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Gallipoli Diary

Thursday 3/6/15 Courtenay's Post trenches

Thursday 3/6/15 Courtenay's Post trenches

Again very hot day. I spent the
whole night moving round trenches
in my section. Had 2 [unclear: now] steel
loopholes erected. This morning this
being discovered, Turks shelled our
trenches & blew out bodily 1 pair
of plates fortunately no loss of life

One man hit in shoulder by bullet
Several casualties in reserve bivouac
amongst Taranaki Coy. by snipers.
Must admit Turks have superiority
of fire owing to their higher sited
trenches overlooking ours. We can
only fire during day light by means
of periscope rifles & at night do
not fire much except in case of attack.

Our Japanese trench mortar bombs
(26 pounders) seem to have good effect &
must be demoralising to enemy. page 81 about 4 pm Lieut Cargo was mortally
wounded in trenches while engaged in
trying to locate a sniper in
trenches opposite. He was shot right
through the head & only lived about an hour.

This man, promoted only a week ago
to commissioned rank & posted to
my company (Ruahine) from Taranaki
was a most promising fellow and
having been associated with him for
a long time I deeply regret his loss.
Formerly he was a bank clerk in
New Plymouth.

At 10 pm a demonstration for [unclear: strategical]
reasons, was made along our entire front
It was replied to by Turks & lasted about
an hour & a half. Remainder of night
usual trench warfare.