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The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Auckland Provincial District]

Mr. Laurence Johnstone

Mr. Laurence Johnstone, Managing Director of the Commercial Exchange Company, was appointed to his present position in June, 1900, as successor to Mr. Michael Flurscheim, the well-known and respected promoter of the improved currency system. During his brief term of office, Mr. Johnstone has done much, both by personal appeal and through the medium of terse and polished pamphlets, to bring home to the public mind, the great advantages which would accrue from the establishment of the mutual means of exchange he now advocates. Mr. Johnstone was born in 1871, in the Shetland Islands, where he resided for seven years, and then left for New Zealand accompanied by his father, who eventually entered the profession of school teaching in the provincial district of Wellington. In 1888 Mr. Laurence Johnstone entered the grocery trade, and after pursuing it with success for about ten years, he left it to establish a business as a wholesale seed merchant in Wellington. After having secured an extensive connection in the trade he had established, Mr. Johnstone became interested in the project of Commercial Exchange, and, desiring to help on a reform so advantageous to trade and the community, he sold his business and commenced work for the cause he long had wished to further.

Hanna, photo.Mr. L. Johnstone.

Hanna, photo.Mr. L. Johnstone.