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The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Canterbury Provincial District]

Decorators, Oil And Colour Dealers

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Decorators, Oil And Colour Dealers.

Including—Artists; Colourmen, Carvers and Gilders, Decorators, Fine Art Dealers, Glass Embossers, Glaziers, Oil and Colour Dealers, Painters and Paperhangers, Picture Framers.

Duggan, Charles, Painter and Decorator, 231 Cashel Street and Lichfield Street, Christchurch. The business was established in the fifties by Mr. Wincop, and was purchased from him in 1863 by Messrs. Jones and Smith. Mr. Smith retiring in 1869, Mr. Jones carried on the business for ten years, when he was joined in partnership by Mr. Duggan, who two years later became sole proprietor. Mr. Duggan is a native of Birmingham, where he learned the trade with his father, and arrived in the Colonies in 1863 by the ship “Chariot of Fame” He was with the firm as an employee until becoming partner in 1879. Mr. Duggan is an importer of glass, oil, paints, paper-hangings, and other stocks required in the trade. The premises cover some 5000 square feet of space.

Fisher, H., And Son (Henry Fisher and John Henry Fisher), Picture Frame Manufacturers and Artists' Colourmen, 257 High Street, Christchurch. The senior partner is a native of London, where he served his time with Mr. J. H. Chane, of Fitzroy Square, and was in business for seven years in that line. He arrived in Canterbury in 1870, and at once established himself in business. Messrs Fisher and Son are direct importers of mouldings, pictures, and artists' colours, and maintain a large and wellassorted stock of the most modern materials in all branches, and also make a specialty of buying and selling artists' pictures on commission. There is a fine show-room, in which, as well as in the handsome plateglass shop windows, are displayed many productions by local artists. The premises save a total floor space of nearly 1300 square feet.

Gapes, Thomas, and Co., Painters, Decorators, and Paperhangers, 71 Victoria Street, Christchurch. This firm's business was established many years ago by Mr. James Gapes, father of the present proprietor. The firm transacts a large business, and employs from twelve to fifteen men. Messrs Gapes and Co. are importers of paints, oils, paper-hangings, and other materials required in their trade, which is both wholesale and retail. The late Mr. James Gapes, and Mr. Thomas Gapes, are both referred to in other articles as ex-mayors of Christchurch.

Lee, J. And Sons, Painters, Decorators, Glaziers and Paperhangers, and Importers, 186 Manchester Street, Christchurch. This wholesale and retail business, which is now under the management of Mr. David Lee, is one of the oldest in Canterbury, and has had a successful career.

Sey, William, Painter and Decorator, 107 Colombo Street, Christchurch. Telephone 343. Bankers, Bank of New Zealand, Mr. Sey is further referred to as one of the vicepresidents of the Canterbury Caledonian Society.

Cave Rock, Sumner.

Cave Rock, Sumner.