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The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Wellington Provincial District]

Gyles, Arthur

page 733

Gyles, Arthur, Printer, Rubber Stamp Maker, and Importer of Type and Printers' Requisites, Manners Street (opposite Fire Brigade Station), Wellington. Bankers, National Bank of New Zealand. Black and white drawing of a Gyles stamp London Agents, Messrs. J. Gyles and Son, 100 St. John Street Road, Clerkenwell. Mr. Arthur Gyles established the above business in 1884, in a very small way as compared with present developments His shop and office are of a fair si[unclear: ze] and being an importer of type and printing appliances generally, he has every facility for maintaining the efficient condition of his plant. His importations are mostly from his father's firm—that of Messrs. J. Gyles and Son, type founders, etc., of 100 St. John's Street Road, Clerkenwell, London; and he has always a good stock on hand for immediate requirements, and samples from which larger orders may be filled from Home. In rubber stamps Mr. Gyles does a very fine business. His novelties compare well with the best in the Colony, and his prices [unclear: are] exceedingly moderate. Orders for these stamps come in from all parts, and are executed with the least possible delay. He is also in a position to supply the requirements of rubber stamp makers. Mr. Gyles is a native of London, and came out to the Colony per ship “Caroline” in 1880. He attends well to his growing business, and it respected by all who know him.