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Gallipoli Diary


Sunday Aug. 1/15 —

Usual occasional shooting etc. but
no active operations. Weather remains very
fine. Casualties of our battalion to this
date from our landing on Gallipoli.

on 25/4/15
OfficersOther Ranks
Died of Sickness3
I received second dose of anti-cholera inoculation
page 9

Monday August 2nd 15 QUINN'S POST

Major Cunningham returned from Moudros
after 18 days sick leave. Lieut. Jardine also
returned (recovered from wound) Quiet day
as usual and very fine weather. We
exploded a mine under the Turks about
11 pm and this brought forth much fire &
rockets for a time. Night otherwise
uneventful except had three bomb
casualties (one fatal) Jennings, son of Taumaranui

Tuesday Aug 3rd

Major Saunders returned from hospital
to duty (wounded May 8 at Krithia) and
following changes occurred in commands.
Saunders resumed command of Ruahine
Coy. while I handed over battalion to
Major Cunningham who returned yesterday
and I succeed the latter in charge of
Wg'tn (West Coast). Coy Very quiet
day in trenches Officers of 2nd
Aust. Light Horse visited our Post
on inspection as they are to relieve page 10 Wgtn. Batt. on 5th inst. Lieut. Morgan
from hospital (poisoned arm since May 6)
returned to duty with Taranaki Coy.

I take our W.W.C. Coy. with following
officers. Lieut Turnbull, E.L. Wells & Davidson
Capt Cross (sick on hospital ship) during
last few days. At 9 pm. we carried out
a ruse to draw fire of enemy & to keep
him apprehensive. This seemed to be very

Wednesday Aug 4th

Major Saunders who returned to duty
yesterday is unable to remain as
his injured knee has again caused
him trouble. I therefore return to
command of Ruahine Coy. & Major
Saunders returns to the base. Quiet
day but at night we again kept
Turks on the qui vivre & much
firing took place.

Thursday Aug 5th QUINN'S POST AREA

2nd Light Horse relieved our Batt.
at QUINN'S POST & we put in page 11 Aug 5/15 Continued
remainder of the day in local reserve
area completing equipment etc &
preparatory to moving to Happy Valley
North of ANZAC from where we
move to the attack in conjunction
with other troops in a big offensive
operation. Packs, blankets & oilsheets
are not being carried, & are being
stacked in MONASH GULLY under a
guard. All ranks engaged in the night
operations are to wear white armlets &
a white calico patch on the back to
distinguish them from the enemy. The
men have been busily sewing these on
and completing marching arrangements
this evening and from the good humoured
remarks & happy state of mind which
is noticeable I am much afraid for
the safety of the Turks. This evening
reminds me of the day before we
left Egypt, so keen & confident
are the men to get a change of
ground and the prospect of a big
move nearer our goal.