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The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Auckland Provincial District]

Chemists and Druggists

Chemists and Druggists.

Aickin, Graves, Pharmaceutical and Dispensing Chemist, 66 Queen Street, Auckland. Telephone 81. Mr. G. Aickin is fully referred to elsewhere as a member of the Auckland City Council.

Cooper, Frederick J., Pharmaceutical Chemist, corner of Victoria and Hobson Streets, Auckland. Telephone 141.

Crawford, Thomas A., Pharmaceutical Chemist, 154 Karangahape Road, Auckland. Telephone 443. This business dates back to 1866, when it was founded by the present proprietor on a site almost directly facing his present premises, which were entered on in 1899.

Edson, John, Chemist, 268 Queen Street, Auckland. Telephone 418. This business was established by its present proprietor in 1859.

Fenton, Francis Albert, Pharmaceutical Chemist, Karangahape Road, Auckland. Telephone 1083. Mr. Fenton established his business in 1899.

Faulder, John, Chemist, 232 Karangahape Road, Auckland. This business was established in August, 1899, by the proprietor, who was born in Auckland in 1871. He served an apprenticeship with Mr. J. A. Haslett, and was registered in February, 1898.

Gilbert, Stephen, Pharmaceutical Chemist, 180 Queen Street, Auckland. Telephone 236. This business was established in 1882.

Hamilton Bros. , Pharmaceutical Chemists, Palmerston Buildings, 51 Queen Street, Auckland. Mr. Harkness Hamilton, the surviving partner of the firm, purchased his present business from Mr. Grundy, and carried it on in conjunction with his brother until the latter's death. Since then Mr. H. Hamilton has been the sole proprietor.

Haslett, James A., Chemist and Optician, 252 Queen Street, Auckland. Telephone 40. Mr. Haslett established his present business in 1882.

Hudson, John Holmes, Manufacturing Chemist, Sarsfield Street, Auckland. Mr. Hudson is the proprietor of the celebrated “Balloon Brand” Baking Powder
Hanna, photo.Mr. J. H. Hudson, Manufacturer.

Hanna, photo.
Mr. J. H. Hudson, Manufacturer.

manufactured on his premises and which bears the familiar registered trade mark “Bound to Rise.” Its history dates back to 1874 in which year Mr. Hudson manufactured his first batch of baking powder, since which time it has retained its premier position. This is a wonderful record considering the many importations of foreign articles that have been introduced into local markets, but all have failed to oust the page 291 “Balloon Brand” from the front rank. Its name is a household word throughout the whole of the province and the islands. The proprietor challenges any analysis to prove that there is any foreign substance such as starch, rice-flour, etc., to be found in his powder, as is too often the case with other baking powders. The chemicals used in its composition, after being thoroughly tested so as to ensure correct strength, are weighed out in their correct proportions, the secret of which is known to the manufacturer alone. They are then put into a most perfect mixing machine and thoroughly amalgamated, so that each sample, however small, contains the chemical elements in equal proportions.

Jefferson, John Mitchell, Chemist, Upper Symonds Street and corner of Newton Road, Auckland, and Manukau Road, Newmarket. Bankers, Union Bank of Australia. Telephone 584. Mr. Jefferson arrived in New Zealand in 1891 by the s.s. “Tongariro,” from London. He was born in England, and had an extensive and practical experience in some of the best dispensing businesses, including those of Randall and Sons, chemists to the Queen, Southampton J. Bell and Co., Hastings, and Headland and Co., Brighton. Mr. Jefferson also conducted a successful business on his own account in the Old Country. On his arrival in New Zealand he began business as a pharmaceutical and homœpathic chemist. He is an associate of the Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain, and a skilful dispenser, and as he makes direct importations of all the requisites of his business, his patrons have complete guarantees of the quality and freshness of all medicines obtained at his dispensary. Mr. Jefferson is the maker of Jefferson's Barberry Bitters, Pectoral Balsam Children's Cough Mixture, Petroleum Emulsion, Cod Liver Oil Emulsion, Nursery Han Lotion, Eucalyptus White Oils, and a number of other well-known remedies. He also manufactures “Neurol,” which is the registered title of a new remedy for headache and neuralgia, influenza or la grippe, colds, and feverishness. “Neurol” is almost tasteless and is said to contain no preparations of opium or morphia.

Interior of Mr. Jefferson's Shop.

Interior of Mr. Jefferson's Shop.

Kenderdine, Arthur George. Chemist, 100 Karangahape Road, Auckland. This business was established about 1860. The present proprietor, a son of the late Dr. Kenderdine, was born in Auckland, where he was brought up to this profession. He was dispenser at the Auckland Hospital for five years, and was registered as a chemist in 1892.

Kenderdine And Kirkup (John Kenderdine and Thomas Kirkup), Manufacturing Chemists, Sale Street, Freeman's Bay, Auckland. This firm was established in its present premises in 1895.

King, Harry, Dispensing Chemist, 122 Queen Street, Auckland. P.O. Box 203, Telephone 292. Bankers, National Bank of New Zealand. Private address, “Te Arai,” Mount Roskill. The business was established in 1862 by Mr. King's father, the late Mr. J. P. King, and was taken over in 1895 by the subject of this notice, after being in partnership with his father for several years. The premises now occupied consist of a two-storey brick building, thoroughly and tastefully fitted up internally. There are two doctors' consulting rooms, visited daily by Drs. Walker, Girdler, and King. Mr. King has a wide and extensive connection. He is a direct importer from such well-known firms as Mawson and Thomspon, and Burgoyne, Burbidges and Co. His “Worm Powders” are widely known and well patronized. Among Mr. King's other proprietary medicines are:—“Ready Relief” for Rheumatism, “Tiny Liver Pills,” and an excellent “Corn Salve.” Mr. King was born in the Isle of Wight in 1856; at the age of six he came to New Zealand with his parents, and received his education at the Auckland College and Grammar school. He served his apprenticeship under his father, joining him in business in 1872 as a duly qualified and registered
Mr. H. King.

Mr. H. King.

page 292 chemist. Mr. King is a member of the Remuera and Auckland Bowling Clubs.

Lamb, Albert S. J., Pharmaceutical Chemist, Symonds Street, Auckland. Telephone 851. This business was established by its present proprietor in 1898.

Sharland And Company, Ltd., Wholesale and Manufacturing Chemists and Druggists, Lorne Street, Auckland. Telephones 189 and 1190.

Sharland, Frederick Caddy, Pharmaceutical Chemist, Ponsonby Road, Auckland. Telephone 357. The business, which Mr. Sharland now conducts, was purchased from Mr. Blomfield, who established it in 1881.

Sharland, William, Pharmaceutical Chemist, Shortland Street, Auckland. Telephone 104. Mr. Sharland is chemist by special appointment to His Excellency the Governor.