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Sir Donald Maclean

A Scottish Pakeha-Maori

A Scottish Pakeha-Maori

At Ahuriri, Hawke's Bay, December 21, 1850.–“Met a Highlander here named McQuarrie, from the Isle of Skye, who is living with a native woman, and has a trading and whaling station. He evidently possesses the shrewdness of an unsophisticated Highlander, as much as Mr. Aukeld, my host, possesses the characteristics and traits of the Emerald Isle's inhabitants. His great delight is in talking of duels, fights, and accidents, that lead to excitement or exhilaration, and which feed him more than the diet he partakes of, in which, excepting brandy, he is most sparing. He is very kind, hospitable and friendly; born a gentleman, who came to Port Philip (Victoria) with a train of servants, which is now reduced to the native woman; who also appears to be wife, cook and washerwoman, all in one.”