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The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Wellington Provincial District]


Hunterville is a rising and go-ahead township, situated in a hollow among the hills, which immediately surround it. It is also a station on the Hunterville branch of the Wellington-New Plymouth Railway, being distant 129 miles from Wellington, and fifty miles from Wanganui. The latitude is 40° 3′ South, and the longitude 175° 30′ East. Its staple industry is wool-growing, farming and pastoral pursuits being successfully carried on in the richest of soil. It is 876 feet above sea-level, and the rain seems particularly devoted in its attentions to the locality. The roads are being put in passable order, and as the railway is extended into the interior, beyond Mangonoho to Ohingaiti, settlement is progressing rapidly all around the outlying districts of Rewa, Sandon Block, Mangaweka, Rata, Porewa, Cliff Road, etc. Hunterville has its State school, two places of worship, good accommodation in hotels and boardinghouses, two public halls, an agency of the Bank of New Zealand, and a tri-weekly newspaper, the Paraekaretu Express. The townsfolk and the farmers all appear thrifty and well-to-do. The Hunterville Postal-Telegraph, Money Order and Savings Bank offices are combined with the Railway offices, there being a daily service.



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The township, which is partly in the Paraekaretu and partly in the Ohingaiti Riding of the Rangitikei County, is now included in the newly-constituted Patea Electoral District, its population at the census of 1896 being 546.