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The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Wellington Provincial District]



The Manawatu Club is situated in Church Street, adjoining the Square. The building is, from an architectural point of view, an acquisition to the town, and is fitted up with all the requirements of a first-class club. The lawn facing the street has been neatly laid out, and an asphalt footpath leads up to the front entrance. Mr. R. H. Whalley is custodian.

Mr. Frederick William Connell, Secretary of the Manawatu Club, is a Guernseyman and was educated at Cheltenham College. He landed in the Colony in 1885, coming to Palmerston North six years later. He has occupied the position of secretary since the Club removed to its new quarters.

Manawatu-Kilwinning Lodge, No. 47, of the Order of Freemasons. Officers (1896): Messrs. W. H. Smith (W.M.), J. Hocking (I.P.M.), H. Burmester (S.W.), S. Thacker (J.W.), J. F. Olsen (secretary), W. Beck (treasurer), R. Edwards (I.G.). R. Lambert (S.S.), J. Banbury (J.S.), H. E. Gunter (organist), and A. Hill (tyler). The secretary's address is “The Square Palmerston North.” Monthly meetings of the Lodge are held at the Masonic Hall, Broad Street, every month on the Wednesday before the full moon at 7.30 p.m. The annual installation takes place in April.

United Manawatu Masonic Lodge, No. 1721 (Palmerston North). This Lodge meets on the Friday nearest full moon in each month, the installation taking place in October. W.M., Mr. L. A. Abraham; secretary, Mr. G. Woodroofe, Main Street, Palmerston North.

Loyal Manawatu Lodge, I.O.O.F., M.U., No. 6420, Palmerston North. This Lodge, which is a branch of the Wanganui Society, was established in 1878, and holds fortnightly meetings on each alternate Thursday in the Oddfellows' Hall, Cuba Street. Mr. S. J. Watson, Andrew Young Street, Palmerston North, is the secretary of the Lodge.

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Lodge Orient, of the Independent Order of Oddfellows, No. 42 (Palmerston North), meets every alternate Thursday. Secretary, Mr. Allan France.

Oroua Lodge, U.A.O.D., No. 5, Palmerston North. Established in 1884, the local lodge of Druids assembles on each alternate Tuesday in the Oddfellows' Hall, Cuba Street, Palmerston North. Mr. S. J. Watson acts as secretary, his address being Andrew Young Street, Palmerston North.

Palmerston North Lodge, U.A.O.D., meets every alternate Tuesday. The secretary of the Lodge is Mr. Thos. Bastin, care of Mr. S. J. Watson, Andrew Young Street.

Court Manawatu, A.O.F., No. 5655, was established at Palmerston North in 1874. The officers (1896) are:—Messrs. T. Wilson (C.R), W. Hudson (S.C.R.), W. Dixon (treasurer), M. Cavanagh (S.W.), J. Aitchison (J.W.), T. Albert (S.B.), J. Drury (J.B.), and A. Buchan (secretary). The meetings are held every alternate Tuesday in the Foresters' Hall, which was erected in 1880 on freehold land in Main Street, at a cost of £600.

Manawatu Sports Association, Limited. Directors:—Messrs. H. Wollerman, F. H. Cooke, T. B. Crump, L. A. Abraham, W. Beck, C. J. G. Still and J. O. Batchelar. Secretary, Mr. T. B. Crump. This progressive company is the outcome of a movement originally suggested by the secretary, the flotation being accomplished by the efforts of Mr. H. Wollerman. It was incorporated to provide a recreation ground for all classes of field sports for the district of Palmerston North. The company leased a suitable piece of land—twenty-and-a-half acres in extent—from the Borough Council for a term of twenty-one years. This land forms a part of the Borough Reserve, and is situated adjoining the Esplanade, on the bank of the Manawatu River fronting Fitzherbert Road, near the bridge. Twelve acres were levelled and a bicycle track, consisting of two straights and two semi-circles, one-third-of-a-mile in extent, has already been made, and is considered to be one of the best in New Zealand. A half-mile trotting-track has been formed outside the cycle track. The whole of the land has been fenced, and a grandstand, capable of seating 600 people, has been erected at a cost of £300.

Palmerston North Caledonian Society, which was established in 1891, holds an annual gathering on the recreation ground, Fitzherbert Road, on the Prince of Wales' Birthday. A good deal of enthusiasm is displayed at the meeting of the Society, a considerable sum being distributed in prizes and medals. The officers (1896) are: Messrs. D. Buick (president), W. T. Wood, W. Park, J. Linton, and A. Macpherson (vice-presidents), G. J. Scott (director of music), W. Rutherfurd (treasurer), J. O. Batchelar, W. Dixon, A. Jack, A. Buchan, J. R. Montague, S. Thacker, H. R. McBean, R. Smart, C. H. Maclean, H. Gillies, W. J. Walters, S. Greer, and G. W. Ravenhill (directors), and W. H. Collingwood (secretary).

The Manawatu Cricket Association. This Association is the controlling power in cricket matters for the Manawatu district. It arranges the matches, selects the representative team, and generally supervises cricket in the district. The Association was founded by Messrs. A. H. Tompkins and H. P. Lance, who called the first meeting in 1895. There are six clubs belonging to it—Feilding, Palmerston North, Colyton, Carnarvon, Cheltenham, and Birmingham, and the membership is 200. The colours are light and dark blue, and the annual subscription is a guinea. The headquarters for practice and cricket matches are the county grounds, Feilding. The officers for 1896 are: President, Mr. F. Y. Lethbridge, M.H.R. (Feilding); vice-presidents, Messrs. C. A. J. Levett (Kiwitea), C. J. G. Still (Palmerston North), and C. H. Burnett (Colyton); treasurer. Mr. A. G. Carty (Feilding); secretary, Mr. A. H. Tompkins (Fowlers).

Mr. Arthur Henry Tompkins, the Secretary of the Manawatu Cricket Association, was born in Wellington in 1864, and received his education at Sandon. He is the son of Mr. John Tompkins, one of the oldest identities in the Manawatu district. From his boyhood Mr. Tompkins has been a lover of outdoor sports; he is a patron saint of everything where true sport is concerned. As the indefatigable and hard-working secretary, he is the right man in the right place, and the success that has attended the Association is the outcome of his untiring energies. Mr. Tompkins is also captain of the Birmingham Cricket Club, which position he has held for nearly three years. He is referred to elsewhere under the heading of “Fowlers.”

The Palmerston North Cricket Club has a membership of fifty. The Club plays on the Manawatu Sports Association's grounds. The officers for 1896 are: President. Mr. W. Park; vice-presidents, Messrs. W. Dixon, C. J. G. Still, and J. R. Tripe; captain, Mr. T. B. Crump; secretary and treasurer, Mr. J. B. Wither; auditor, Mr. Barelay.

Manawatu Rugby Football Union, Palmerston North. This Union includes two branches: the Rangitikei branch—Marton, Hunterville, Ohingaiti, and Rata; the Oroua branch—Cheltenham, Ruahine, Birmingham, Apiti, and Colyton. In all, there are over twenty clubs (both junior and senior) associated with the Union, representing a membership of over 1000 footballers. In interprovincial matches the Union has played Wanganui, Taranaki, Nelson, Canterbury, South Canterbury, Wellington, and the Bush Union, with varied success. The greater number of these visits have been returned. The delegates from the various clubs are:— Marton, Messrs. J. Lock and G. Stafford; Hunterville, Messrs. A. Cameron and W. L. Young; Rata, Messrs. J. Barry and A. Foster; Ohingaiti, Messrs. A. Craig and T. Mounsey; Cheltenham, Mr. R. S. Fowler; Birmingham, Mr. A. W. Harrison; Apiti, Messrs. John O'Reilly and—Blake. The officers for 1896 are:—President, Mr. J. H. Hankins, P.N.F.C.; vice-presidents, Messrs. L. A. Abraham, P.N.F.C., J. E. Hall (Pirate), A. E. T. Nixon (Foxton), E. Goodbehere (Feilding), W. Dixon (Red Star), C. H. Bowater (Rongoten), W. Broughton (Awahuri). Vice-president to N.Z.R.U., Mr. J. H. Hankins. Delegate to N.Z.R.U., Mr. G. Elliot. Senior match committee, Messrs. Fake, Eyre and Giesen. Junior match committee, Messrs. Kiwi, Brinkman, and Penny. Executive committee, Messrs. Storey, Fake, and Eyre. Protest committee, Messrs. Hankins, Hall, Goodbehere, Proctor, and C. H. Bowater. Colours, white and green. Auditors, Messrs. D. B. Harris and A. Mahon. Hon. secretary and treasurer, Mr. Harry Palmer, P.O. Box 134, Palmerston North.

Mr. Harry Thomas Palmer, Secretary of the Manawatu Rugby Foothall Union, who has rendered valuable service to the Union since he accepted the office, was born in Auckland in 1871, and is the son of Mr. Frank Palmer, well known in connection with racing matters, who went to India with Mr. John Stevens in page 1162
Mr. Harry Thomas Palmer

Photo by Attwood and Co.

1886. Since Mr. Harry Palmer's arrival in Palmerston, he has been ever on the alert to forward the interests of true sport. He was one of the founders, and the first captain of the well-known Kia Kaha Football Club. He also acted at different periods as secretary, and was an active member till it formed itself into the present Palmerston North Football Club, of which he is now a committeeman. Mr. Palmer is associated with the Amateur Athletic Club and the Dramatic Club, and is acting secretary to the Harriers. In 1883 he was singularly successful in his mounts as a jockey, his colours coming first past the winning-post in many races.

The Pirate Football Club, Palmerston North was established in 1892 as a junior club. In 1894, owing to continued success, it was admitted by the Rugby Union as a senior club, and has since upheld its reputation. The officers for 1896 are:—Messrs. J. E. Hall (patron), D. Buick (president), H. Burmester, W. Dixon, W. Cox, T. Procter, J. L. Kimbell, M. Hodgins (vice-presidents), W. Robinson (secretary), H. Nash (treasurer), N. Rush (captain), C. Rockley (vice-captain), J. E. Hall (vice-president to M.R.U.)

The Palmerston North Lawn Tennis Club. This Club has had a particularly successful career of late years. It includes some first-class tennis players, who won several important games for the Club during the 1895 season. The officers for 1897 are:—Messrs. J. L. Barnicoat (president), A. P. Webster (vice-president), H. Mellsop (secretary and treasurer), T. B. Crump, Connell, Foy, Price, Sim, and Wither (committee).

The Manawatu Cycling Club, which was founded in 1894, has an influential membership, the officers for 1896 being:—Messrs. F. Pirani, M.H.R. (president), D. Buick, W. T. Wood, D. B. Harris, J. R. Montague, F. Dunstone, and J. M. Johnston (vice-presidents), J. B. Clarkson, H. Nash, A. Barker, D. E. Robertson, F. Meyrick, L. George, V. C. W. Lewis, and Captain T. Kitchen (committee), and J. F. Manning (secretary). The club-room is at the Commercial Hotel, The Square, the secretary's address being Magistrate's Court, Palmerston North.

The Manawatu Racing Club was established in 1880, and has secured a fourteen years lease (ten years unexpired) of eighty-six acres, part of the borough reserve, about a mile-and-a-half from Palmerston North. Here a good course has been laid out, having a straight run of nineteen chains. A splendid grandstand has been erected which will seat about 800 people, luncheon, stewards' and ladies' rooms being underneath, while there is a separate office for the secretary, which has a stand for members overhead, over £2500 having been expended within the past five years. Race meetings are held annually on Boxing and the following day, and again during the mouth of March, the stakes in the season of 1895–6 being £1965. The officers for 1896 were:—Messrs. H. Gillies (president), J. C. Nathan and W. T. Wood (vice-presidents), T. Knight (judge), D. Pringle (treasurer), W. Randall (clerk of scales), R. Stevens (timekeeper), J. Knight, L. A. Abraham, S. Greer, F. S. McRae, R. S. Abraham, J. H. Hankins, J. E. Hall, J. M. Johnston, D. Buick, J. R. Macmillan, and W. Randall (stewards and committee).

The North Island Trotting Association, which was founded in September, 1895, is the Society that governs trotting matches in the North Island of New Zealand. The officers for 1896 are:—Messrs. R. Edwards (president), W. Adams and C. F. Mark (vice-presidents), and delegates from each club, Mr. C. C. Miles being the secretary.

The Palmerston North Trotting Club, which was established in 1892, is arranging to hold its meetings on the Cycling Association's ground, about half-a-mile from The Square, Palmerston North. Two meetings are held each year, the stakes in the season of 1895–6 amounting to £400. The officers, for 18896 are:—Messrs. R. Edwards (president), W. Ryan and W. F. Brown (vice-presidents), T. Knight (judge), J. F. Manning. J. Fleming, G. M. Snelson, T. V. Procter, E. W. Secker, M. Hodgins, P. A. Hermann, J. R. Montague, J. R. Macmillan, and C. C. Miles (stewards and committee), R. Stevens (timekeeper), J. Fleming (treasurer), and C. C. Miles (secretary).

The Manawatu and West Coast Agricultural and Pastoral Association is considered to be the most important society of its kind in the North Island, the grand annual show of 1895 being visited by 13,000 people. The first circular in connection with the formation of this successful organisation was issued on the 23rd of October, 1885, by the late Mr. D. H. Macarthur, M.H.R., Mr. G. M. Snelson being the hon. secretary. In the following year the Society was formally established, and its history has been one of rapid and continuous development. The show-grounds, which are within three minutes walk of the Palmerston North Railway Station, contain sixteen-and-a-half acres of land, having been nearly doubled in size during the past two years. The estate is all enclosed, mostly with a nine feet iron fence. The buildings include four grandstands, with seating accommodation for 500 persons each, a large page 1163 produce-shed measuring 100 x 30 feet, besides committee-room and secretary's office. The pens provide for sheep, cattle, pigs, fowls, and dogs. The officers for year ending 31st of March, 1897, are:—Messrs. F. Pirani, M.H.R. (president), A. McHardy, J. W. Marshall, W. T. Wood, R. S. Abraham (vice-presidents), J. M. Johnston (treasurer), C. Dunk, R. J. Munro, T. R. Hodder, T. Knight, S. W. Luxford, F. G. G. Couper, A. E. Russell, J. T. Dalrymple, F. W. Sewell, D. P. Buchanan, F. Y. Lethbridge, M.H.R., H. Booth, W. P. Kendall, S. R. Lancaster, H. Gillies, S. Standen, L. S. O'Loughlin, D. G. Monrad, L. A. Abraham, H. Bryant, M. Cohen, D. Fraser, J. R. McLennan, R. Stevens, C. A. J. Levett, W. H. Hartgill, F. P. Snow, R. Linton, G. Wheeler, L. Wallis, A. Southey Baker, F. R. Jackson, A. Conway, A. W. Skerman, F. S. MeRae, R. Aldworth (general committee), G. J. Scott (auditor), and C. C. Miles (secretary). The annual show is held about the end of the month of October in each year, when, in addition to liberal prizes by the Society, a large amount is distributed by way of special prizes which are contributed by local firms and settlers, the amount of which in 1896 was nearly £400.

Mr. Christopher Charles Miles, Secretary of the Manawatu and West Coast Agricultural and Pastoral Association, was born in 1849 in Durrington, Wiltshire, and was educated in Marlborough, England. For some time before leaving the “Old Land,” Mr. Miles was a medical student at St. George's Hospital, London, but he did not qualify, not liking the profession. In 1883 he came out to Melbourne, per s.s. “Lusitania,” and crossed over to New Zealand. After two years in a merchant's office in Wellington, he settled in Palmerston North and commenced business as a wines and spirit merchant, which he soon discontinued, opening an office as a commission agent. In 1886 Mr. Miles became secretary to the Manawatu Racing Club, which position he held till 1896, when he resigned, having become proprietor of a totalisator. He was appointed to the office he now holds as above in 1888, and four years later accepted the seretaryship of the Palmerston North Trotting Club. He still conducts business as a general commission agent and sharebroker. In 1884 Mr. Miles was married to a daughter of the late Mr. G. J. Good, of Ford House, Salisbury, farmer, and has one daughter.

Mr. John Moore Johnston, Hon. Treasurer of the Manawatu and West Coast Agricultural and Pastoral Association, was born in 1860 in Glenavy, County Antrim, Ireland. He was educated at the Royal Academical School, Belfast, and in the north of England. The ship “Lady Jocelyn” brought Mr. Johnston to Auckland in 1878, when he joined the Bank of New Zealand, in whose service he continued for seventeen years, during which he was some years on the Otago and West Coast goldfields, rising to the position of manager. After seven years in charge of the Marton branch of the Bank, he resigned in order to accept the position of agent at Palmerston North for the New Zealand Loan and Mercantile Agency Co. Mr. Johnston has long been prominent in local affairs; as a steward of the Manawatu Racing Club, vice-president of the Cycling Association, hon. treasurer of the Palmerston North Club, member of the committee of the Golf Club, and, while resident in Marton, as secretary of the Rangitikei Hunt Club, he has always rendered good service. A member of the Masonic order, he was S.W. of Lodge Ruapehu, Marton. Mr. Johnston was married in 1891 to a daughter of Mr. J. F. Clapperton, late manager of the Union Bank, Palmerston North, and part proprietor of the Dunedin Evening Star, and has a son and a daughter.

The Palmerston North Orchestral Society is about two years old. The officers for 1896 are:—Rev. H. F. Hunt (president), Messrs. H. S. Fitzherbert and J. Grace (vice-presidents), M. Cohen (conductor), and J. H. Burmester (secretary). There are twenly-three performers, and the Society having proved a pronounced success, such music as Beethoven and Hadyn's Symphonies and Mendelssohn's concertos for the pianoforte and orchestra have been satisfactorily rendered. The concerts are very popular with the public, and large attendances are secured, resulting in financial success. The conductor, with Messrs. G. J. Scott, A. Drew, and A. Turner were the founders of the society.

The Trilby Band is the outcome of a band known for some five years as the Fire Brigade Band, and afterwards as the Palmerston North Rifle Band for twelve months, and as the Palmerston Town Band for two years. The present name was given to the Band, which is limited to ten members, in 1896, the officers being:—Messrs. B. Holben (treasurer), C. Pickering (secretary), and F. Meyrick (bandmaster).

Mr. Frederick Meyrick, Bandmaster of the Trilby Band, was born in 1868 in Wellington, where he was educated. He served his time as a plumber with Mr. W. Rawlings, of Palmerston North, and has continued since completing his term as a journeyman, having been altogether sixteen years in the firm's employ. He has a natural taste for music, but was never under a master with the single exception of Mr. R. Careen, Bandmaster of Wirth's Circus. He plays the cornet and conducts with great success, having acted as bandmaster for five years. Mr. Meyrick was married in 1891 to a daughter of Mr. W. T. Watts, hotelkeeper, of Feilding, and has three sons.

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Photo by Attwood & Co. Mr. F. Meyrick.

Photo by Attwood & Co.
Mr. F. Meyrick

Gunter, Howel Edward, Pianoforte Teacher, Carroll's Law Chambers, The Square, Palmerston North. Born in Dorsetshire, Mr. Gunter was educated at Harlow College, Essex, and studied music under Dr. Bradford, the celebrated London organist and composer, and under Professor Mortimer. He came to Australia in 1896, and accepted the position of organist at the “Cyclorama,” Adelaide, where he taught the pianoforte for two years, after which he travelled with the Albu Concert Company throughout Australia, Tasmania, and New Zealand. Leaving the company, Mr. Gunter established himself in 1893 as a teacher of the pianoforte, in Palmerston North, where he has a wide connection. Mr. Gunter is pianist to the Orchestral Society, and is well known throughout the district, as a good pianist and sound teacher.

The Square.

The Square.

Kitchen, Theodore Gustavus, Teacher of the Violin, Princess Street, Palmerston North. The subject of this sketch was born in Marlborough. His parents removing to Wanganui he received his education there at the Boys' High School. For three years Mr. Kitchen served in the New Zealand Clothing Factory and came to Palmerston in 1889, where he was in the employ of Mr. J. B. Hamilton for some years. During the daytime he attends to his duties in the United Farmers' Co-operative Association, devoting his evenings to violin instruction. Mr. Kitchen has already secured a sufficient number of pupils to ensure the success of his career as a teacher, and no doubt in the near future more will be heard of this rising musician, who, at the time of writing, had been studying music less than two years and plays the first violin for the local Orchestral Society. It is Mr. Kitchen's intention to make a bid for musical honours. He is also one of the more prominent cyclists of Palmerston page 1165 Theodore Gustavus Kitchen North, having won a great number of valuable trophies during the season 1895–6.

Parker, J. Hyde, Professor of Music, the Academy of Music, Duke Street, Palmerston North. Born in 1835 in London, where he was educated, Mr. Parker studied under Goffrie, and James Turle, organist at Westminster Abbey, and under Mrs. Anderson, pianiste to the Queen. Before leaving London he commenced to teach music. In 1855 he arrived in Melbourne, where he practised his profession till 1870, then removing to Auckland. Five years later Mr. Parker came to Wellington, where he was well known as a teacher for over ten years After a short time in the Wairarapa he settled in Palmerston North in 1888. Mr. Parker has a large connection as a teacher in Palmerston North, Feilding, Rangotea, and surrounding districts.