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The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Canterbury Provincial District]



Bird, Samuel, Farmer, Hill Farm, Junction Road, Waimate. Mr. Bird is a son of the late Mr. George Bird, and was born in Northamptonshire, England, in September, 1867, and brought up to farming. He arrived at Lyttelton with his parents by the ship “Ballochmyle,” in 1874, and worked with his father till 1891, when he setted on his present property, Hill Farm, which consists of 100 acrea of freehold. Mr. Bird has served in the Studholme Mounted Rifles since 1900. He is a member of the Waimate Lodge of Oddfellows, Manchester Unity, and also of the Waimate Agricultural and Pastoral Association. He is connected with St. Augustine's church at Waimate, and was for two years churchwarden, and for a number of years vestryman. Mr. Bird married a daughter of the late Mr. Alexander Allan, of Waimate, and has had three sons, of whom one has died.

Cox, photo.Mr. and Mrs S. Bird.

Cox, photo.
Mr. and Mrs S. Bird.

Brinkman, Frederick C., Farmer, Main South Road, Waimate. Mr. Brinkman was born in the Waimate district in 1871, and was brought up to country life by his father, the late Mr. H. H. Brinkman. Since his father's death, in 1894, Mr. Brinkman has farmed eighty-eight acres of freehold, which is beautifully situated on an elevated plateau overlooking Waimate. He was married, in 1895, to a daughter of Mr. S. S. Rodgers, a well known settler of Makikihi, and has two sons and two daughters.

Brown, Thomas, Sheepfarmer, Waimate. Mr. Brown was born in Waimate in 1885, and, having been brought up to country life, commenced farming on his own account in 1893. He works forty-eight acres at Waituna, and thirty-two acres at Deep Creek. Both properties are freehold. As a Forester Mr. Brown is a member of Court Foresters' Pride, Waimate, in which he has passed the chairs. He has been a prominent worker in the temperance cause, and became president of the Waimate No-License League in 1896. Since 1898 he has been an elder of the Presbyterian church, and is a director of the Waimate Co-operative Association.

Herron, David, Farmer, “Waituna,” Waimate. Mr. Herron was born in the North of Ireland, in 1857. He was trained to outdoor pursuits, and came out to Australia in 1882. After a year in Sydney, he removed to Canterbury, and was for about fifteen years in the Ashburton district. During that period Mr. Herron engaged in farming, and worked various pieces of land. In 1898 he removed to the Waimate district, and had a farm inland from the Gorge. He took up his property at Waimate in 1899. It consists of forty acres of leasehold, and the works it as a dairy farm, and supplies milk direct to consumers in Waimate. Mr. Herron was married, in 1885 to a daughter of Mr. David Brown, of the North of Ireland. Mrs Herron died in 1901, leaving two sons and three daughters.

Mr. D. Herron, the late Mrs Herron, and Children.

Mr. D. Herron, the late Mrs Herron, and Children.

LeCren, Arthur Jannard, Farmer, “Inglewood,” Waimate. Mr. LeCren is the
Cox, photo.Mr. A. J. LeCren.

Cox, photo.
Mr. A. J. LeCren.

page 1076 youngest surviving son of the late Mr. F. LeCren, of Timaru. He was born in 1874, and was educated at the Timaru High School. In 1892 he entered the service of the New Zealand Loan and Mercantile Agency Company, at Timaru, and five years later was appointed stock agent at Temuka. Mr. LeCren retired from the company's service, in 1903, and acquired “Inglewood, a fine property of 640 acres freehold, where he runs sheep and grows grain.

Manchester, Thomas, Farmer and Threshing-Mill Proprietor. Waimate. Mr. Manchester was born in 1869, in Waimate, and was educated in the district. He began on his own account as a farmer, in 1893, and works 205 acres of thoroughly improved land. Since 1900 he has been a member of the Studholme Mounted Rifles. In 1894 he married Miss Brown, of County Tyrone, Ireland, and has a surviving family of three daughters.

Meyer, Henry Ludwig, Farmer, Park Road, Waimate. Mr. Meyer was born in Hanover, in 1845. He was brought up as a carpenter in Germany, and came to New Zealand by the ship “Blue Jacket” in 1866. Mr. Meyer has erected a great many buildings in the Waimate district. In 1873 he bought seventy-three acres of land near Waimate from the Government, and settled on his property about 1889. Mr. Meyer married Miss Meyer, of Hanover, and has five sons and three daughters.

Cox, photo.Mr. H. L. Meyer.

Cox, photo.
Mr. H. L. Meyer.

Medlicott, Thomas Samuel, Farmer, “Greylands,” Oamaru Road, Waimate. Mr. Medlicott is the second son of Mr. S. Medlicott, of Waituna, and was born in Shropshire. England, in 1862. At the age of two years he came to Lyttelton with his father by the ship “William Miles.” He was brought up to country life in South Canterbury, and settled on his present farm in 1893. The property was then only partially improved, with a ring fence round it, but it has since been brought to a high state of cultivation, and a comfortable homestead has been erected. Mr. Medlicott is a member of the Waimate Agricultural and Pastoral Association. He was married, in 1895, to a daughter of Mr. Henry Richmond, Librarian of the Public Library, Oamaru, and has one son and one daughter.

McLean, Alexander, Farmer, “Waimate Cliffs,” Waimate. Mr. McLean was born near Inverness, Scotland, in 1830. He was brought up to country life, and before leaving for New Zealand, worked two large farms in Inverness-shire for several years. He left Scotland in 1868, and two years later came to Lyttelton by the ship “Adamant.” After his arrival Mr McLean found employment at road work, and bought from the Government 400 acres of land lying between the original Waikakahi estate and the Waimate estate. He has resided on this property since 1873. Mr. McLean also owns 800 acres on the Waitaki river at Redcliff.

McLennan, Kenneth, Sheepdealer, Waimate. Mr. McLennan was born in 1864 at Loch Carron, in Ross-shire, Scotland, and was brought up to sheepfarming at Drimgigha Farm, Argyleshire. He came to New Zealand in 1886, and in 1887 went to Waihao Downs station as head shepherd for Mr. John Douglas. This position he held till the beginning of 1898, when he bought a farm of 113 acres, a mile from Waimate, and started business on his own account as farmer and sheepdealer. Later in the same year he leased Pinewood farm, of 250 acres, about two miles from Waimate, and shortly afterwards was married to Miss Fulton, of Studholme Junction. Mr. McLennan is the principal sheepdealer in the district.

Mr. K. Mclennan.

Mr. K. Mclennan.

Molloy, James, Farmer, “Oaklawn,” Junction Road, Waimate. Mr. Molloy was born in King's County, Ireland, in 1832. He was brought up to an outdoor life, and farmed on his own account till leaving for Lyttelton, New Zealand, by the ship “Glenmark.” After his arrival he was for some time employed at the Waimate station by the Messrs Studholme. Mr. Molloy afterwards carried on a butchery business at Waimate for twenty years, when he acquired his property of 168 acres of freehold land at Junction Road. The property has been greatly improved, and most of his plantation of ornamental trees was grown by Mr. Molloy from seed, planted by his own hand.

Cox, photo.Mr. J. Molloy.

Cox, photo.
Mr. J. Molloy.

Studholme, Harold, Sheepfarmer, “Ngahere,” Waimate. Mr. Studholme is the youngest son of the late Mr. Michael Studholme, a pioneer settler of Waimate, and was born in the district in 1877. He was educated at Christ's College, Christchurch, and after a goldmining experience of about six years in Australia, he returned to his native place in 1901, when he began sheepfarming. His property consists of 2700 acres of freehold, on which about 1500 ewes, and 100 head of cattle are depastured. Mr. Studholme is a member of the Studholme Mounted Rifles, in which he is corporal. As a Freemason, he is a member of Lodge St. Augustine, New Zealand Constitution.

Warnock, Gavin, Farmer, Gorge Road, Waimiate, Mr. Warnock was born in Lanarkshire, Scotland, in 1838, and was brought up to a country life in his native land. He arrived at Port Chalmers by the ship “Southern Cross” in 1856, and was farming for about sixteen years at Green Island. He then removed to South Canterbury on account of his health, and after residing in Waimate for a time, farmed at Waihaorunga for about three page 1077 years, before settling on his present property of 150 acres. In 1878 Mr. Warnock married a daughter of the late Mr. McLachlan, of Argylshire, Scotland, and has three sons and four daughters.

Cox, photo.Mr. G. Warnock.

Cox, photo.
Mr. G. Warnock.