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Land Tenure in the Cook Islands

A. Mission Period 1823–88

page 316

A. Mission Period 1823–88

1827: Laws of Rarotonga - CM. No copy preserved. Based on the Raiatea code, of which a copy is preserved in the Mitchell Library.

(Pitman, Journal 19.9.1827)

1847: E Ture No te Toru Ariki o Aitutaki (Laws of the Three High Chiefs of Aitutaki) - CM. No copy preserved.


1862: The Laws of Rarotonga written by the chiefs and printed at their special request and cost - CM. No copy preserved.

(Gill, AAAS 309)

1874: Laws of Rarotonga - CM. No copy preserved.

(Chalmers to LMS 9.12.1874 SSR)

1879: The Laws of Rarotonga. Made by the Council of Arikis, by Makea, Karika, Tinomana, Pa and Kainuku - CM. As outlined on page 157.

(Resident Commissioner's files, CIA)

The existence of similar laws on the other islands is indicated by numerous references (e.g. Gill, Gems… 208, 237; Gill, Life… 102) but there is no information to show whether or not they were actually published, nor to give any clear conception of the nature of such clauses as related to land tenure.