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Land Tenure in the Cook Islands


This schedule gives a brief summary of all legal enactments, together with major official pronouncements and directives of a semi-legal character, relating to land tenure in the Cook Islands and includes several items not directly concerned with land tenure, but referred to in the thesis.

Brackets following each summary indicate the most convenient archival or other repository where either a full copy or the most complete reference to it will be found. An abbreviation immediately after each title shows by whom the particular enactment was made, the key to the abbreviations being as follows:

CM Made by the chiefs of the island concerned with the guidance of missionaries of the London Missionary Society
IC Made by the Island Council of the island concerned
FP Made by the Federal Parliament of the Cook Islands (1891–1901)
FC Made by the Federal Council of the Cook Islands (1901–12)
Gov Made by the Governor of New Zealand
RC Made by the Resident Commissioner of the Cook Islands (the senior representative of the New Zealand government in the group)
NZP Made by the New Zealand Parliament
OIC Made by New Zealand Order in Council
GG Made by the Governor General of New Zealand (under a New Zealand Act or Order in Council)
LC Made by the Legislative Council of the Cook Islands (1947–57)
LA Made by the Legislative Assembly of the Cook Islands (1958 – present)