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The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Canterbury Provincial District]

Mr. Morice Bing

Mr. Morice Bing, sometime of Marshlands, was a native of Hungary, and arrived in Australia in 1852. He followed various callings for eight years in New South Wales, whence he came to Christchurch. Sheep grazing and wool-classing engaged his attention for three years, and he then took up 200 acres of land from the Church Property Trustees. He used this land as a cattle run for a number of years, and then sub-let it in small areas. Mr. Bing dealt largely in stock, and was a well-known figure at the old Carlton sale yards, and also at Addington. He bought land north of the river Avon, near the Stanmore Road, and sub-divided it into building areas, ranging from a quarter of an acre to one acre. These sections sold readily, and one of the first suburban districts adjacent to Christchurch was formed out of them, and was for many years known as Bingsland. Mr. Bing was esscntially a business man, and was invariably successful in his various transactions, but he took no part in local politics. He was married, in 1863, and when he died, in January, 1877, he left a family of three sons and four daughters.