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The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Auckland Provincial District]



Ballin, Frederick Solomon, Surgeon Dentist, Winstone's Buildings, Symonds Street, Auckland. Mr. Ballin is the eldest son of the late Mr. Louis Ballin of “Ye Eden Vine Hotel,” is a native of Auckland, where he was born in 1876. He was educated at Queen's College, and studied dentistry for six years under such leading dentists as Messrs. Skeet, Kempt, Carter, and Armstrong. In June 1896, Mr. Ballin attended the dental examinations at the Otago University and qualified as a dental surgeon, taking rank as one of the youngest qualified dentists in Auckland. On returning to Auckland, Mr. Ballin opened his present well-appointed chambers in Symonds Street.

Carter, Arthur Morton, Dentist, Consulting Rooms, Karangahape Road, near Reservoir, Auckland. Consulting hours, 0 to 5. Private address, Sarsfield Street, Ponsonby. Mr. Carter was born in Leicester, England, and arrived in New Zealand, by the s.s. “Te Anau,” in 1881, from London. He served articles with Messrs E. Cox and Sons, of Auckland, and completed his apprenticeship in 1887, when he was admitted as a dentist under a certificate issued at Dunedin by the Board of Examiners of the Otago University, and later on he obtained a complete diploma to practise dental surgery. He has since distinguished himself for skill. In July, 1898, Mr. Carter admitted into partnership Mr. H. Foster, who is well known to the dental profession and the public of Auckland.

Chatfield, Alfred William, Surgeon Dentist, London Dentistry, 190 Queen Street, Auckland. Bankers, Union Bank of Australia. Telephone, 392. This old and well-known dental establishment dates from the year 1881, when the present proprietor commenced practice in Auckland, having previously qualified and practised in Melbourne. The surgery comprises two operating-rooms, besides two waiting chambers and two laboratories, equipped with all the latest appliances which skill and science can suggest. Mr. Chatfield employs a competent staff, and so is able to cope with one of the largest dental practices in Auckland. He is president of the Auckland Dental Society, commodore of the Parnell Sailing Club, and ex-president of the Auckland Kennel Club.

Hanna, photo. Mr. A. W. Chatfield.

Hanna, photo.
Mr. A. W. Chatfield.

Collins, Augustus Charles Hugh, Dental Surgeon, Auckland. Mr. Collins was born in Auckland, educated at the Auckland College and Grammar School, and was indentured as a pupil to Mr. A. W. Chatfield. He was registered in 1889, but continued with Mr. Chatfield until March 1893, when he commenced practice on his own account in Queen Street. After a short visit to the South Sea Islands, Mr. Collins returned to Auckland, and established a practice in Wellesley Street, but this business was sold by him to Mr. A. E. Hobbs.

Colson, Cyril, Surgeon Dentist, Ranfurly Buildings, Queen Street, Auckland. Mr. Colson is a son of Mr. H. A. Colson, of Auckland. He was born in 1876 in
Mr. C. Colson.Hanna, photo.

Mr. C. Colson.
Hanna, photo.

page 288 Hampshire, England, and accompanied his parents to Auckland, when he was only three years of age. After being educated at various schools, and at Queen's College, Auckland, he was articled to the late Mr. Windsor, the well-known dentist, and passed his dental examination at Dunedin in 1896. For some time after his examination he served as assistant to Mr. Windsor. With the object of obtaining a more complete knowledge of his profession, Mr. Colson went to America, where he studied practical dentistry at the University of Pennsylvania. Mr. Colson then proceeded to England, where he spent a considerable time in studying at the National Dental Hospital, London, and thus gained an otherwise unobtainable experience of his profession in all its branches. He returned to New Zealand in July, 1900, and immediately commenced to practise in the Ranfurly Buildings, where he furnished his rooms with all the newest and most improved dental appliances from America and England. The five rooms which he occupies are among the finest in Auckland. Mr. Colson makes a specialty of gold, crown-bridge, and porcelain inlay work.

Cox, Edwin, Licentiate in Dental Surgery of the Royal College of Surgeons of England, Kingsley House, Hobson Street, Auckland. Mr. Cox was born at Tipton. Staffordshire, England, and is the youngest son of the late Mr. Thomas Cox, builder and timber merchant. He commenced practice at Preston, Lancashire, in 1858, and continued there until 1880, when, fearing a recurrence of a severe illness which he had had in 1875, he disposed of his business, and sailed for Auckland in the ship “Fernglen.” In Auckland Mr. Cox rapidly established a practice, to which his son, Dr. H. Cox has succeeded. Mr. Cox was married in 1860, to Margaret, fourth daughter of the late Dr. Bell, M.D., M.A., of Garstang, Lancashire. His wife died in 1896. He has three sons and one daughter, all of whom are registered dentists; and Miss Cox was the first lady to pass the New Zealand dental examination. Mr. Cox has (1900) been a member of the Odontological Society of Great Britain since 1865, and is the author of “Practical Observations on the Degeneracy and Preservation of the Teeth,” and of a pamphlet on the “Premature Decay of the Teeth in New Zealand.”

Cox, Herbert, D.D.S., Dental Surgeon, Australian Mutual Provident Society's Buildings, 216 Queen Street, Auckland. This practice was established by Mr. Edwin Cox, and was for many years conducted by him in partnership with the present proprietor, under the style of E. Cox and Son. Dr. Herbert Cox became sole proprietor in 1898. He was born at Preston, Lancashire, England, and educated at the Merchant Tailors' School, Liverpool. Subsequently he studied at the University of Michigan, United States of America, where he gained his degree as doctor in dental surgery in 1886. Dr. Cox is the New Zealand representative of the National Association of Dental Faculties of the United States, and with Dr. Burns, of Sydney, and Dr. Merrill, of Melbourne, constitutes an advisory board for Australasia. He is also honorary secretary of the Auckland Dental Society. Dr. Cox is a well-known musician, in connection with the committee of the Auckland Choral Society.

Honna, photo. Dr. H. Cox.

Honna, photo.
Dr. H. Cox.

Elkin, Alfred Herbert, Dental Surgeon, 266 Queen Street, Auckland. Mr. Elkin was born in 1864 at Gravesend, England, where he successfully passed several University examinations. He settled in Auckland in 1881, studied dentistry under Mr. Edwin Cox, and in March, 1887, went to study at the Otago University, at which he passed his examination in 1800. Subsequently he became a partner with Mr. A. M. Carter, in Auckland, under the style of Carter and Elkin. Mr. Elkin retired in 1803, and went to London, where he took a course of study embracing the higher arts of dentistry at the London Dental Hospital. On his return to the colony, in 1895, Mr. Elkin resumed practice in Auckland.

Hanna, photo. Mr. A. H. Elkin.

Hanna, photo.
Mr. A. H. Elkin.

Hobbs, Arthur Edward, Surgeon Dentist, Wellesley Street, Auckland. Mr. Hobbs is a son of Mr. E. G. Hobbs, of Hamilton, and nephew of Mr. R. Hobbs, of Auckland, and hence grandson of the late Rev. John Hobbs, one of the earliest missionaries, who arrived in New Zealand in 1823. Mr. Arthur Hobbs commenced his dental career by serving an apprenticeship with his brother, Mr. W. Hobbs, formerly of Paeroa, but now in practice in Lambton Quay, Wellington. In addition to his apprenticeship, Mr. Hobbs spent six months under the tuition of his brother in special work, after the latter gentleman's return from the United States of America, where he had been studying the latest dental operations and work at the Pennsylvanian Dental University. After qualifying, and successfully managing a practice for some time, Mr. Hobbs made a start on his own account in his native city, Auckland, by purchasing the practice of Mr. A. C. H. Collins, conducted in premises situated in Wellesley Street. Mr. Hobbs married Miss Ina Haszard, second daughter of the late Mr. C. A. Haszard, who met an untimely death by the Tarawera cruption in 1886.

Hooper, A. F. , Dental Surgeon, corner of Queen and Swanson Streets, Auckland. Private residence, Essex Road, Mount Eden. Mr. Hooper is a native of Auckland, New Zealand, and a son of Dr. J. H. Hooper, one of Auckland's best known medical practitioners. He was educated at the Auckland College and Grammar school under Mr. page 289 McRae, when the school was in the old police barracks. Mr. Hooper's first intention was to study medicine, but changing his mind he was apprenticed to Mr. A. W. Chatfield, dental surgeon, of Auckland. After obtaining his diploma from the Otago University Mr. Hooper went over to Melbourne, where he had charge of a large practice for two years. On returning to Auckland he established his present business in 1891.

Hope, Edward, Registered Dental Surgeon, Manukau Road, Parnell, Auckland. This well-known dentist was born in Christchurch, in 1864, and is the son of Mr. John Hope, sometime of Lancashire, England. He was educated in South Canterbury, but studied his profession in Auckland under Mr. Chatfield. About 1887 Mr. Hope went to Sydney, where he remained seven years, and acted as assistant and manager for some of the most eminent dentists in that city. He was also offered a position by Dr. Belasario, who stands at the head of his profession, but was then starting business for himself, which made him decline the offer. While in Sydney Mr. Hope manufactured and finished a cleft-plate, one of the most difficult pieces of work done by his profession, and eight of the leading physicians of the city, in complimenting him on his wonderful skill, valued the work at 550 guineas. The fame of his workmanship reached Philadelphia, and he received an offer from that city to proceed there and teach the art of that branch of his profession at a salary of £1500 per year. However, a few months afterwards he was seized with an attack of fever and ague, which compelled him to decline the offer, and by the advice of his physicians, he returned to New Zealand for the benefit of his health. He was settled in Northern Wairoa for some time, and in 1899 he removed to Auckland, where he has a distinctive position in the front rank of his profession. Leading physicians recommend his services where great skill beyond the ordinary requirements of dentistry is required in the manufacture of plates and every branch of his profession. Mr. Hope is also a self-taught artist in oil painting, and a performer on several musical instruments. He married a Sydney lady, and has a family of three children.

Kempt And Bunby (Harold Dunwell Bunby), Dental Surgeon, 131 Queen Street, Auckland. Established in 1881 by Dr. Kempt. Mr. Bunby joined the firm in 1898, and soon afterwards took over the practice.

Knight, Herbert Frames, Dental Surgeon, Bank of New Zealand Buildings, Queen Street, Auckland. Telephone 1038. Mr. Knight was born at Tewkesbury, England, in 1864. He arrived in Auckland with his parents in 1881, when he commenced to study for his profession, and, having passed the necessary examinations, he was registered on the 30th of October, 1890. Mr. Knight practised in New Plymouth till 1897, when he left on a tour of the American and English colleges for further study and information in the arts of dentistry. He returned about the end of 1898, and established his present practice. As a Freemason he is attached to Lodge Ara, No. 1. Mr. Knight is a brother of Dr. Knight, of Auckland. He was married, in 1891, to a daughter of Mr. Noah Wood, of Mount Albert, and has one son and one daughter.

Hanna, photo. Mr. H. F. Knight.

Hanna, photo.
Mr. H. F. Knight.

Leatham, William Newland, Dental Surgeon, 140 Queen Street, Auckland. This practice was established in December, 1894, by Mr. Leatham, who was born at New Plymouth. He was educated at Christ's College, Finchley, London, where he was a student at St. Thomas's Hospital, and completed the mechanical portion of his training with the late Mr. W. H. Skeet, of Auckland. Mr. Leatham took his diploma at the end of 1894, and before leaving London he completed the first half of the medical course at the Royal College of Surgeons of England.

Mr. Leatham, who is a member of the Auckland Golf Club, was married, in 1893, to a daughter of the late Captain F. W. Ruck. of Auckland.

Hanna, photo. Mr. W. N. Leatham.

Hanna, photo.
Mr. W. N. Leatham.

Lonergan, Thomas A., Surgeon-Dentist, Queen Street, Auckland. Mr. Lonergan was born in Auckland in 1867, and was educated at the Model training school, Choral Hall, under Mr. Josiah Martin, and at the page 290 Catholic high school, under Mr. Hammill. He served articles of apprenticeship in dentistry to Mr. Trafford, late of Auckland, and passed his final examinations at Otago University, in 1888, when he returned to Auckland and opened chambers at 218 Queen Street. Mr. Lonergan's surgery is fitted with all the latest dental appliances. He is a son of Mr. Lonergan, a pioneer settler, who came to Auckland with the 58th regiment in 1845.

Maitland, Arthur George, Dental Surgeon, 58 Queen Street, Auckland. Dr. Maitland was born on the banks of the river Molyneux, Otago, in 1869, and was educated at public schools in England. He went to America, and studied for his profession at the University of Pennsylvania, where he took his degree as Doctor of Dental Surgery in 1894. After practising at Reading, Pennsylvania, he returned to New Zealand in 1896, and established his present business in Auckland. He was married, in 1899, to a daughter of Mr. Thomas Buddle, solicitor, Auckland.

Martin, Joseph, Dental Surgeon, Karangahape Road, Auckland. Mr. Martin was born in Auckland in 1869, and educated at the Auckland College and Grammar School. He served an apprenticeship of three years with Mr. A. W. Chatfield, and was for two years his assistant. Mr. Martin obtained registration in 1890, and then commenced his present practice.

Murray, George Patrick, Dental Surgeon, Symonds Street, Auckland. Mr. Murray was born at Matakana in June, 1872, and was educated at Hamilton, Waikato. He was for seven years with Mr. A. M. Carter, four years as an apprentice, and three as assistant. Mr. Murray commenced business on his own account in March, 1896.

Owen, Hugh, D.M.D., Dental Surgeon, Shortland Street, Auckland. Dr. Owen took his diploma at the University of Harvard, United States of America, on the 26th of June, 1891.

Rylance, Gilbert Mervyn, Dental Surgeon, Dental Chambers, corner of Karangahape Road and Howe Street, Auckland. Mr. Rylance was born in Auckland in 1876, and was educated at the Auckland College and Grammar School. He was articled to Mr. A. M. Carter, obtained registration in January, 1897, and six months later he began his present business. Mr. Rylance is a member of the Ponsonby Football Team and of the Auckland Cycling Club.

Warren, George, Dental Surgeon, Karangahape Road, Auckland. Telephone, 745. Mr. Warren was born in Auckland in 1869, and was educated at the Auckland College and Grammar School. On completing his education he studied law for five years, but did not follow up the profession, preferring the study of dentistry, to which he was articled under Mr. A. W. Chatfield, of Queen Street. After four years he passed his examination at the Otago University, and in 1893 opened his surgery in Karangahape Road. His rooms are replete with the most modern instruments and appliances required in his profession. Mr. Warren has always taken a prominent part in amateur theatricals, and has won a reputation for historionic ability.

Wright, Walter Harding, Dental Surgeon, Shortland Crescent, Auckland. Mr. Wright was born in Toronto, Canada, and when he was twenty-one years of age he arrived in Auckland with his parents in 1861. He was educated at the Auckland College and Grammar School, served an apprenticeship with Dr. Kempt, and secured registration on the 2nd of July, 1895. Mr. Wright followed his calling at the Thames for three years and a half, and has resided in Auckland since 1890. This practice was founded by his brother, the late Mr. A. L. Wright, in 1884, and was carried on by the founder till his death in October, 1895, since which Mr. Wright has conducted it. Mr. Wright was married, in 1889, to a daughter of Captain Carmichael, of Auckland, and has four sons and two daughters.