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Gallipoli Diary


page 2

Oct. 14th

Auckland transports arrived
in Wellington harbour, and
others went into the stream
at 4 p.m. Huge crowds &
great send off.

Oct. 15th

I returned to
town on duty returning to ship
at 4 pm.

Oct. 16thGlorious day

“Left Harbour at 6 a.m. the
Minotaur” then the “Ibuki
leading. Then followed the
Psyche’. Manganui HawkesBay,
Star of India, Limerick, Tahiti
then ‘Philomel’ Arawa
Athenic Orari Ruapehu Waimana
On clearing the straits the
Minotaur took the lead
the Ibuki the right flank page 3 the Psyche the rear and
the Philomel the left flank.

The transports then formed
two lines in the order stated,
the Arawa leading the port
line and the Maunganui the
starboard, at 8 cable lengths apart
Friday was a perfect day
with a smooth sea and
the sight was magnificent.
All except sidelights were
darkened at night and the
warships were in total

Saturday Oct 17th

Morning broke fine but
windy with considerable sea
most of us feeling effects to
more or less extent.

page 4

very little work done — most
men lying on deck in a blanket
Most officers also confined to
cabins. Ships run for day
250 miles.

Sunday Oct 18th

Still strong wind & heavy sea
dining saloon has no attractions

Maunganui — opposite us —
repeatedly taking seas over bows
— our ship is steadier but
certainly moves enough for
most of us. Divine service
at 10 am. I was not there
We receive brief war news
by wireless each day.

Ships run for day 228 miles.

page 5

MondayOct19th 14

Fine bright morning smooth
sea but heavy swell.
Returned fit for duty today
and feeling as well as ever.

Several whales sighted.

Ships run to noon (24 hrs) 259 miles

Expect reach Hobart about
Wednesday afternoon.

Several more whales
close to ship spouting
like geysers. Also school
of porpoises. Otherwise
uneventful day.

page 6

Tuesday Oct 20 - 14

Fine morning rather
more choppy sea but
that doesn't trouble us
now. Ships run to noon
today (24 hrs) 263 miles.
Received orders re landing
at Hobart and route
march for two hours on
Thursday morning.

Wednesday 21st Oct

Another fine day and calm
sea. Sighted land daybreak
and now entering bay 9 am.
1st division moved ahead at
this hour preceded by warships

Very pretty scene going up
harbour, anchored at noon. page 7 Wed. Oct 21st
Race in lifeboats in afternoon.
Crews from various arms on
“Arawa”. Won by artillery crew.
Berthed at 6 pm. no shore
leave. Tas. A & P Show day.

Thursday Oct 22nd

Beautiful day.

Route marched round city of
Hobart 8 am to 11 am.
Splendid reception by public
great crowds witnessed re-embark-
and enthusiastic send off
when ships hauled out 12-30 pm

Anchored in stream until 3 pm
then left for Albany.

Hobart very interesting but
drought on and everything
parched up at present.

page 8

Friday Oct 23rd

Morning fine but windy
heavy roll on ship. Very
foggy last night. Whistle
blew at intervals disturbing
our sleep. Left the Hawkes
Bay (no. 9) in Hobart for
minor repairs. She is to
pick us up later, escorted
by Pyramus. The H. Bay
picked up today. Ships run
3 pm yesterday to noon today
198 miles

Saturday Oct 24th

Southerly wind, fairly calm
sea. Began rifle shooting
practice at target towing
behind ship. Another page 9 Oct 24th (continued)
warship is now with
our escort, probably an
Australian cruiser. Ship's
run for day (noon to noon)
258 miles. First issue
of the “Arrower” military
publication produced today.

Sunday 25th Oct

Fine weather quiet
uneventful day. Divine
service 10 a.m.

Ships run 274 miles.
1 casualty. lost a horse
the first from this ship.

page 10

Monday Oct 26th

Beautiful summers' day
but very heavy swell
causing steady roll.
First fatality amongst the
force occurred today when
a man named Gilchrist died
on “Ruapehu”.

Ships run 262 miles.

Gilchrist buried at sea
with military honours at 4 pm.

Had small birthday
party in cabin 10 pm.

Tuesday Oct 27th

Misty rain & heavy sea
roughest day out so far
but not very severe
warm atmosphere

Ships run 273 miles
246 to run to Albany

page 11

Wednesday Oct 28 -14

Fine morning and
calm sea. Land in
sight at daybreak. Should
drop anchor at Albany
about 11 O' clock. Duly
arrived and anchored in outer
harbour (King George's Sound).

Magnificent sight of five
warships and about forty
transports anchored in stream

Boat race in afternoon.
Artillery crew again won
Infantry second.

Was awakened [gap — reason: illegible]during night
by gun being fired from warship
The merchant steamer Essex
had a shot fired over her for
entering harbour against signals.

page 12

Thursday Oct 29th

Another fine & warm day
visited some of Australian
transports in ships' boat.

Quiet day in harbour
expect to go in to wharf
tomorrow. Staying here until
Sunday. “Ibuki” “Philomel”
& Pyramus left port yesterday
apparently on reconnoitering


Easy routine day. Afternoon
took party out in boat
visited HMS Melbourne
We will not now berth
at Albany. Leave port Sunday
very fine weather still

page verso of page 12

There's nothing much in
the diary yet but there
may be later on.

page 13

Saturday Oct 31st1914 Albany W.A.

Very fine morning
light showers in afternoon
but atmosphere very hot.
Another easy day and