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The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Canterbury Provincial District]

Late Consuls — Don Francisco Arenas,

Late Consuls.

Don Francisco Arenas, Vice-Consul for Spain during the years between 1879 and 1900, was the first Consul appointed for that country in New Zealand. He arrived at Hokitika in 1859, and has had a wide and varied experience, has witnessed the rapid progress of the colony, and been connected with almost every phase of its commercial life. Being of a practical and progressive disposition, he has met with prosperity at every turn, and now, at the age of sixty-nine years, lives in retirement in a favoured spot in Cashel Street. Don Arenas is widely esteemed amongst his fellow colonists for the liberality of mind and largeness of heart he has manifested in times of public and private need and in connection with institutions of charity. Nor has he forgotten the claims of his countrymen in romantic and immemorial Spain. As an instance of his mindfulness in that respect he sent £1000 in aid of those whose homes had been wrecked at Malagar, by the memorable earthquake which occurred in 1886. Mr. Arenas was born in the city of Barcelona in 1842. He was educated at the Government schools, and subsequently in died at St. Carroll's College, his education including a thorough acquaintance with five different languages. He was married, in 1872 to an English lady, daughter of Mr. Thomas Berell, of Northampton, England. She died in Spain, in 1878, leaving two children. Don Arenas married again in 1880, and of this union four children have been born.

Port Lyttelton.

Port Lyttelton.