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The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Wellington Provincial District]

Commercial And Industrial

page 837

Commercial And Industrial.

Cudby, G. and W. T. (George Cudby and Walter Thomas Cudby) Coach, Livery and Bait Stable Proprietors and Contractors, near the Railway Station, Lower Hutt. Bankers, Bank of New Zealand. This business was established in 1856 in the contracting line—coaching being added about twenty years later—by the father of the present partners (Mr. John Cudby, J.P.), who arrived in Wellington in 1842 per ship “Thomas Parks,” and who still takes an active part in public matters in the Valley. Messrs. G. and W. T. Cudby succeeded to the business in 1887. Coaches run daily to and from Taita to meet all trains arriving at the Hutt. Buggies, carriages, and saddle horses are supplied as required to picnic and other parties. Mr. George Cudby—an enthusiastic sportsman—conducts visitors on game intent to the best places for fishing and shooting in the district. The firm undertakes contracts for earthwork and construction, and supplies materials for building foundations to many of the leading contractors of the Empire City.

Purser and Co. (Percy Robert Purser and Cruwys Dee Purser), Coach Builders and General Smiths, Main Road, Lower Hutt. Bankers, Bank of New Zealand. This business, which was established in 1842 by the late Mr. Henry Collett, was conducted for some years by Messrs. Collett Brothers. The present firm succeeded to the business in 1895. The wood and iron buildings occupied are well adapted for the business, being fitted up with all needful appliances for the requirements of the trade.

Lumsden. Alexander James, Coachbuilder and Wheelwright, Main Road Lower Hutt, Bankers, Bank of New Zealand.

McKain, Miss Ada, Dressmaker and Milliner, Main Road, Lower Hutt. This young lady was apprenticed to Miss Devereux, and subsequently gained experience at Messrs Warnock and Adkin's, Wellington. The business was established in 1893. Miss McKain has customers in all parts of the Hutt district.

Devereux, Miss, Dressmaker and Fruiterer, Main Road, Lower Hutt. Established 1895.

Central Hotel (George Nicholas, proprietor), corner of Main and Waiwetu Roads, Lower Hutt. The present building a two-story wooden structure of thirty-three rooms—which was erected about eighteen years ago, stands on the site of one of the oldest hotels in the district. The house has sixteen good bedrooms, a dining room which will seat thirty, a good billiard-room, and several sitting rooms. Behind the hotel there are good stables, including ten loose boxes, and sale yards capable of holding 2000 sheep or fifty head of cattle. The present proprietor became licensee in February, 1895.

Family Hotel (Patrick Casey, proprictor), Main Road, Lower Hutt Bankers, Bank of New Zealand. Estab. 1874. Conducted by present licensee since 1891.

Railway Hotel (Archibald A. Gray, proprietor), Main Road, Lower Hutt, Bankers, Bank of New Zealand. Estab, 1875. Conducted by Mr. Gray since 1898.

Taita Hotel (F. McGovern, proprietor), Taita. Licensed in 1893, Conducted by present licensee since early in 1896.

McIlvride, George, General Blacksmith, Farrier and Wheelwright, Main Road, Lower Hutt. Bankers, Bank of New Zealand. Mr. McIlvride, who hails from Perthshire, Scotland, where he was born in 1838, came to Auckland, per ship “Andrew Jackson,” in 1864. Settling in the Hutt during the following year, he founded the present business, acquiring the freehold of the large allotment on which his workshops and two-story dwelling of eight rooms stand. The building includes blacksmith, wheelwright and paint shops, and all needful appliances, including lathes, boring machine, iron cutter and band-saw, are used in connection with the business, about eight hands being employed. The leading line is horse-shoeing and general work, but a good deal of coach repairing and some coach building is also done. Mr. McIlvride has tapped a very fine flow of artesian water on his property, which is invaluable. In local politics Mr. McIlvride has declined to stand for the Borough Council, but has served as a member of the Lower Hutt School Committee and as a Licensing Commissioner. He is a member of the Rose of the Valley Lodge of Oddfellows, with which he has been connected for twenty-five years, for nine of which as trustee and treasurer. He is a member of the Presbyterian Church, of which he has been an elder about twenty years. Mr. McIlvride holds the agency of the Commercial Union Assurance Company for the district. He makes for the patentee the Eureka patent wire strainer, which has been ordered by the Wairarapa and Manawatu Farmers' Co-operative Associations, and commands a ready sale.

James, Isaac, General Blacksmith, Taita.

McMenamin, James, General Blacksmith, Main Road, Lower Hutt, Estab. 1896.

Twormey, Timothy, General Blacksmith, Main Road, Lower Hutt. Bankers Bank of New Zealand.

Devereux, Frederick William, Wholesale and Retail Butcher, Main Road, Lower Hutt. Bankers, Bank of New Zealand. This business—the only one of the kind in the township—was established in 1856 by the late Mr. William Checkley Devereux, father of the present proprietor. The founder, whose portrait is reproduced herein, came to the Colony in 1855, per ship “Myrtle,” and settled in the district. He took a keen interest in
The Late Mr. W. C. Devereux.

The Late Mr. W. C. Devereux.

page 838 local and colonial politics for over thirty years, and died in 1887—five minutes after having voted at the general election of that year. Mr. F. W. Devereux, who took over the business in 1886, does a good trade. The premises, which are freehold, include a two-story shop and dwelling. His s'aughter-house, fitted with every modern appliance, is situated on the Main Road about a mile from the shop. Mr. Devereux was born at the Lower Hutt in 1859, and learned his business with his father, assisting in the management of the business for several years before taking it over on his own account. As an Oddfellow he has been a member of the Rose of the Valley Lodge for some eighteen years past. In musical matters, Mr. Deveieux is a singer, and possesses a good tenor voice, which he is ever ready to use as a soloist for any local charity. He is also an amateur athlete, and, having studied the noble art of self-defence, has attained considerable renown as a boxer.

Burt, Thomas, General Storekeeper, Main Road, Lower Hutt. Bankers, Bank of New Zealand. This business was established in 1847 by the father of the present proprietor, the late Mr. Thomas Burt, one of the early settlers in the Hutt Valley. The building, which is of wood and iron, is erected on freehold property, centrally situated, the total floorage space being nearly 5000 square feet. Mr. Burt occupies a foremost place as a business man in the borough of the Lower Hutt, and the business is claimed to be the oldest in the district. He represents the New Zealand Insurance Company, and does a good trade in produce, grocery, drapery, boots and shoes, and ironmongery. He is a direct importer of paper-hangings and other special lines. Mr. Burt employs four skilled assistants in the trade, which extends over a wide area, three horses and a cart being used in the delivery. In local politics he takes no part, his energies being devoted entirely to his business.

Feist, E., and Co. (Egbert Feist), General Storekeepers, corner of Main and Waiwetu Roads, Lower Hutt. Bankers, Union Bank of Australia. This business was established in the early days, and has been conducted by the present owner since 1889. The premises comprise a two story wooden shop and dwelling well adapted for the trade, which extends within a radius of some ten miles. The firm are agents for the Liverpool, London, and Globe Fire, and the Colonial Mutual Life Offices, and for Messrs. Nimmo and Blair's seeds. Mr. Feist, who was born in England, came to Wellington per ship “Mallard” in 1865.

Carter, Joseph, General Storekeeper, Main Road, Lower Hutt. Estab. 1880.

Cleland, William, General Storekeeper, Taita, Established 1861.

Mason, John Augustus, General Storekeeper, Main Road, Lower Hutt. Bankers, Bank of New Zealand. Established 1865.

Ross, John H., General Storekeeper, Taita. Established 1839.

Jounnax, St. Clair, Baker and Confectioner, Lower Hutt. Shop. The Square; bakehouse, Waiwetu Road. Established 1869. Mr. Jounnax purchased in 1894.

McKain, Daniel, Baker and Confectioner, Main Road, opposite Railway Station, Lower Hutt. Established 1891.

Mills, Edmund, Tailor, Main Road, Lower Hutt. Established 1896. Bankers, Bank of New Zealand.

Keeys, Richard Walton, Painter, Wood, Coal and General Dealer, Main Road, Lower Hutt.

Brandt, Henry, Boot and Shoemaker, Main Road, Lower Hutt. Bankers, Bank of New Zealand.

Pringle and Reid (Walter Peter Pringle and Frank Reid), Saddlers and Harness Makers, Main Road, Lower Hutt. Bankers, Bank of New Zealand. Conducted by present firm since 1893.

Everest and Son (David Everest and William David Everest), Grain Merchants and Orchardists, Main Road, Lower Hutt. Established 1894.

Trevethick, Charles Brush Manufacturer, Main Road, Lower Hutt. Estab, 1879.

Riddiford, Edward Joshua, J.P., Station-owner, Lower Hutt, is the son of the late Mr. Daniel Riddiford, who arrived in Wellington by the ship “Adelaide” in 1839, bringing in sections the first house that was erected at Pipitea Point. The mother of the subject of this notice used to write the despatches for the New Zealand Company. Mr. Riddiford, who was born at the Lower Hutt in 1843, was the first child baptized by Bishop Selwyn in New Zealand, and was educated primarily in Wellington, and secondarily at Morrison's Scotch College in Melbourne. Brought up to farming pursuits, he has never deserted his calling, and now owns the Te Awaiti estate of 50,000 or 60,000 acres on the east coast beyond Cape Palliser, the Orongaronga estate, which includes 640 acres of freehold and 7000 acres of leasehold, and 272 acres in the Hutt Edward Joshua Riddiford district, on ten acres of which the lovely residence in which he resides is located. Mr. Riddiford's runs afford pasturage for about 40,000 sheep and 5000 head of cattle. The Te Awaiti estate is celebrated for its splendid red deer, of which several fine heads with lovely antlers, some of them taken by Mr. Riddiford himself, adorn the walls of his hall. In local politics Mr. Riddiford has served the public, having acted as a member of the Wairarapa County Council and other bodies. In the early days he took his share in defending the settlement, acting as a lieutenant in the militia under Colonel Gorton. He has long been connected with, and is now vice-president of, the Wellington Agricultural and Pastoral Association. Mr. Riddiford was in married in 1879 to a daughter of the late Mr. Henry Bunny—who was for twenty years a member of the House of Representatives—and has four sons and three daughters.

West, Daniel, Settler, Bloomfield Road, Lower Hutt. Born in Croyden, Surrey, in 1822, Mr. West is one of the few old settlers remaining who arrived in Port Nicholson by the ship “Martha Ridgway” in 1840. After a short time in Wellington and some years in the Chatham Islands, the subject of this notice settled the Hutt Valley in 1857. He has witnessed the development of settlement in the district, and for many years took part in the dairy industry, having a farm of thirty-five acres in the Waiwetu.