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The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Canterbury Provincial District]


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Leamington is a small settlement about five miles from McKenzie. It is a lovely valley of rich land, and is devoted chiefly to sheep farming. There is a small public school, centrally situated, in the district.

The Leamington Public School contains a single class room and a porch, and has accommodation for seventeen childien, which is the exact number on the roll, and the average attendance is sixteen. The land attached is several acres in extent, but no schoolhouse has been erected.

Miss Agnes Hamilton McPherson, Teacher-in-charge of the Leamington school, was born in Glasgow, and arrived at Lyttelton, with her parents, by the s.s. “Doric,” in 1886. Miss McPherson was educated at Kaapoi. She served her pupil-teachership at McKenzie town school, and received her present appointment in March, 1902.


Burnett, Alexander, Farmer, Leamington Road, Cheviot. Mr. Burnett was born in April, 1847, in Ross-shire, Scotland, and brought up on his father's farm. In 1867 he went to California, where he engaged in sheepfarming for about ten years. He then came to New Zealand and settled for a time in Southland, where for five years, he held a position as a shepherd under the New Zealand and Australian Land Company, and was also for five years with Mr. George Gray Russell, in Otago. Subsequently he engaged in dairy farming for six years in the Timaru district, and on selling out his interest there he became one of the early settlers at Cheviot, where he acquired a holding of 100 acres, which he has since increased to 450 acres. When in the Timaru district Mr. Burnett was a member of the Pareora school committee for about four years. He is now a member of the Cheviot branch of the New Zealand Farmers' Union. Mr. Burnett was married, in 1873, to a daughter of the late Mr. Robert Linton, of the south of Scotland. Mrs Burnett died on the 7th of April, 1898, leaving two sons and two daughters.

Mr. A. Burnett.

Mr. A. Burnett.

Sloss, Robert, Farmer, Leamington Downs Farm, Leamirgton. Mr Sloss was born in Ayrshire. Scotland, in 1845, and has always been engaged in farming. He come to Port Chalmers in 1871 by the ship “Wild Deer,” and carried his swag as far north as the Selwyn. In the Amuri district he found employment as a shepherd, and was afterwards for twenty years engaged in shepherding, cropping and contracting on the Montrose and Leslie Hills estates. When Cheviot was opened, Mr. Sloss became one of the first selectors, and is one of the few freeholders in the district. He holds 580 acres of freehold, and farms altogether 2100 acres of land. Mr. Sloss is chairman of the Leamington school committee, a member of the Cheviot Settlers' Association, and of the Cheviot branch of the New Zealand Farmers' Union. He was married, in 1885, to a daughter of Mr. J. Upritchard, of Loburn, and has three sons and four daughters.

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