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The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Wellington Provincial District]


page 957


Beard, Spencer Francis, M.D., M.R.C.S. (England), and L.S.A. (London, 1877), Physician and Surgeon, Perry Street, Masterton. This medical practitioner was educated in England, and studied for the profession in London, where he gained his diploma. Arriving in the Colony, per ship “Wanganui,” in 1879, Dr. Beard settled in Masterton and commenced the practice of his profession.

Butement, William, J.P., M.B., B.Ch. (New Zealand), M.R.C.S. (England), L.R.C.P. (London), Physician and Surgeon, “Avalon,” Hall Street, Masterton. Bankers, Bank of New South Wales, P.O. Box 51. Dr. Butement was born in Dunedin in 1866, and was educated at Christ's College, Christchurch. In the University of Otago he graduated, taking the degrees of Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery in 1890. He was in charge of the Dunedin Hospital for some time in 1891, and later acted as locum tenens in Wellington for twelve months. In the following year he went to England, where in 1893 he gained his diplomas as M.R.C.S. (England), and L.R.C.P. (London), returning to New Zealand in July of that year. He then settled in Masterton to practise his profession. Dr. Butement is surgeon to various local benefit societies, and is interested in all field sports. being a vice-president of the Wairarapa Amateur Athletic and Cycling Club, and of the New Zealand Amateur Athletic Association.

Hosking, William Henry, M.R.C.S., England, L.S.A.L., L.R.C.P., and L.M.I., Physician and Surgeon, Church Street. Bankers, Bank of New Zealand. Dr. Hosking is a native of Cornwall. He was educated at Falmouth and Taunton, and studied at the Charing Cross Hospital Medical School, obtaining his English qualifications. In 1863 Dr. Hosking came to the Colony per ship “New Great Britain.” He practised at Campbelltown and Rose till 1873, acting as surgeon to Ross Hospital. In 1875 he established himself in Masterton. He has been surgeon to the local Hospital since its establishment. Dr. Hosking is a Justice of the Peace.

Ginders, Bertram Percy, Surgeon and Mechanical Dentist, Hall Street. Mr. Ginders is a son of Dr. Ginders, resident medical man in charge of Rotorua Sanatorium. He was educated at Wellington College, and studied his profession with Mr. Hoby in Wellington. Having passed the prescribed examinations on the 20th May, 1890, the requisite certificate under the Dentists Act was issued. Mr. Ginders was for some time with the late W. H. Skeat, dentist, of Auckland. The present business was founded in October, 1891. In athletics, Mr. Ginders is an enthusiastic footballer, and was captain of the Red Star Club, Masterton, in 1891. He is a native of Yorkshire, and reached the Colony per ship “Lady Jocelyn,” in 1879.

Moffitt, John Lindsay, Surgeon and Mechanical Dentist, Chapel Street. P.O. Box 69. London agents, Ash and Sons, Golden Square, Broad Street, E.C. Mr. Moffitt, who hails from Northumberland, came to New Zealand in 1843, per ship “Louisa Campbell,” with his parents. He was educated at St. John's College, Auckland, under Bishop Selwyn, and studied dentistry with his father, Mr. C. H. Moffitt, in Auckland and Wellington. He commenced practice in 1859, and has continued ever since. The present business was established in 1890. Mr. Moffitt is a lieutenant in the Colonial Militia, and served during the Maori War, having charge of companies on two different occasions of threatened outbreak.

page 958

Eton, H. E., Chemist and Druggist, Queen Street, Masterton. P.O. Box 61. Bankers, Bank of New South Wales. Mr. Eton began business in Masterton in the year 1884; but prior to that he had extensive experience in Wellington, in Christchurch, and in Birmingham. It was in Birmingham that he learned his profession. His imports are mainly from England and America. Of course he stocks all the noted patent medicines, and has quite a number of his own proprietary articles. Among the most important of these are—Eton's cough emulsion, cough linctus, neuralgia cure—said to be marvellously effective—hair forcer, dandelion and sarsaparilla blood mixture, and many others. For the blood mixture, Mr. Eton has found a particularly large demand—a most satisfactory evidence of its efficacious qualities. The shop is well stocked and tastefully fitted, presenting an appearance that some of the city shops would do well to imitate. It occupies a fine site in the very centre of the business part of Masterton. The consulting room is also large and well-appointed. Being the public vaccinator under the Government, Mr. Eton has wisely made suitable provision for all requirements in this department. Mr. Eton is the sole agent in the Wairarapa for Mr. N. Lazarus, the oculist and optician, of London and Calcutta, and has every convenience and appliance for sight testing, and can supply lenses to suit any sight. A good dwelling is attached to the shop; urgent cases may therefore be attended to at any hour. Mr. Eton has spared no pains to make his establishment attractive and convenient, and evidence is not wanting to show that his efforts in this direction are appreciated by his many friends and the general public of Masterton. Mr. Eton was born in London, and arrived in New Zealand in 1880, per ship “Piako.”

Mason, Thomas George, Pharmacentical Chemist, Medical Hall, Queen Street, P.O. Box 53. Bankers, Bank
Mr. T. G. Mason's Premises, Queen Street.

Mr. T. G. Mason's Premises, Queen Street.

of New Zealand. London agents, Evans, Lescher, and Webb, 60 Bartholomew Close, E.C., Private residence, Perry Street. Mr. Mason was apprenticed to J. A. Allan, of Lambton Quay, completing his term in 1874. He subsequently acted as manager for some Napier establishments. The present business was established in 1870 by the late W. H. Skeet, Mr. Mason becoming proprietor in 1878. The building, which is of iron, and two stories in height, was built for the purpose of the business, the freehold being Mr. Mason's property. The architect was Mr. G. Fannin, and Mr. J. Montgomery was the contractor. The total floorage space available is over 2000 square feet. The shop is beautifully fitted up with every convenience in the shape of show-cases, with plate-glass fronts. The engraving below is a faithful representation of this well-known establishment. Mr. Mason is a direct importer of drugs of the finest quality from the best markets of the world. He also keeps a considerable stock of perfumery and toilet requisites, as well as patent medicines. The business extends throughout the Wairarapa district.
Wood, James Reginald, Pharmaceutical Chemist, Masterton. Bankers, Bank of New South Wales. This business, which has only recently been opened, promises to become a successful one. Mr. Wood has had considerable experience in his profession, having passed the New Zealand Pharmacy Board's examination in April, 1894. He is a second son of the late Mr. James Wood, founder of the Hawkes Bay Herald, and was born at Roseneath, Taradale, Hawkes Bay, in 1870, and was educated at the Auckland College and Grammar School. On completing his educational career, he served four years with Mr. T. A. Crawford, chemist, Newton, Auckland. After completing
Mr. J. R. Wood.

Mr. J. R. Wood.

page 959 his term he remained as assistant for another year, at the same time going through a course of practical chemistry at the Auckland University. He was subsequently for eighteen months with Mr. A. Eccles, chemist, of Napier, as chief assistant and dispenser. For a time Mr. Wood did relieving work, and afterwards became manager of the Hawkes Bay United Friendly Societies' Dispensary, remaining nearly two years. The present business was founded by him in August. 1896.

Hardie, G. M., and Co., Herbalists, Queen Street, Masterton, Branch of main business at Wellington.