norman Hayes, manager), Hakataramea Valley. This fine estate is owned by the trustees of the late Mr. Alpheus Hayes, and comprises 2842 acres of freehold, and 925 acres of leasehold land. From 3000 to 4000 head of crossbred sheep are run, and about 100 acres are sown down in cereals annually, besides a good many acres in turnips. Eighty bushels of oats, and fifty bushels of wheat per acre, have been reaped on the property.

Mr. Norman Hayes, Manager of “Norman Vale,” and one of the trustees, is the eldest son of the late Mr. Alpheus Hayes, of Waimate. He was born at Waimate in 1875, and was educated at the local public and high school. Mr. Hayes was brought up to sheepfarming by his father, and has resided at “Norman Vale” since June, 1896. For a time Mr. Hayes was a member of the Waimate Rifle Volunteers, and has also been a member of the Hakataramea Valley school committee. He was married in May, 1900, to a daughter of Mr. John Barclay, of Oamaru, and has one son.

Wain, Frederick William, Farmer, “Gilston Farm,” Hakataramea Valley. Gilthe climate is noted for its dryness, purity and 1000 acres held under lease as a grazing run. About 2000 crossbred sheep are kept on the estate. Mr. Wain is the third son of Mr. Job Wain, of Opoho, Dunedin, and was born in that city in April, 1877. He was educated in his native place, and afterwards at the Waitaki High School, Oamaru. In 1894 he settled in Hakataramea Valley, and four years later commenced farming on his own account. Mr. Wain joined the North Otago Mounted Rifles in 1899, and now holds the rank of sergeant. He has been a member of the Hakataramea school committee since 1899, and was secretary in 1903, and he is also vice-president of the Waitaki Collie Dog Club. Mr. Wain was married, in 1898, to a daughter of the late Mr. Christian Hille, of Kurow, and has two sons and two daughters.

Te Akatarawa Station is situated on the north bank of the Waitaki in very mountainous country. It is owned by the National Mortgage Agency Company of New Zealand, Limited, and managed by Mr. W. page 1104 Melville. The property consists of 1200 acres of freehold, and 29,000 acres of leasehold land, and carries about 17,000 merino sheep and a herd of cattle.

Mr. William Melville, Manager of Te Akatarawa station, was born on the 11th of May, 1857, in Sutherlandshire, Scotland, where he was educated, and passed his early years on his father's farm. In 1878 he arrived in Port Chalmers by the “Calliope,” and went immediately to one of Messrs Dalgety and Co.'s stations, where he stayed till he was appointed to the management of the Elephant Hills estate in the Waimate district. When that property was sold in 1900 to Mr. Mathias, Mr. Melville was transferred to the management of Three Springs station, Fairlie On the Government taking over the Three Springs estate, Mr. Melville became manager of “Te Akatarawa.” Mr. Melville is a widower, with three sons and one daughter.

Holmes' Valley, Pigeon Bay, Banks' Peninsula.

Holmes' Valley, Pigeon Bay, Banks' Peninsula.

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