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The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Wellington Provincial District]



Gault, David, Physician and Surgeon, Pahiatua. Dr. Ganlt was born in County Tyrone, Ireland, and received his education at Queen's College, Belfast, and at the Royal University. He was successful in obtaining his degrees in the year 1880, and during the ten succeeding years, he was engaged on the medical staff of the Royal Hospital, Belfast, and other similar institutions elsewhere. Dr. Gault came to the colonies per ship “Austral,” which brought him as far as Australia, from whence he transhipped to New Zealand, arriving in Auckland in 1890. He immediately removed to New Plymouth, where he practiced for eighteen months, at the end of which time he paid a visit Home. Dr. Gault returned to New Zealand per ship “Kaiser Wilhelm,” in 1892, taking up his abo le in Pahiatua. Here he is medical officer for the Forester's Lodge, the Rechabites, the Oddfellows, etc.

Ridd, Coleridge, Chemist, Druggist, Sergion-Dentist, and Public Vaccinator for Pahiatua and district. The Dispensary, Main Street, Pahiatua. Telegraphic address, “Ridd, Pahiatua.” Bankers, Bank of New Zealand. Private residence, attached to business premises. Agents: London Messrs. Burgoyno and Co.; Wellington, The New Zealand Drug Company, Messrs. Sharland and Co., Mr. W. C. Fitzgerald, the Pharmacy, Willis Street, Mr. R. Ayers, Herbalist, of Cuba Street, and Mr. G. W. Wilton, of Adelaide Road. Mr. Coleridge Ridd, whose portrait accompanies this article, was born at Winsham, Somersetshire, England, and was educated in that county. He was specially trained for his profession by his father, Dr. Francis Ridd, of High Bridge, Somesetshire, and, subsequent to the death of his father, he continued his studies with his brother, Mr. A. H. Ridd, registered chemist, etc., of Peckham, S.E. Since that time Mr. Ridd has had experience with quite a number of medicos and chemists of the Old Land. For four years he was dispenser and assistant with Drs. McPherson and Woodroffe, of Mildmay Park, Stoke-Newington, and was for a still longer period assistant to Drs. Loane and Allen page 1032 Coleridge Ridd the former being medical officer of health for the Whitechapel district, surgeon to the London Sailors' Home, etc. The testimonials from this gentleman speak in the very highest terms of Mr. Ridd's ability, care, and gentlemanly bearing. In 1878 Mr. Ridd was registered as a surgeon-dentist in the City of London. Since then he has made three trips to this Colony. On the first occasion he was hospital assistant under Dr. Gibson, of the immigration service, on the s.s. “Arawa,” and this eminent doctor thought so highly of Mr. Ridd's capabilities for that office that his appointment was extended for the Home trip. A very handsome testimonial was tendered to Mr. Ridd by the passengers and crew of the “Arawa,” who numbered upwards of 500. His second voyage was in the same vessel and in the same office, but this time under Dr. Husband, Surgeon Superintendent of Immigration. During this second voyage the precarious condition of Dr. Husband, who died about a year later of heart disease, brought the medical services of Mr. Ridd into constant demand, as among the passengers were many who came to the Colony in the hope of regaining lost health. The testimonial from Dr. Husband, submitted with many others for the writer's inspection, is one of which any gentleman may well be proud. In it the doctor refers gratefully to Mr. Ridd's unceasing care of the passengers, which to greatly lightened his own labours throughout the voyage. The doctor speaks of Mr. Ridd as having a good knowledge of the practice of medicine, being an excellent and careful dispenser, and thoroughly trustworthy in every respect. Both these trips per s.s. “Arawa” were accomplished in the year 1887, and at the close of that year, Mr. Ridd, backed up by a much more than ordinary experience, started his present business in Pahiatua. From that time till 1892 there was no medical man nearer than Woodville, and during the whole of that time the health of the residents of Pahiatua was practically under Mr. Ridd's care. In the latter year Mr. Ridd was relieved of this responsibility by the arrival of Dr. Gault. The esteem in which Mr. Ridd is held by the residents may be gathered from the beautifully illuminated and framed testimonial which was presented to him at that time, and which was couched in the following terms:—“To Coleridge Ridd, Esquire.—We, the inhabitants of Pahiatua county, desire to express, by this testimonial, our deep gratitude for the many kindnesses shewn and the great skill displayed by you to the sick and suffering in this district during the past five years. We feel that we should be totally failing in our duty, now that your are relieved from your great responsibility, if we did not try to convey to you our deep sense of the value of your services. We trust, therefore, that you will accept this offering as a slight acknowledgment of the many services which we feel we cannot otherwise repay.” Since the residence in this district of Dr. Gault, Mr. Ridd has declined to continue the practice of that part of his profession, and now confines himself to surgeon-dentistry and the conduct of the shop. As a prescribing chemist, Mr. Ridd has, of course, a large and valuable connection, and the greatest confidence is reposed in him by all classes Besides compounding his proprietary medicines, Mr. Ridd is agent for the sale of those of the New Zealand Drug Company, Messrs. Sharland and Co., Mr. W. C. Fitzgerald, the Pharmacy, Lambton Quay and Willis Street, Wellington; Mr. G. W. Wilton, Adelaide Road, Wellington; and the herbal remedies and preparations of Mr. R. Ayers, Medical Herbalist, of Cuba Street, Wellington. Mr. Ridd's shop is a good size, two stories high, and thoroughly well stocked. The whole of the premises are freehold, being one of the few in Pahiatua which are not owned by gentlemen living out of the district. Its situation is in the centre of the busiest part of Pahiatua, right opposite Sullivan's Commercial and Family Hotel, within a few doors of the Club Hotel, and quite close to the extensive stores of the Wairarapa Farmers' Co-operative Association. In 1893, taking advantage of Dr. Gault's residence in the district, Mr. Ridd went Home on a visit to the Old Country, returning early in 1894. The business of Mr. Ridd is large and constantly increasing. Considering the short time he has been in the Colony, he must be classed among the most successful men of his profession. The picture given above is a capital likeness, and will be at once recognised by his many friends throughout the Colony, at least a thousand of whom were made during his two trips as hospital assistant in the “Arawa.”

Bulkley, Downes and Eames, Dentists, Main Road, Pahiatua. Resident partner, Mr. H. J. Eames. This is a branch of the main business at Wellington.