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The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Canterbury Provincial District]

Barristers And Solicitors

Barristers And Solicitors.

Hay, James, M.A., LL.B., Barrister and Solicitor, Stafford Street, Timaru. Mr. Hay is a son of the late Mr. John Hay, of “Barbarafield,” Temuka, one of the pioneer settlers of Canterbury, and was born in 1861. He was educated at the Oamaru Grammar School, page 990 and at Christ's College and Canterbury College, where he graduated M.A. with doublefirst class honours, and also took his LL.B. degree. Mr. Hay served articles with Mr. T. I. Joynt, in Christchurch, and was admitted to the bar in 1883. He became a member of the Senate of New Zealand University in 1888. Mr. Hay won and held the following scholarships; Canterbury Provincial Government, 1876, New Zealand Junior University, 1876, New Zealand Senior University, 1878, New Zealand University, third year, 1879, Canterbury Law Society's Gold Medallist, 1883. Ho commenced practising at Timaru in 1886. Mr. Hay was married, in 1897, to a daughter of the late Mr. Henry John Le Cren, of “Craighead,” Timaru.

Knubley, Miles Jefferson, Barrister and Solicitor, George Street, Timaru. Mr. Knubley was born in Cumberland, England, on the 15th of November, 1851. He was educated at Marlborough College, articled to Messrs W. and S. Rix, Beccles, Suffolk, and was admitted as a solicitor in England in 1875. After filling a position as managing clerk for a short time, Mr. Knubley came to New Zealand in December, 1876. The next year he was admitted a barrister and solicitor in Christchurch, and founded his present business at Timaru, where he acts as solicitor to the Timaru High, School Board, and the Timaru Gas Company. Mr. Knubley has taken a prominent interest in out door sports, and was at one time a leading member of the local football club. He has held a seat on the committee of the South Canterbury Athletic Club for fifteen years, and is now vice-president. Mr. Knubley is a member of the golf club, vice-president of the cricket club, and chairman of the South Canterbury Acclimatisation Society. He was married in August, 1876, to a daughter of Mr. E. M. Clissold, of Cheltenham, England, sometime of Christchurch, New Zealand, and has four sons and three daughters. The eldest son was a member of the Second New Zealand Contingent on service in South Africa.

Ferrier, photo.Mr. M. J. Knubley.

Ferrier, photo.
Mr. M. J. Knubley.

Moore, Joseph Harold, B.A., LL.B., Barrister and Solicitor, Timaru. Mr. Moore was born in Nelson, in 1872. He was educated at Nelson College, and went into the Crown Solicitor's office in his native city in 1889. In 1892 he removed to Wellington, where he was in the office of Messrs Brown, Skerrets and Dean, and afterwards with Messrs Morrison and Atkinson; and he was managing clerk for Messrs Skerrett and Wylie for six years. Mr. Moore graduated B.A. in 1893, took his LL.B. degree three years later, and was admitted as a barrister and solicitor of the Supreme Court of New Zealand in March, 1897. As a volunteer he was first lieutenant in the Zealandia Rifles, and, on the retirement of Captain Gillies in August, 1902, he became captain of the Timaru City Rifles. Mr. Moore was married, in February, 1902, to Miss Clarise Hunt, a well known contralte singer of Nelson.

Perry, Perry And Kinnerney, (Cecil Thomas Henry Perry, and William Edward Kinnerney), Barristers and Solicitors, Stafford Street, Timaru. Cable Code: Western Union Telegraphic Code (Universal Edition), 1901. Correspondents: London—Messrs Longbourne, Stevens and Powell, 23 Palmerston Buildings, Old Broad Street, E.C.; Melbourne—Messrs Malleson, England and Stewart, 46 Queen Street; Glasgow—Messrs T. and R. Stout, 178 St. Vincent Street. Messrs Perry, Perry and Kinnerney are solicitors at Timaru for the Bank of New Zealand, the Union Bank of Australia, Limited, the National Mortgage and Agency Company, Limited, the Timaru Borough Council, the South Canterbury Hospital and Charitable Aid Board, the Timaru Harbour Board, the Education Board of the District of South Canterbury, the Canterbury Farmers' Co-operative Association, Limited, the New Zealand Flourmillers' Co-operative Association, Limited, Evans' Atlas Roller Flour and Oatmeal Milling Company (Evans and Co., Limited), the Timaru Mutual Provident Building Society, Terminating, and the South Canterbury Woollen Manufacturing Company. This firm dates from about 1865, when the late Mr. A. Perry commenced the practice. In 1873 Mr. C. T. H. Perry joined his brother under the style of Perry and Perry. This style was continued till 1891, when Mr. W. E. Kinnerney joined the firm, and the firm's name was then changed to Perry, Perry and Kinnerney.

Mr. Cecil Thomas Henry Perry, Senior Partner, is a son of the late Mr. Arthur Perry, an English solicitor, who died in Tasmania. He was born in 1846, at Hobart, and was educated at the Hobart High School, articled in 1885 to Messrs Allport, Roberts and Allport, of Hobart, solicitors, and was admitted as a solicitor in his native city in 1870. In 1873 Mr. Perry joined his brother, the late Mr. A. Perry, in Timaru, and has since then been prominently connected with the district. Mr. Perry was married, in 1874, to a daughter of Mr. W. Ouimette, of Canada.

Mr. William Edward Kinnerney was born in Wexford, Ireland, in 1854; and in 1862 he came to New Zealand. He was educated at private schools at New Plymouth, articled to Messrs Perry and Perry, of Timaru, and admitted as a barrister and solicitor in 1891, when he became a partner in the firm. For some years previously he had held the position of managing clerk in the office. Mr. Kinnerney was married, in 1879, to a daughter of the late Mr. James Gray, of Auckland, but in, 1835 he was left a widower with one daughter.

Smithson And Raymond (Samuel Frederick Smithson and Samuel George Raymond), Barristers and Solicitors, Stafford Street, Timaru. (Branch office, Geraldine.) This legal firm dates from July, 1883, when it was established under the style of White and Smithson. In 1885 the firm became White, Smithson and Raymond, and since May, 1888, the business has been conducted by the present firm. Mr. Smithson is a Notary Public, and the partners act as solicitors to the Levels County Council, the Geraldine Road Board, the Timaru branch of the Government Advances to Settlers Office, the local branches of the Bank of New South Wales, the National Bank, the South Canterbury Dairy Company, Limited, the Timaru Milling Company, Limited, and the Pioneer Terminating Society.

Mr. Samuel Frederick Smithson Senior Partner in the firm of Smith son and Raymond, was born in 1857, in the County of Durham, England. He was educated at Richmond school, Perthshire, studied mining for eighteen months, entered Jesus College, Cambridge, in 1877, was admitted to the Inner Temple in 1878, and was called to the bar in January, 1882. In the same year he came out to Canterbury, and settled in Timaru. He served as a member of the Timaru Borough Council for a time, and was lieutenant in the C Battery for three years. Mr. Smithson has taken a general interest in local sports and pastimes. He was married, in 1891, to a daughter of the late Mr. Yuille Wardrobe, of Aberdeen, Scotland, and has one son and one daughter.

Mr. Samuel George Raymond, Junior Partner in the firm of Smithson and Raymond, was born in Victoria, in 1862. He was educated at Grenville College, Ballarai, and came to Timaru in 1879; was admitted a barrister and solicitor in 1883, and two years later he became a partner in his firm. Mr. Raymond is a supporter of all local sports. He was married, in 1896, to a daughter of the Rev. J. R. Barklie, and has one daughter.

Tripp And Rolleston (Charles Howard Tripp and Francis Joseph Rolleston), Barristers and Solicitors, Stafford Street, Timaru. This firm was established in 1901. Messrs Tripp and Rolleston have branch offices at Geraldine, where they attend every Wednesday, and at Pairlie, where they attend on the first Monday in the month.

White, John William, Barrister and Solicitor, Stafford Street, Timaru. Mr. White was born near Limerick, Ireland, in 1839, and was educated in Tasmania. He entered a solicitor's office in Hobart, and afterwards had page 991 three years' further experience in a Sydney law office. After three years in Auckland Mr. White passed his barristers' examination, and was admitted to the bar in November, 1867, and the next year started his practice in Timaru. He was appointed Crown Prosecutor for the District Court in 1870, and about two years later Crown Solicitor. Mr. White acts as solicitor for the Geraldine County Council, the Mount Peel Road Board, the No. 2 Timaru Permanent Building Society, and the South Canterbury Licensed Victuallers' Association, and he has been a notary public since 1872. Mr. White represented Timaru in the Canterbury Provincial Council, and was subsequently a member of the Timaru and Gladstone Board of Works. As a Freemason ho is attached to Lodge St. John, English Constitution, and has held office as Senior Warden. He was married, in 1862, to a daughter of the late Mr. Richard Shoobridge, of Hobart, Tasmania, and has four sons and five daughters.