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Sir Donald Maclean


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Chapter Page
Preface vii
I. The Lad From Tiree 1
II. Maclean Goes to Taranaki 6
III. The Peacemakers: A West Coast Episode 12
IV. Through the Heart of the Island 15
V. Maclean's Second inland Journey 22
VI. Perils of Coast Travel 27
VII. Taking the Tapu off A Road 31
VIII. Land For Settlement. Maclean's Purchase of Wanganui 34
IX. A Schooner Voyage and A Highland interlude 38
X. Maclean the Diplomatist 41
XI. Canoeing in Wild Waters. Up the Manganui-A-Te-Ao 44
XII. Through the Great Forest 51
XIII. Through the Manawatu Gorge 55
XIV. Pioneering Hawke's Bay 58
XV. Taranaki and the Maori Land League 67
XVI. the Tragedy of the Waitara 69
XVII. Maclean and the Maori King 74
XVIII. Maclean in Hawke's Bay 78
XIX. Long-Handled Tomahawks 81 page break
XX. the Raid of the Mountain Men 85
XXI. MaClean As Government Agent, East Coast 91
XXII. Maclean As Native Minister 96
XXIII. the Bush Campaigns 100
XXIV. Maclean the Road-Maker 105
XXV. the Hauhaus and the Ohinemuri Gold-Fields 109
XXVI. Maclean and the Kingites: Frontier Conditions 113
XXVII. the Luna's intrusion 116
XXVIII. A Waikato Frontier Crisis 121
XXIX. When Maclean Met Tawhiao 130
XXX. A Survey of Maclean'S Work 134
XXXI. Last Days: the Mourning For Te Makarini 138
XXXII. Sir Douglas Maclean. the Chief of Maraekakaho 143
Appendices 149
index 155