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The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Wellington Provincial District]


page 1456


This little settlement is the marine retreat of Wanganui, from which it is five miles distant, and to which a locally owned railway has been constructed. It is in the Wanganui County and Electoral District, and is the scene of the Wanganui Freezing Company's works, there being likewise a soap and also a butter factory. The hotel and a comfortable boardinghouse provide good accommodation for those who desire a change of air and surroundings. A visit to Castlecliff, which is the entrance to the Wanganui River, is a very popular excursion for the denizens of the Borough of Wanganui. Direct steamers lie in the roadstead, and are loaded by tenders.



Castlecliff Hotel (Mrs. A. A. Barker, proprietress), Castlecliff. This fine hotel, which was built in 1885, contains over twenty rooms. There is a good stable adjoining, with stalls for six horses. The hotel is close to the sea-shore, and is largely patronised by tourists and the townspeople.

The Wanganui Freezing Works are situated in close proximity to the Heads Wharf at Castlecliff. The Company was formed about eight years ago, and the works employ a large number of hands. The output is increasing year by year, and the Company's success has been practically assured since its inauguration. A large fellmongery business is run in connection with the works, and the manufacture of manures is another branch industry. Special facilities exist for the loading of the tenders which convey the frozen meat from the works to the Home ships, which lie in the roadstead, where there is a good anchouage.