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Gallipoli Diary



Fine day and fairly quiet except
during night rifle fire fusilade as
usual went on for few hours. I attended
Divine Service & H.C at 9 am conducted
by Rev. Bush-King in our bivouac lines.

Received a long delayed mail today.
Incident of some interest occurred at [unclear: trenches]
in front of KRITHIA. When we left page 70 there several of our men were constructing
a tunnel towards Turkish trench in front
of Ghurka position. While at work there
a few Inniskilling Fusilers were holding
short trench immediately behind them
but evidently got rather careless as about
200 Turks in broad daylight rushed the position
and the few I.F retired to next trench and
3 of our Taranaki men were left in the
tunnel. The Turks followed on & occupied
the next trench killing about 100 Inn. Fus.
as the latter were unprepared & were resting.
Fortunately the Turks did not see
the tunnel and our boys shot one who
was almost blocking the mouth of it
before they could escape. A party of
Ghurkas who were in support were
then ordered up and recaptured the
lost trench taking 80 prisoners and
accounting for the rest about 120.
of whom not one escaped. Three German
officers were amongst the killed.