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Sir Donald Maclean

Highland Hospitality

Highland Hospitality

Donald Maclean's Diary: “October 14, 1850.–Had a meeting with the Ngati-Apa at Parewanui, Rangitikei. I slept at McDonnell's, who kept some real Highland whisky, which he, through his usual excess of hospitality, compelled me to drink, rather too freely, no doubt. To the annoyance of Mr. Laurie, a sensible, shrewd Scotchman, and Mr. McDonnell, we had a wee bit talk about the Macleans, that rather rose my temper as high as the spirits we were drinking.

page 151

“October 16,—…. Park (the surveyor) solicited me to join in a pledge between ourselves that we should abandon drinking of spirits, as the effects of last night's ride, and a few glasses of gin caused some excitement that annoyed him.” (Mr. Park had not stayed at McDonnell's but at Tylee's place). “I agreed willingly and trust I may keep the resolution to avoid all spirituous liquors, excepting wine and beer. Park gives up even that. To be aided in this sudden resolution may I be countenanced by the Almighty.”