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The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Auckland Provincial District]

Native Land Court

Native Land Court. The office of the Native Land Court for the Auckland district is situated on the top floor of the Custom house building, and consists of the registrar's room, the public room, and two rooms for the use of the judges and their clerks when in Auckland. On an average about five courts sit throughout the year in various parts of the Auckland district, and all the business passes through these offices. There is no resident Native Land Court Judge for Auckland, and the Native Land Court Judges, appointed for the colony, have to go where their services are required. Mr. G. B. Davy is the Chief Judge, and the other Judges are: A. Mackay, D. Scannell, R. Ward, H. W. Brabant, W. J. Butler, H. F. Edger, W. G. Mair, H. D. Johnston, and J. M. Batham. Of these, the following have their homes in Auckland: Major David Scannell, Arney Road, Remuera; Captain H. W. Brabant, S.M., Park Road, Auckland; and Major William Gilbert Mair, at Takapuna. These three gentlemen are fully referred to in the Wellington volume of this work.