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The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Auckland Provincial District]



Ohinewai is the name of a flag station on the Auckland-Waikato railway, and is sixty miles from the city, and 33 feet above sea level. There is a post office at the house of one of the settlers communicate with the other side of the Waikato by a punt. The district has a local school, but no church. There is a pumice-mill, which works an extensive deposit and employs about twenty hands, and there is said to be an increasing demand for the mill's output. Old seams of coal exist in the district, and in boring recently for that mineral a sodawater spring with a temperature of 75 degrees was tapped. Ohinewai is in the Waikato County, and fifteen miles from the farming settlement of Matahuru.

The Ohinewai Post Office is conducted at the homestead of Mr. George Silvester, who acts as postmaster. His residence is about a mile and a half from the railway station, close to the bank of the Waikato river. Daily mails are received and despatched, and the postmaster has the contract for carrying the mails between the post office and the station.

The Ohinewai Public School has oneclass room and a porch, with accommodation for forty pupils. There are sixteen on the roll, and there is an average attendance of twelve. The enclosure is well planted with shelter pines and ornamental trees, and there is a large playground, and a schoolhouse of four rooms.

Miss Annie Krippner, who is in charge of the Ohinewai Public School, was born at Ohaupo. She served her pupil teachership at Mangere, was afterwards for three years at Ohaupo school, and had charge of Tauwhare for eighteen months, and of Maratai for four years. Miss Krippner received her present appointment in September, 1900.