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The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Wellington Provincial District]

Mr. Henry Sewell

Mr. Henry Sewell, Premier from the 7th May, 1856, to the 20th May, 1856, was conspicuous in colonial politics for many years. During his parliamentary career he belonged to several Ministries, and was associated with Stafford, Weld, Richmond, Whitaker, and Tancred. He came to New Zealand with the Canterbury settlers in 1853, and for some time managed the business of the Association in the Colony. When the Provincial Government of Canterbury absorbed the functions of the Association, Mr. Sewell, who wound up the affairs of the Association, was instrumental in securing the large educational endowments for which Canterbury is now so well known. In 1854, when the first representative Parliament assembled in Auckland, Mr. Sewell represented Christchurch, and held office as Solicitor-General, under the Premiership of Mr. J. E. FitzGerald, in the first Ministry formed in New Zealand. Some time after this he became Premier himself, but soon resigned rather than yield his demand for responsible government, which demand the Governor would not allow. In addition to his political works, Mr. Sewell was well known for his legal acquirements and his literary tastes. He died in England in 1879.