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The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Wellington Provincial District]

Government Life Insurance

Government Life Insurance.

Full information concerning this prominent department of the General Government and the officers in charge will be found under the heading “Insurance.”

  • Commissioner—J. H. Richardson.

  • Assistant Commissioner—D. M. Luckie.

  • Actuary—Morris Fox.

  • Secretary—W. B. Hudson.

  • Chid Medical Officer—T. Cahill, M.D.

  • Accountant—G. W. Barltrop.

  • Assistant Actuary—G. Leslie.

  • Chief Clerk—R. C. Niven.

  • Office Examiner—G. A. Kennedy.

Clerks—J. C. Young, J. W. Kinniburgh, D. J. McG. McKenzie, W. S. Smith, R. V. Blacklock, A. H. Hamerton, F. B. Bolt, G. G. Schwartz, C. E. Galwey, P. Muter, H. Spackman, T. L. Barker, A. L. B. Jordan, R. T. Smith, J. A. Thomson, F. K. Kelling, H. S. Manning, A. de Castro, F. M. Leckie, C. W. Palmer, J. B. Young, A. Avery, R. P. Hood, G. C. Fache, S. P. Hawthorne, W. H. Woon. Chief Messenger—W. Archer.

The Public Trust and Advances to Settlers Offices will be described together with the officers in charge under the heading “Financial Institutions.”

Public Trust Office.

  • Public Trustee—J. K. Warburton

  • Solicitor—F. J. Wilson.

  • Chief Clerk and Deputy Public Trustee—A. A. K. Duncan.

  • Accountant—T. S. Ronaldson

  • Clerk in charge of Wills, Trusts, &c.—T. Stephens.

  • Examiner—M. C. Barnett

Clerks—M. Townsend, P. Fair, P. Hervey, E. C. Reeves, J. McLellan, T. D. Kendall, W. A. Fordham, H. Oswin, A. Purdie, G. A. Smyth, A. J. Cress, E. G. Hyde, M. E. Harrap, S. Dimant, J. Skerrett, E. A. Smythe, J. Allen, W. Barr, E. O. Hales, C. Morris, S. W. Smyth, J. B. Jack, K. Brown.

Messenger—H. Redmond.

Advances To Settlers Office.

Superintendent—J. K. Warburton

Mr. T. K. Macdonald, Chief Valuer for Wellington, is referred to elsewhere in the Cyclopedia under the heading “Wellington Auctioneers.”

Clerks—H. Lamb, E. McFadden, W. Waddell, T. C. Somers, H. O'Rorke, E. Holloway, J. T. Bolt, W. Gilmore, S. Saunders, W. Reid, L. A. Treadwell, W. Garrett, H. Masters, C. A. Goldsmith.