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The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Wellington Provincial District]

The Hon. Daniel Pollen

The Hon. Daniel Pollen, M.D., M.L.C., who was one of the earliest settlers in Auckland has been a prominent member of the Legislative Council for over forty years. On the creation of the Provincial Councils under the Constitution Act of 1852, Dr. Pollen became a member of the Auckland Provincial Council, and continued to hold a seat for very many years. He was first called to the Legislative Council on the 20th of July, 1861. At this time all appointments to the Upper Chamber were subject to confirmation by Her Majesty. The appointment of the honourable gentleman was duly made under the Queen's sign manual, and was announced in the London Gazette of April, 1862. In December, 1867, Dr. Pollen resigned his seat, and was re-called in January, 1868. In 1871 he was disqualified, but in May, 1873, he was appointed for the third time. The honourable gentleman has been a minister of the Crown in no less than five Ministries. He first joined the Stafford Government in June, 1868, and held office as a member of the Executive Council for over a year. In 1873 he joined the Vogel Ministry as a member of the Executive Council, and shortly afterwards took the portfolio of Colonial Secretary. Two years later the Pollen Administration came into office, and Dr. Pollen became Premier and Colonial Treasurer, the dual position being filled by him till February, 1876. In the Vogel Government which succeeded Dr. Pollen continued to hold the Colonial Secretaryship until the 1st of September in that year, when the Atkinson Ministry came into power. He was then invited to take the same portfolio in the new Administration, and continued Colonial Secretary in that and in the reconstituted Ministry till the resignation of that Government in 1877. He had thus held the same portfolio during five consecutive administrations—a circumstance in itself unique in the annals of Government in New Zealand. In the re-constituted Atkinson Ministry, Dr. Pollen took the duties of Native Minister, which he performed from December, 1876, to October, 1877. The honourable gentleman has proved himself a skilful administrator in difficult times. A clever writer and speaker, possessed of sound common sense, he was ever a safe political adviser. He still takes his place in the councils of the nation, and renders a cheerful service in the Upper House of the General Assembly of the Colony. By profession he is a physician and surgeon, but it is many years since he retired from practice.